Fish Party Favor Bags

Fish Birthday Party Favor Bags (1)

This month has been busy and I have a lot of posts I’d like to write.  We had Gwen’s second birthday party a few weeks ago and I can’t wait to share everything but first I’ve got to finish up Gavin’s birthday posts.    I am looking forward to getting back to my scrapbook layouts.  After one shower and two birthday parties I am ready to catch up on scrapbooking.

Here are the gift bags from the fish birthday party.    After making the invite with the little fish in the bowl I decided to use this great shape on the favor bag.

Fish Birthday Party Favor Bags

I enlarged the fish up to about 4×7 to fill the front of the bag.

Fish Birthday Party Favor Bags (5)

Then I cut out the letters with the Silhouette.  Being able to manipulate the files and cut them in any size you choose is the reason why I love the Silhouette.   It’s so easy!

I love how the fish looks in such large size.

Fish Birthday Party Favor Bags (4)

Fish Party Favor Bags

I used the little fish left over from the invites for the thank you tag.   With the text “THANKS for swimming by!”  Popped up the fish with foam to add some dimension.

Fish Birthday Party Favor Bags (14)

These bags are similar to the owl bags from Gwen’s birthday last year.

Fish Birthday Party Favor Bags (16)


  • Font-Eras Bold ITC 112pt
  • die cut shapes:  three fish and a bowl by Lori Whitlock – Design ID #28038, luggage tag
  • Bag-7-3/4”Wx4-3/4”Dx9-3/4”H.

Mickey Mouse Gift Tags

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party-Favor Tags (5)

Here’s a quick post to show you how I made the Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Favor Tags.    Gift tags are super quick,  fun to make and they add so much to the overall presentation.  I love how quickly they come together. 

For the circles I used my EK Success round punches.  I usually like to create a few options to choose from when doing the design.  I did that here (photo below) and was able to decide which one would be best. 

In planning, wasn’t sure if I should use a simple version or add more by using the scalloped background.  Since this was for a boy birthday party I settled on the middle option that has a yellow circle cardstock to help bring out the colors & shape from the inner circle.  

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party-Favor Tags (1)

For the polka dot background paper, I used the red & yellow polka dot from this Etsy digital pack (DelightfulDigitals).  I also used the three stripe sheet for the welcome door sign.  Had to change the navy stripe to black to make it work for Mickey Mouse.  It was really easy to do in Photoshop Elements.   You’d never know if I didn’t tell you!


For the message on the tag, I added the black circle borders and the Thank You message to the inside of the circle.  I had already printed the dots on the sheet so I ran it through the printer once more (you could even do this all at once if you wanted to strategically place the circles on the dots).   I cut the Mickey silhouettes out via the Cricut. 

I like to punch out all the supplies before I get started so that I can do each step all at once.   I am ready to assemble!

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party-Favor Tags (3)

After the glue dried I added a shiny thin red ribbon.   Favor tags make gifts look so pretty, show that you used a hand touch and thought into the gift. 

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party-Favor Tags (18)

I like how adding the black Mickey silhouette to the top of the circles added some dimension to the piece. 

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party-Favor Tags (15)

Here’s the Birthday Party post if you’d like to see how everything came together (including these tags on the favors) at the party.   As Mickey likes to say…Toddles!!

It’s a 4th Birthday Party

Gavin's 4th BD Party_Apr2012 (21)

I wanted to share some photos from my son’s 4th birthday party last month.   

As you’ve seen by past posts, I made all of the paper products (invites, hats, pinwheels, birthday banner, cupcake toppers & thank you notes) with the festive & colorful party theme called “Life of the Party” by BasicGrey.    It was so much fun to create all of the various party elements and to see them all come together at the end. 

The party was held at a bouncy place so the little boys & girls could expend their energy bounding, jumping & sliding to their hearts galore.    It wasn’t the best place to get great photos but I am happy we also got some at home too while opening gifts.    The other thing you’ll notice is that the handmade items (banner, pinwheels, etc) weren’t designed exactly for the setting, they look much better at home and we are still enjoying them! 

The birthday boy is ready to head to his party!  This is the first time we’ve done his party outside of the home and he’s thrilled. 


Cupcakes (stand from Sur La Table), water bottles,  fruit tray, veggies & hats.

Gavin's 4th BD Party_Apr2012 (32)

Gavin's 4th BD Party_Apr2012 (33)

Gavin's 4th BD Party_Apr2012 (34)Gavin's 4th BD Party_Apr2012 (29)

Gavin's 4th BD Party_Apr2012 (38)

Gavin's 4th BD Party_Apr2012 (41)

For the water bottle labels I used these printable labels (thank you Bump Smitten!).    Then added Balloon & ticket sticky notes to the labels to give a splash of color. 

For the party favors we had cookies in a bag with a  “thank you” sticky note that was also from this BasicGrey collection.   Daddy & Gavin made some tasty sugar cookies and punched them with Cars 2 (Lightening McQueen, Mater, Francesco & Fin McMissile) cookie cutters.  Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the close up photos of the cookies.  They were really cute & tasty, we’ll have to make them again.  

Gavin's 4th BD Party_Apr2012 (54) copy    

Birthday Boy with his friends & their younger siblings.

Gavin's 4th BD Party_Apr2012 (119)

Party Hats on the cute kids! 

Gavin's 4th BD Party_Apr2012 (138)Gavin's 4th BD Party_Apr2012 (140)Gavin's 4th BD Party_Apr2012 (143)Gavin's 4th BD Party_Apr2012 (142)Gavin's 4th BD Party_Apr2012 (145)Gavin's 4th BD Party_Apr2012 (144)Gavin's 4th BD Party_Apr2012 (153)Gavin's 4th BD Party_Apr2012 (150)Gavin's 4th BD Party_Apr2012 (155)Gavin's 4th BD Party_Apr2012 (223)

Since the party, one of Gavin’s cousins has taken her party hat and put it on her stuffed kitty.  It’s so sweet & cute that she’s saved it and gave it to her kitty! 

Gavin's 4th BD Party_Apr2012 (244)

Grandma added the names of the kids to the front of the stickers on the water bottles.  (thank you!) 

Gavin's 4th BD Party_Apr2012 (162)Gavin's 4th BD Party_Apr2012 (160)

We had three cupcake flavors red velvet, coconut & carrot cake.  The coconut ones were my favorite, they were amazing with a creamy filling inside!

Gavin's 4th BD Party_Apr2012 (187) copyGavin's 4th BD Party_Apr2012 (190) copyGavin's 4th BD Party_Apr2012 (228)

The birthday boy gets to sit in a big blow up chair.  All the other 4 year olds wanted to get up there with him, it was very special. 

Gavin's 4th BD Party_Apr2012 (240)

Gavin's 4th BD Party_Apr2012_a(362)

Normally he’s not into smiling for the camera too often but when opening gifts I saw many smiles for the camera.  Mommy was happy to get some great photos.

Gavin's 4th BD Party_Apr2012 (325)

Happy 4th Birthday!  Hope you all enjoyed following this party theme.   

I am now working on a few things for Gwen’s 1st birthday party that’s coming up very soon.  It’s so MUCH fun working with bright girl colors (purple, teal, fuchsia, etc).  I’ll share some photos soon!

Thanks for checking out the party!  Here’s one of the handmade thank you cards.

thank you notes (5)