Handmade Flowers

Sketchbook_Rolled Paper Flower Boquet (22)

Today I’d like to share my paper flower bouquet with you made via the Silhouette.    Now that I have a tool to help cut out the shape of the flowers this is one of the first projects I couldn’t wait to complete.    I wanted to make these for Gwen’s birthday back in June but this was the one thing on the list that didn’t get completed.  Since I have the Silhouette I am glad I waited because I like how these turned out much better than when I cut my own flower shapes.  (it’s possible to do it but much harder)

I’ve said this before…but I really LOVE this collection of paper (Sketchbook by Amy Tangerine) because of the bright cheerful colors but it also has a great mix of not just shapes but also the geometric patterns.  I am so happy with how these flowers turned out.  You see the hearts and flowers on one side then geometric partners on the back sides.  This collection is also great because of the black and white patterns mixed with the bright colors and the black pencil sketchs too.

 Sketchbook_Rolled Paper Flower Boquet (2)

I used two different shapes from the Silhouette store for the flowers.    The 3d paper rose (Alaa’K) & the 3d rolled spiral flower (Lori Whitlock).  I enlarged each flower so that it was as large as it could be for a 12×12 sheet.  This produced nice sized flowers for a medium sized vase to be a table centerpiece.

Sketchbook_Rolled Paper Flower Boquet (1)

I glued them together and then used floral wire as the stems.    I tried scrunching up the paper, like last time, but didn’t like how it turned out so I stuck with keeping them nice & crisp.   I had to make a small tighter spiral for the inside because the flowers were so open.  I used scraps from the big flowers, twisted them up and glued to the middle of the large open flowers.

My favorite three flowers are seen below:  the inside with the rainbow of hearts, the bright yellow inside with the big flowers on the outside and Gwyneth’s graph outside with the black and white floral on the inside.

  Sketchbook_Rolled Paper Flower Boquet (21)

The two flower shapes used here are similar but Lori’s rolled spiral flower has more of a scalloped edge so these shapes work well together to give a slight variety to the overall shape/size of the flowers.   

Sketchbook_Rolled Paper Flower Boquet (23)

I’ve tied some Sketchbook ribbons to the top of the vase to enhance the colors in the bouquet.  We’ve now got the bouquet sitting in the center of our dinging table.   The real roses my husband got me for our anniversary last week are just about done but we’ll have this lovely bouquet to enjoy for a long time!    

There are many, many more flower shapes I want to use on future projects with smaller sized flowers in a big grouping.  I can’t wait to try some new things!   Here’s a link to my other projects with the Sketchbook collection.   I’ve almost used up the paper pack, just enough left for one more layout & 2 cards.  

Supplies:  pattern paper & ribbons-Amy Tangerine Sketchbook Collection (American Crafts), die cut flower templates-Silhouette store (3d paper rose – by Alaa’K & the 3d rolled spiral flower – by Lori Whitlock)


Happy Anniversary Card

Love Card (1)

Rolled paper flowers are really beautiful and they always catch my eye.  I am THRILLED to finally have a tool (Silhouette) to make paper flowers.   I used the 3d rolled rose pattern and then added some leaves.  It’s so much easier making these with a die cut than by hand!  See the paper flower board I’ve created on Pinterest to keep track of the flowers I love.  Alice, Virginia and Joy have created some flowers that totally inspire me- thank you ladies!! I can’t wait to create more!

Last weekend my husband saw them sitting on my craft desk and commented that he liked the way they turned out.  I love when he likes what I make and I smiled.  We celebrated our 7th anniversary earlier this week and so I thought these three flowers would be a good accent for his “Happy Anniversary” card.  The best part about giving cards to him is that I get to see them sitting on his desk for months.    Luckily I was able to find some background paper (from a different collection) that seemed to work with the yellow dot flowers and are somewhat male colors.

Love Card

I was planning to sew a border around the card with blue thread but turns out my machine needs to get service.  So I added a black mat & the black/white pattern to the base before adding the panel front of the card because it needed something else.

I just love how the flowers look when rolled & glued together.  I had fun taking these photos of them and can’t wait to do more.   The Silhouette comes with a gift card for the digital store and I used it to buy all paper flower templates.

Love Card (3)

This tag from the Sketchbook collection was just perfect with the blue “the best FEELING” sentiment to go with this LOVE card.    Added a brad and a touch of twine and it was a quick card.    I also made a vase of large paper flowers with this same paper that I’ll be sharing next.

Love Card (2)

Supplies:  Pattern Paper, Tag & Brad-Amy Tangerine Sketchbook Collection (American Crafts), Sentiment Love Sticker-SRM Press, Yellow Rolled Paper Flowers-Echo Park Dots & Stripes.  Flowers (3d paper rose -Alaa’K) & Leaves (3 flower leaves & flower leaves by Lori Whitlock)- cut via the Silhouette.

paper flower bouquet

paper flower boquet_v2 (33)

Ever since seeing a post about handmade paper flowers I have been mesmerized by this lovely creation.     I can’t get it out of my mind and had to try it myself. 

I don’t have a slice die cut machine as recommended in the tutorial so I decided to free hand it and see if I could make the petals on my own.   Those that know me know I don’t like to free hand things very often but thought it would be good to push myself (hopefully making Nicole, Tara & Michelle proud). 

paper flower boquet_v2 (24)

The most important part about doing a bouquet like this is to find pattern paper that is double sided.  I found out that the original paper (Lemonade collection) I was envisioning was single sided so it couldn’t be used for this project. 

I then settled on using some colorful spring paper from the BasicGrey Konnichiwa line because of the beautiful sakura blossoms, Japanese lanterns, koi fish, variety of colors (blue, pink, red, green), multiple prints and the way all the patterns fit together so well. 

paper flower boquet_v2 (29)

I made 7 flowers in total and it only requires 1 sheet for each flower.  I used 4 different pieces of patter paper (remember they are double sided so you can make two flowers from each pattern).

For three of the pattern pieces, I did a flower showing both sides of the paper making 6 flowers. The seventh one is the red one on top-middle of the bouquet and I only did one of this patter because the outside has a nice flower pattern but the inside is solid red.    Showcasing 7 flowers was the perfect amount for this med-sized green vase.

paper flower boquet_v2 (31) 

The Kanji characters on the inside of this red flower is a really nice touch.  Wish I knew what it said!  

paper flower boquet_v2 (25)

How to make:

  1. Cut the paper into strips.   Each flower is made up of one 12×12 sheet of paper that’s cut into 4 inch strips (tall) and I varied the width between 4, and 6 inches (wide).   
  2. Cut a scalloped edge across the top (outer edge of the flower)You can free hand this part and it looks great. 
  3. Crush up all the paper so that it’s nice & wrinkled.  This will give it texture and make it easier to work with when shaping.    It might even get  small tears and it will look great.
  4. Fold the cloth wire in half and start with the narrower paper 3 or 4 inch wide.  This will be the center of your flower.    Fold it into a circle and use your hot glue gun to glue the wire to the center of the flower. 
  5. Continue adding pieces to the edge of the flower petal.  I decided to just glue the edge of the new paper to the edge that was on the outside of the spiral.    Work with your paper to get it to the desired shape. 
  6. Fold the petals back when you get to using the outside pieces of 6 inch paper. 
  7. Add leaves when flowers are all competed.  I have some nice green paper that would be great for leaves but I decided not to add them with this bouquet.  I thought it looked nice without them.
  8. Display in a vase and add rocks, beads or sand.  Include a ribbon around the base of the vase if desired.

Each time I was putting the flowers together I learned things that were working/not working.  It’s a fun project because there’s no exact way to do it and no two flowers look the same.  I kept liking the most recent flower better than the one before. 

paper flower boquet_v2 (1)

This bouquet is a 5th birthday gift for one of my son’s friends.  She loved the handmade pinwheel centerpieces from his birthday party.  I didn’t want the kids to take them home because the sharp tack might pop out so I decided to surprise her with a flower bouquet for her bedroom.     I am happy she’s crafty at a young age & flattered that she likes what I make.

paper flower boquet_v2 (55)

Happy Birthday Kira!!  (I couldn’t resist getting a shot holding this vase of flowers before giving them away.) 

If you do this bouquet, please share photos.   I’d love to see your creation!   I’d also like to try making it again maybe for Gwen’s party with Sketchbook?  Or using the slice to cut the flowers petals to see how it works.

Thank you to Making Memories for the project inspiration & tutorial!!

paper flower boquet_v1 (51)

Supplies:  Pattern Paper-4 different sheets (Jasmine Tea, Sui Sui, Friendly Greetings and Koi Pond) Konnichiwa Collection by BasicGrey, Hot glue gun, Vase (from Safeway), Ivory ribbon-, Clear decorative filler beads-Ashland (from Michaels’), 18 inch Floral cloth wire-(from Michael’s)