Ice Cream First Year Photo Clips

Ice Cream Party_First Year Photo Clips (1)

Today I wanted to show you how easy it is to make photo clips for your next celebration.  These are great décor items for parties ranging from birthday parties, showcasing travels, to anniversary celebrations for young and old.    How special would it be to make a set of these for a 10 year, 20 year or even 40 year wedding anniversary party?  You’d then be able to showcase a memorable photo from each of the years to decorate the room. 

These are super easy and fun to make.  I hope you’ll want to try some! 


  • pattern paper
  • white cardstock for message & embellishments   
  • clothes pins
  • two different sized circle punches
  • hot glue gun

1.  Paper:  If you are going to make them from digital files like I did, print the background papers.  Or select your scrapbook patterned paper.  I like having three different patterns to vary the backgrounds.  This time I have six because there are stripes and polka dots in the same color schemes.   

Ice Cream Party_First Year Photo Clips (5)       Ice Cream Party_First Year Photo Clips (10)

2. Punch out background pieces.    You can use any shape (circle, square, flourish, scalloped circle, rectangle, etc.) to fit the theme.

Ice Cream Party_First Year Photo Clips (4)

3.  Design & print out inside circle

4.  Adhere inner & outside circles together.    Now you are ready to glue the tags to the clothes pins. 

Ice Cream Party_First Year Photo Clips (3)

5.  Hot Glue:  apply to half of the clothes pin starting with the part that opens.  This is where you’ll want the bottom of the tag to rest. 

Ice Cream Party_First Year Photo Clips (15)

6.  Add tag:  Quickly add the tag to the hot glue before it starts to dry.  Put the bottom of the tag just below the wooden end and be sure to have the tag facing so that the handles of the pin are at the top. 

Ice Cream Party_First Year Photo Clips (16)

7.  Complete for the rest of the tags.  It’s important to place the tag so that there’s not too much paper hanging over the bottom of the clip, which would cover up your photos too much.  Your photo clip tags will be ready in no time.

Ice Cream Party_First Year Photo Clips (18)

Here’s the full set all finished.  After the event these tags could also be used on a scrapbook page or in a mini album along with the photos. 

Ice Cream Party_First Year Photo Clips (21)

8.  Placement:  you can clip them to a ribbon that hangs on the wall, tape the clips directly to the mantel, hang from a ribbon on the mantel, tape to the deck if your even is outdoor, etc.  There are many possibilities for placement.  

Here’s how they look in action at the party.  Pam tapped them to the rock mantel and it was a great way to show the growth of her baby girl over the last year.  I had a hard time getting photos of this because of the glare from the sunshine. 

 Ice Cream Birthday Party (13)

Ice Cream Birthday Party (15)

See the cute photo for month 5?  It’s the same one that Gwen had for her month 6 (See the second to last photo in the post).    See month 10….Isn’t that the sweetest little swimsuit!?

Ice Cream Birthday Party (19)

Pam did a great job selecting photos to use and I love how some of the colors ended up coordinating. She didn’t see these until the day before the party when the photos had already been printed.

Ice Cream Birthday Party (20)

Happy Birthday sweet little one Isabelle! 

What about doing one of these for an 18th Birthday party?  I bet the young adult and family members would really get a kick out of seeing the changes over the 18 years.    Or a 40th wedding anniversary?  Hmmm…


Ice Cream Party Cupcake Toppers

Ice Cream Party_Cupcake Toppers (3)

These are the handmade cupcake toppers for an Ice Cream birthday party.  I created three different versions so I could use the pink, blue & green ice cream cones as the backdrop for each design.  This time made them slightly larger than my last two sets, I used 3 inch scalloped circles for the outside circle and 2 1/2 inch circles for the inner with white cake pop sticks. 

Ice Cream Party_Cupcake Toppers (5)

The papers are all digital patterns from Erin Bradley Designs (Etsy) and were the perfect colors for this Ice Cream Party.     



I printed the outside pattern paper on white cardstock then punched with the scalloped circle. The inside circle with the three lines around the border was designed with the Silhouette software and I printed a dozen on each sheet.   Then I punched them out with my circle punch. 

Ice Cream Party_Cupcake Toppers (7)

Ice Cream Party_Cupcake Toppers

Here are the coordinating water bottle labels.   The top & bottom label have the same monogram design that I made for Gwen’s first birthday party water bottle labels.   I just swapped out the background patterns from this ice cream set and changed the colors of the fonts.  The super cute frame in the second one with the ice cream cone was a free download from Clementine Digitals (Julie also made the clipart at the top of my blog). 

Ice Cream Party_Waterbottle Labels (3)

Isn’t this color pink & blue some of the best out there to work with?  They are so bright & colorful.  I love these colors. 

This banner coordinates with the thank you tags seen in this post from last week.

Party Favor Gift Tags

Next I’ll be sharing the banner & photo clips that were made for this party.  After that I’ll share the items from a Mickey Mouse party that was also this past weekend.  I really enjoyed having the chance to make so many fun things over this last week.  As we move into September my focus is going to be on Scrapbooking because I have a few albums I’d like to finish before the end of the year.  I’ve got to set some goals so that I can get layouts completed!

Ice Cream Party Gift Tags

I am excited to have this entire week off from work and I am hoping I’ll be able to squeeze in some craft time each day.  Good idea, right?!  I have very long “to-do” list that includes a few blog posts, getting caught up on things around the house, hiking Mt. Si, few scrapbook layouts, creating some party decor, enjoying the sun and spending time with the kids.   

Regarding the parties…This upcoming weekend two friends are having birthday parties for their little ones and I am creating some handmade paper decorations.

The the first thing I’d like to share are party favor thank you tags.  As you can see the theme is Ice Cream and the baby girl is turning one year old.   I am so excited to get to make some things for this super cute little girls party & for fun such a fun theme. 

Party Favor Gift Tags

Do you ever use digital paper packs & embellishments? I am very new to making things with digital files. (never even done a digital scrapbook page).  My favorite part about digital is that you can usually download the files straightaway (or they arrive w/in 24 hours) and begin creating.  Not to mention they are super affordable (some shops even do by 2 get 1 free specials).

I found the digital supplies to make the ice cream tags on Etsy (Erin Bradley Designs), the ice cream cones are so adorable that I was instantly inspired to make a ton of things.  

Ice Cream Cones Clip art: 


Coordinating Digital Paper: 


I printed background colors in blue, green and pink (polka dots and stripes) on white cardstock and then punched out a scalloped circle with my 3 inch round Paper Shaper.  This was the easy part. 

Next I designed the inner circle of the tag starting with a 2.45 inch circle.  I wanted to use my 2.50 circle punch to punch the tag out.  I offset the size of the circle so that there’d be a white border after punching. 

Party Favor Gift Tags

I used pink and green circles that were from the owl set of clip art (Digital Bake Shop) from Gwen’s party.  Then put a dashed blue circle with the words wrapping around the top half of the tag.

Getting the writing to follow the circle and for the letters to be at the right angle to read was the hardest part!  It took me a while but I am so glad to learn how to do this trick. 

Party Favor Gift Tags

The second hardest part was figuring out which command to use in order to erase the bottom of the cone so it wasn’t showing behind the green and pink circles.  I felt very accomplished after learning how to erase the bottom of the cone!   I printed all of them on one 12×12 sheet of cardstock and then used my circle punch to cut them out. 

Party Favor Gift Tags

I added some colorful ribbon (via the leftover stash) and left them untied so that we can add them to the party favors before the party.    If you have any digital tips or ideas to share I’d love to hear them. 

I’m going to continue with this cute circle theme for the rest of the items.  The circle goes well with the shape of the ice cream scoop.  Now I better get busy and create the rest of the paper items!!

baby girl First Birthday Party

Gwen's first birthday party_June 2012 (22)_aa

I’d like to share some photos to show of how my daughter’s First Birthday Party came together on the big day.   Most of the decorations were handmade by me and if not I indicate where I found them or the special person who made them.   I link below back to the original post where I share the details for the various crafts.

The invite was my inspiration for the banner and for the colors that were used at the party.     

Birthday Party Invite from Tiny Prints

 GwenONE-v2-FINAL copy

Handmade fabric bunting banner-my first time making one on the sewing machine.    Fly Away fabric by Robert Kaufman.

Gwen's first birthday party_June 2012 (28)

Tissue paper pom-poms -Martha Stewart (pack of 5).  The tissue paper comes in a flat stack with the edges already scalloped.  You have to add a wire to tie it and then shape the tissue paper.  I was expecting them to pop out of the package like an accordion so it was a little more work than I anticipated.  The first one didn’t turn out well but then I figured it out and was able to get the other 4 to be full in shape. 

Birthday party Tissue pom poms

The package comes with two colors (light and dark purple).  The sizes vary too.  Don’t give up if your first one doesn’t turn out as expected.  Your second one will be much better.

first birthday party_pom poms

Gwen's first birthday party_June 2012 (44)

The pom-poms added a nice splash of purple and brought more texture to the room.   Gwen likes looking & pointing up at them. 

Gwen's first birthday party_June 2012 (39)

Beautiful handmade cookies – ordered from TSCookies on Etsy.  I recommend this shop, the cookies came quickly, on time and I didn’t have to order them months in advance like so many of the cookie shops.   She bakes over the weekends and then sends out the cookies on Monday morning.   They have so many different kinds of cookies for every theme.  They were a great addition to the owls at the party.  Each guest got to take one (or more) home to enjoy.  I love that they are individually wrapped with a colorful shiny ribbon to compliment the cookie color. 

Gwen's first birthday party_June 2012 (69)

Cute owl plate to serve the first cupcake to the birthday girl – a shower gift that was purchased from Etsy.  It was fun to use this for the first time.

Gwen's first birthday party_June 2012 (19)

The cookies were in four bright colors (purple, pink, green and teal) to match the other items.  I used my cupcake stand to display them so that they’d be more prominent than in a bowl. 

Gwen's first birthday party_June 2012 (6)

Personalized Water bottle labels– handmade with digital papers from Etsy (The Digital Bake Shop).  It was my first time making labels with digital papers (from scratch).  I also did the photo clips (below) with the same papers.  However, the water bottle labels were much easier to create because the labels don’t have to be a fixed size.

My favorite one is the pink polka dot one with the monogram “G” in the background and “Gwenyth” across the top.   

Gwen's first birthday party_June 2012 (11)

Handmade Owl gift bags for kids-Used Amy Tangerine Sketchbook patterned papers.  I love how the owl made by paper piecing stands out on the brown bag.  

owl party gift bags (20)

Fabric owls –ordered from Etsy made by MariaPalito.  These little cuties were inside the gift bags for the kids.  Got them in four colors (blue, pink, purple and brown).

felt owls (11)

First year mini album-made with supplies from Amy Tangerine Sketchbook Collection.  Includes a photo taken each month during the first year in the same chair with two stuffed owls.    It was easy to pull this together the week before the party because it’s simple and just has one hero 5×5 photo with three small 2×2. 

first year book_a (2)

Photo clip garland-made in Photoshop with digital papers from The Digital Bake Shop on Etsy.  I used the same digital files on these as I did the water bottle labels above.    These were more challenging to make because they the inside circle has 6 layers. 

first year photo clips (55)

Owl Birthday Cake– Used design found in Parenting Magazine.   Baked by my husband.   Frosted/Decorated by my girlfriend (seen in photo below). 

owl cake (7)

Lovely Owl Cupcakes– also designed & made by my sweet girlfriend.  The cupcakes are from a box mix and were baked by my husband.  They are chocolate with a home made vanilla crème in the middle.  He loves making sweet desserts and had fun figuring out the filling.    My favorite part is the beautiful frosting in blue & purple! 

owl cupcakes (2)_aa

I displayed all the fun owl décor items on the table with a ivory tablecloth so that they could all be shared together.  Then the food and drinks were on the opposite kitchen countertops. 

Gwen's first birthday party_June 2012 (53)_aa

Here’s the birthday girl taking some of her first steps.  She took her first 2 steps ON her actual birthday.  We are having fun watching her start to figure out how to walk.    This dress was perfect for the big day. 

Gwen's First Birthday (16)

Enjoying her new birthday gift…..a ride on musical toy.  Of course she doesn’t stay in any one place for more than a second so I am ready to catch her when she falls off.

Gwen's First Birthday (335)_aa

The baker and chef-

Gwen's First Birthday (55)

Two of my super crafty friends.  The one on the right made the beautiful cupcakes & cake! 

Gwen's First Birthday (42)_aa

We had the party on a Saturday afternoon which was the perfect time and the naps worked out well so our little girl was rested.  I took the day off on Friday from work so that I could finish the album up and get everything else ready.

Also, Thank you to everyone who helped me get everything ready! We couldn’t have had such a great party without the help from our friends/family. 

owl cupcakes & owl birthday cake

owl cupcakes (4)

As you can see from the past few posts, we had an owl theme for my daughters first birthday party.   One of my sweetest girlfriends offered to make some owl cupcakes for the big day.  Gwen & I are so very lucky.  (this is going to be her first cupcake)

Nicole found this cute owl cupcake idea on Pinterest and adapted it for Gwen’s birthday party colors.    Didn’t she do an AMAZING job!?  

Pinned Image

I know that for some these types of cupcakes are easy to make.  Let me point out that Nicole’s not a professional baker and only does this once or twice a year.   Among many other talents, She’s really great coming up with creative themes for cupcakes & parties.  (Yes, she’s the same gal who made the festive choo-choo train cupcakes & painted Gwen a birdie print with the Basic Grey paper).   I am not good at baking or decorating cakes so I really appreciate the work that goes into this detailed craft. 

My husband baked 24 chocolate cupcakes and put a crème filling on the inside to keep them sweet & moist.     Then Nicole did all the beautiful owl design on the top.    Unfortunately I was setting up for the party and didn’t get any photos of her creating the cupcakes (I am SO bummed about this).  Here’s one photo (taken on my phone) after the crème was put inside  the cupcakes. 


She used teal blue & dark purple frosting for the top (took almost the entire tube of purple coloring to get it dark enough).  These were the perfect colors and looked so beautiful.    The eyes are M&M’s, the noose is an orange jelly bean and the feathers are white frosting.  

owl cupcakes (2)_aa

We ALSO had an owl cake to sit next to the little owl cupcakes.  I found this cute idea in Parenting Magazine a while back and then found the directions on their website.  Chris baked the cakes and Nicole did the beautiful designing for this cake too.    She was nervous to make this cake because of the chance it could tip over.  But I told her I’d worry about making it secure and all she had to do was the hard job of frosting it.   If it were to fall over it would be my fault.  She obliged and made this cute little lady with teal blue eyes. 

owl cake (6)

The cake is 4 separate cakes baked in round Pyrex bowls.  We didn’t have the size that was called for in the instructions so we used 1.5 quart bowels for the big one and the small one might be 120z like the recipe calls.  

Cakes while they were cooling overnight.  Chris shaved off the top to make them flat for the attachment of the two round parts. 


Chris put lots of frosting in the middle between the halves so they’d stick together.  Then he cut a wooden dowel to fit the height of the cakes.  The dowel goes right down the middle and keeps the owl together. 


Here’s the example cake from Parenting:



The owl cake was just for decoration, it looked really cute in the middle of the table at the party.  I’ll share the rest of the photos from the party so you can see everything all together later this week. 

owl cake (13)

Our baby girl did get a cupcake to celebrate the big ONE and she didn’t disappoint. She loved every sweet bite.   Here are a few photos for proof.

Excited to have us sing “Happy Birthday” to her and enjoyed the attention. 


Once she grabbed the cupcake she didn’t let it go.  Beautiful teal blue frosting all over her face!    I was amazed with how much she ate of the cupcake. 


Sharing a bite with grandpa.


Thank you Nicole & Chris for making these lovely cupcakes & cake for the birthday party!  They were wonderful. 

Gwen's First Birthday (444)

first year mini album

first year_b (62)

Today I am excited to share a mini album that I made to document the growth each month during my daughters first year. 

first year_b (41)

I used paper, stickers, ribbons & embellishments that are all part of the Amy Tangerine Sketchbook collection by American Crafts.  I love the bright colors, beautiful flowers and all the lovely black outlines used in this collection.  It was the perfect choice to use for this mini album.   

On the front cover I wanted to keep it simple so I just used three different strips of paper.  The one with the round flowers on the top half is my favorite so I found a way to share it on the front cover. 

I used a tag & the love brad to write a personalized message giving the book to Gwen.  Added a strand of green & pink bakers twine to tie it to the ring. 

first year book_a (11)

I used the lined paper for the bottom half of the cover.  I wanted a paper that was simple so that the title would stand out.  It has this lovely sketch of a black flower and to add a touch of color I added a sticker die cut below.  

first year book_a (31)

For the title I used three different sticker sets.  I love how the teal & fascia letters sparkle.  This is an 8×8 chipboard 7 Gypsies album that I got a few years back. I made three for our puppies (their first year photos too) and have loved using them since for mini books.

first year_b (48)

There are 5 rings on this notebook.  I put different colored mini strips of ribbon on each ring, black/gray at the top, blues, hot pinks , greens & yellows at the bottom.  Getting to use so many different colors & patterns of ribbons might be my favorite thing about the collection (along with the flowers on the front cover).  I think there were 8 spools I didn’t get to use.    I’ve never seen such a huge pack of ribbons to go with one collection!  

first year book_a (87)

I used the same circle element on each page for the title.  Because they are thick from the stickers I rotated them from the right to left side of the page.

first year_b (23)

To create the circles….I used my 3 inch scalloped circle for the pink outer circle.  For the inner, in word I made circles with the teal dashed line circle & added the typed words.  I punched each circle out with a 2.25 circle (keeping the dashed line inside my punch).   The teal shiny thicker number shines nicely on the white cardstock.

Pages inside mini album: 

first year_b (7)first year_b (9)

The owl design started last year when I was creating the baby room and found these cute owls.  I got them so that we could use them to sit with Gwen for her monthly photos.  (we used an elephant for Gavin’s monthly photos the first year)

first year_b (11)_aa

Since there were extra pages I decided to start the book when Gwen was in my belly (right at the end). The shower theme was owls too. This cute invite is from Twig & Thistle. There’s a momma & dada owl, a boy owl on the branch. Then the baby is little egg in the nest. She added the egg in the nest since we already had one child.

first year_b (12)

These photos of big brother were taken when we were decorating the baby room.  He was nursing (using an airline neck pillow for support)  his baby monkey & baby doll and they were too cute not to share in the book and have a page showing the proud big brother.

On the “newborn” page I used her birth announcement on the left side (from Tiny Prints).  I love her birth announcement and was thrilled to get to put one in this book, on the backside there’s a photo of our family that I was able to add to the end of the mini book.  On the right side, I used a photo taken on day 1 at the hospital. 

first year_b (13)

Then once she was one month old, I took photos every month from there on out of her in the same chair with the same cute owls.  I always look forward to the days where we’d take these photos. 

first year_b (14)

On the pages in the album you’ll see I used the same design over and over. The left side of the page has three vertical strips and on the right side there’s one 3×7 piece.

first year_b (15)first year_b (16)

I wanted to have the photos be the highlight of the pages.  I tried to keep the design simple and let the beautiful patterns create a nice layout with the photos.

first year_b (17)first year_b (18)first year_b (20)first year_b (21)first year_b (24)first year_b (25)

first year_b (27)

The purple First Birthday Party invitation (from Tiny Prints)  seen below was my inspiration for the rounded corners you’ve seen throughout the book. I printed the hero photo each month in the same size- 5×5 and then rounded the corners. On the left page the little photos are 2×2 squares, rounded the corners of these too.

first year_b (55)_aa

first year_b (56)

For the last page I used the owl thank you card that was on the gift bags at the first birthday party.  It was a good way to have a copy of the owl that was part of the theme from that special day for Gwen to when she’s older.   


Hope you enjoyed seeing this mini book.  I had so much fun taking the photos each month and then being able to pull them all together in one place like this. 

For Gavin’s first year photos with the elephant, I did a scrapbook layout where they are all on one page in 2×2 squares.  I think I am going to go back and make his into a book too though because it will be a nice keepsake and fun to see how a boy version will turn out. 

first year_b (54)

Supplies:  Font-Pea Sarahloo, Corner Rounder-We R Memory Keepers Crop a Dile, 8×8 5 ring mini book album- 7 Gypsies, White circle tags-made in word with 2.15 inch circle, punched with EK Success Circle Paper Shapers Punch 2.25, Patterned Paper, ribbon, sticker letters, brad-Amy Tangerine Sketchbook Collection by American Crafts, Pink paper that’s the 3 inch scalloped circles (all except two of them)-Sultry by BasicGrey

first year photo clip garland

first year photo clips (36)

Here are some first year photo clips that I made for my daughter’s first birthday to display a photo from each month. 

Initially I ordered a set of these from Etsy, I was looking forward to having someone else create the clips and me not having to do the work.  Sounds relaxing, huh?   I found a set that had a gear looking circle background for the outer circle, which were  great because I don’t have a punch in the gear shape.   Unfortunately they didn’t get sent out as planned so at the last minute I ended up creating them myself.   This posed a good challenge for me.  I wanted to make water bottle labels so this was a good opportunity to use the same patterns on the photo clips.

first year photo clips (11)

I found some cute owl digital art files for sale on Etsy from The Digital Bake Shop.  The files are sent for download within 24 hours so you can get things made quickly.   For a super low cost I got background files, borders and some  owls.  I know many of you may be very experienced with Photoshop but I am still learning so this was HARD for me to design these completely in Photoshop.  It’s surprising how long it took for something that looks so simple!

In the end I figured it out, thankfully my sweet husband was able to help me with Photoshop when I was stuck.   

Here are the steps I completed: 

  • Printed the blue, pink & purple polka dot files for the background file you see here as the outer colored ring.  Didn’t edit them at all.   They look like a pattern paper I punched & punched but they are just printed on white cardstock.   I used my 3 inch circle scalloped punch for the background.
  • For the inside circle I used a 2.5 inch circle and added a solid border around the outside of the circle.  then the dashed circle on the inside. 
  • Added the month text to the inside of the circle and a little owl.
  • I adhered the two pieces of cardstock together and then used the hot glue gun to attach them to the clothes pin.    I love the hot glue gun!

first year photo clips

  • The fun part is selecting an assortment of photos so that you have one for each month from the first year.    It’s very hard to choose just one!

first year photo clips (28) 

When complete find a place in your home to hang for the party.  Originally I was planning to hang them on the wall but it was an odd shaped narrow wall.  Nicole came up with a great suggestion to hang the garland on the mantle, it was the perfect size to hold all photos and made a great centerpiece for the room.  We are still enjoying it this week!

first year photo clips (43)

This type of photo garland could be used for any occasion.  It’s a simple way to make a quick photo banner to hang on the fireplace, wall, or on a table.  

first year photo clips (40)

first year photo clips (49)

I like how the paper clips attach easily to the ribbon and you tape the ribbon on so there are no tacks holes or marks left.

first year photo clips (55)