Chevron Elephant Baby Shower

Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Baby Hope (10)

Over the last month I’ve shared all of the handmade items for the chevron elephant baby shower and today I’d like to share the photos from the beautiful day.  I’m excited to finally find a moment to get this post out because I’ve wanted to write it for the last month.  We had the shower in early April and then there have been two birthdays (mine and my son’s fish birthday party) in my family since.  We still have one more coming up (Minnie Mouse party) in just another month so I am a busy as a little (crafter) bee these days to get ready for the next party.  Baby Hope will be arriving very soon and so it’s time to share these photos with the exited mommy, daddy & big brother.

Here’s the shower invitation in a frame sitting on the desert table.  Having the invitation on display is a new thing for me and it adds a nice touch to the décor to have it on display.  We hung the circle garland banner above the dessert table & also along the large windows that overlook the water.  We made them in three different heights to fit the various spaces.

Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Invitation 1Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Dessert Table (12)Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Welcome Door Sign

Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Felt Coffee Cup Sleeves (2)

We served coffee & tea in the reusable Starbucks cups with the handmade felt sleeves.  Guests took their cup & felt sleeve home to use again.

Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Pink Polka Dot & Blue Balloons (1)Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Welcome SignChevron Elephant Baby Shower_Circle Garland Banner (1)

Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Circle Garland Banner (19)

Here’s the table of sweet delights.  I am really happy with how it turned out, I’ve never had such a fancy table arrangement and had fun taking all the photos.  I used a plastic table cloth from the party store, love how easy it was to make the table look polished and also very inexpensive.  Picked up the wooden stamps (spelling out HOPE) at Michael’s Craft store and thought they’d be perfect to put on display at the shower to announce the baby’s name.  I made the blue stand that the elephant is sitting on by gluing a vase & plate together and then spray painting it.  I’ll share some photos from that project later.  Having one serving piece that’s not white on the table makes the table look much more interesting.

Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Dessert Table (4)

The mother requested that we serve her favorite sweet delights.  The doughnuts are from old fashioned with pink frosting & sprinkles, from Top Pot.  They are the best ever old fashioned.  The cupcakes are raspberry macaroon & vanilla as I gave a sneak peek of the treats in the cupcake topper post.  You can see the food tent signs, cupcake toppers and water bottle labels that I shared earlier.  I am happy with how the toppers look in the cupcakes, my favorite part was making the blue chevron pattern as the third one in the set.

Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Trophy Cupcakes (2)Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Top Pot Sprinkles Doughnuts (4)

Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Trophy Cupcakes (7)

Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Starbucks Coffee Service (1)Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Custom Water Bottle Labels

Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Top Pot Sprinkles Doughnuts

Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Opening Gifts (5)

Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Pennant Banner (5)

We hung the pennant flag welcome baby hope banner in front of the large windows along with the circle garland banner.

Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Pennant Banner (8)Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Pink Polka Dot & Blue Balloons (10)Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Pennant Banner

We planned a few light & fun games and so these three chevron plush elephants were perfect for the prizes!    I love how the two-toned red one matches the chevron pattern exactly from the invite.    I found these on Etsy from Kelsey Bang.  They are good sized plush (at 7×5) and perfect to sit on a bookshelf or bed.  I am thinking about getting for my little girl too.

Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Custom Water Bottle Labels (6)

Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Plush Chevron Elephant Shower Prize (3)  Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Plush Elephant Baby Shower Prize (12)

Here are the recipients of the cute elephants.    The third one is the momma-to-be who can give the pink & white chevron elephant to baby Hope.  This is a great way for her to always remember this special shower.

Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Plush Chevron Elephant Shower Prize (13)Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Plush Chevron Elephant Shower Prize (15)Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Plush Chevron Elephant Shower Prize (18)

Here are the two shower games we played.  The Animal one was from Bump Smitten and the other was a cute one with moments from Tara’s childhood.

Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Games (2)

Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Games (4)Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Washi Tape Bookmarks (2)Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Games (6)

Here are Michelle’s sweet handmade felt elephants.  I hung them from some branches with little wooden clothes pins.  Got this idea from Shawna who hung Owls from trees at my baby shower.

Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Handmade Felt Elephants (2)

Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Games (10)Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Handmade Felt Elephants (2) (9)

Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Felt Elephants (20)Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Handmade Felt Elephants (2) (2)

Guests left notes with tips, wishes & advice for the expectant mother.  These notes can be put into a book with all the photos from the shower or even in the baby book.   I got the Wishing Tree idea from Elizabeth’s elephant shower that was featured on Hostess with the Mostess Blog.   Her yellow mod elephant shower was so cute and I loved all the details.   The baby game was also from this shower, she offers all of the paper pieces from her shower as a printable so you can recreate very easily.    I planned to hang the wishes from the tree too but it didn’t work because the branches on the tree weren’t as spread out as they would have needed to be.  Since the elephants were hanging from the tree it didn’t matter though.

Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Games (8)Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Pink Polka Dot & Blue Balloons (10)

Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Z Friends (25)

It was a beautiful baby shower to welcome the new baby girl.  I had such a great time making all the preparations & hosting with Michelle.

Cute little baby bump!

Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Z Friends (30)

All the extra cupcakes went home with guests in to-go cupcake boxes.   Yummy!!

Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Trophy Cupcakes (18)Chevron Elephant Baby Shower_Top Pot Sprinkles Doughnuts (8)

If you’d like to see how I made the things seen at the shower you can see the rest of the posts here.    Welcome Baby Hope!!


DIY Felt Coffee Cup Sleeves

DIY Felt Coffee Cup Sleeves (3)

Tonight I’d like to share one last piece for the Chevron Elephant Baby Shower.   The food for the shower is going to be strictly sweets (doughnuts & cupcakes) as I mentioned in the cupcake toppers post.     What goes perfectly with a sweet doughnut?  A warm cup of coffee or tea!  This is a great opportunity to make a sleeve for the coffee cups.  I planned to make some kraft colored paper coffee cup sleeves, using a pink ribbon and a circle charm hanging through the middle to slip over the paper cups.   While searching for ideas on Pinterest, I came across this felt coffee cup sleeve made by Martha Stewart.    As mentioned in the felt elephant post, I had a huge amount of felt left and was thrilled to find another way to incorporate felt into the shower.   I don’t have much experience yet sewing but this project requires a little cutting and only one stich.  I knew that this would be a fun & easy project to make. 

On Martha’s site there’s a template that can be printed on cardstock.  I used the template to trace out the shape for the sleeve.  Then used my pinking shears (first seen last year on Gwen’s fabric triangle bunting) to cut the felt.  I love having the opportunity to use these pretty scissors again. 

DIY Felt Coffee Cup Sleeves1 copy

Just a quick cut of the fabric and then the cute heart (coordinates with the heart on the felt elephant).    It took a few stiches for me to figure out how much of an edge to leave at the end of the fabric.  Once I got the hang of it the rest went quickly. 

DIY Felt Coffee Cup Sleeves (4)

I made a little cardstock heart to use as a template for all the hearts.    Stitched the hearts onto the sleeve with white embroidery floss.  You could also glue them on if you don’t want to use floss. 

DIY Felt Coffee Cup Sleeves (5)

All done! 

DIY Felt Coffee Cup Sleeves (7)

These could also be used for teacher gifts or Christmas presents.  Everyone loves a warm drink weather your favorite is chai tea, coffee or earl grey. 

DIY Felt Coffee Cup Sleeves (8)

DIY Felt Coffee Cup Sleeves (6)

I picked up some newly released reusable/recyclable cups from Starbucks so that guests could have a cup to use the sleeve with over & over.  They are 16 ounces and only cost one dollar.  Reasonable price and great way to use less paper cups! 

DIY Felt Coffee Cup Sleeves (14)

Here’s my recreation photo of Martha Stewart’s stacked cup photo (photo on right).    If you want the felt to cover more of the cup you could use 12oz cups like seen in Martha’s version.  Experiment with pinning the felt on the cup before sewing the edge.  The felt does stretch to fit the cup, it may feel too tight at first but then adjusts to fit. 

DIY Felt Coffee Cup Sleeves (15) 

I took one cup to work and then another to keep in my purse.  It’s so light weight that it’s a great cup to take with you when you are out and about picking up your coffee.  Most coffee shops will even give you a discount for brining your own cup!

DIY Felt Coffee Cup Sleeves (20)

Next up I’ll share photos from the shower so you can see how it came together on Tara’s special day to welcome Baby Hope! 

DIY Felt Coffee Cup Sleeves (13)

Supplies:  coffee cups, downloadable Martha Stewart template, felt, embroidery floss

DIY Felt Elephants

Tara Baby Shower_April 2013 (247)

Today I’d like to share these soft felt elephants that were shower favors at the Chevron Elephant Baby Shower.    I started admiring cute mini-felt ornaments a few years ago when they were favors at my baby shower.  Last year, I ordered some from Etsy for Gwen’s first birthday party.   I planned to order a set on Etsy for this shower but the cost was proving to be too much for my budget.  This led me to think of alternative ideas and where Michelle’s super talented crafting skills come into play.    Michelle was excited to try and make the felt elephants.     Yay, I am so lucky!

Supplies Needed:  I picked up the felt, stuffing, eyelets, ribbon, embroidery floss & batting at the craft store.  I ordered 1/2 yard of the blue & pink felt to use for the elephant body.  We made 25 owls and have tons of this lovely felt leftover.  They are about 3 inches wide.  Get floss to match all the colors of your felt that you have to sew together. 

Making DIY Felt Elephants (8)

Making DIY Felt Elephants (1)

Here are the steps to follow to create your own felt elephant:

1.  Create Shape:  I found a few sample templates but none of them had the trunk curving up so Michelle made her own template.

Making DIY Felt Elephants (2)

2. Trace & cut: body, ears and hearts out of the felt.  We tried a fabric pencil but it wasn’t showing up well so Michelle switched to a black pen.    I like to do all the cutting at once so that I can move onto the next step of the process.

3.  Stich the ears: combine the pink & white pieces together to create the ear.  I used the light pink floss so that it would blend in with the ear colors. 

Making DIY Felt Elephants (5)

Here’s how the completed ears look. 

Making DIY Felt Elephants (12)

4.  Stich ears & heart to body:  It’s important to add the ears & heart to the body before you sew it together.  This makes it easier and looks much nicer to have all the stitching hidden on the inside. 

To for the hearts we used white embroidery floss to add a visual touch to the heart. 

Making DIY Felt Elephants (3)

Since the outer ear is white, we used white embroidery floss here too.  They already look so cute with these two touches added. 

Making DIY Felt Elephants (14)

5.  Add Eyelet for eye:  remember to do this before sewing together.    We forgot and had to improvise to get them all added at the end before the last few stiches. 

6.  Stich & stuff elephant body:  take two elephant pieces and start stitching them together.  As you start to close it, add the batting to the inside trying to get as much inside the two pieces as possible. 

Making DIY Felt Elephants (18)

7.  Attach tail:  add a tail made out of embroidery floss that goes right through the stich around the outside.  After adding the tail keep sewing up the back side and then we are complete. 

All done!!

Tara Baby Shower_April 2013 (244)

I’ve hung the elephants in the closet nobs in the bedrooms so that my kids can enjoy them.  They can also be hung on the Christmas Tree in December.  These are going to be fun to have as party favors.  Hoping all the guests will enjoy their elephant and to remember this special baby celebration. 

Making DIY Felt Elephants (25)      Making DIY Felt Elephants (21)

All the Kudos go to Michelle for creating these adorable elephants!!  I was only the project manager and did a little of the cutting/stitching the ears together.    I  am so proud of Michelle and her elephant creations.  She’s so talented and I love seeing how much she enjoyed the process.  Here’s a quote from Michelle, “it really wasn’t that hard.”  She likes to do detailed projects and completing 25 of these owls took patience & time.  THANK YOU Michelle creating lovely gifts everyone will treasure! 

Tara Baby Shower_April 2013 (248)

Also, thank you for saving me $200 from not having to buy these via Etsy at the lovely felt shops.  All the supplies for these felt owls was only $40 and I have so much extra supplies.  In hindsight, I could have spent $20 on supplies and had more than enough.   I could probably make 150 more elephants with the felt if desired.    It’s always hard the first time to gauge how much supplies is needed.  Hopefully this write up will inspire you to create some felt animals to share with your little ones or at a party.