DIY fabric flag bunting banner

fabric bunting (89)

I’d like to share the fabric flag bunting that I made for my daughters first birthday party.  This is one of the biggest projects I’ve done to-date on my sewing machine (I’ve only sewed a few times on fabric).   I share that bit about my limited sewing experience so that others will know they can try this even if you haven’t done this type of things before. 

I used a beautiful set of fabrics (called Fly Away Sunset by Robert Kaufman) that has birds, flowers, butterflies & bright colorful shapes.  I used two tutorials to help guide me through the process.  One from Petite Lemon and then this great one from My Longest Year

The Longest Year tutorial was great because the design was for fat quarters of fabric.  I cut the flags to 6×9 (using a cardstock template to hold over the fabric when cutting) and got the most triangles out of my fabric.    

This is the design I used in order to get 5 flags from each quarter of fabric. 


I used pinking shears to cut along the edges of the triangle flags.   When complete, I ran an iron over the pairs of fabric to smooth them out.  Then I took a moment to admire how nice the patterns look together.

fabric bunting (1)    Next I sewed the flags together.  The advice in the tutorial was very helpful for a first timer:  keep it simple, be haphazard, cut recklessly.”    I kept remembering these phrases when I was worried about fabric not lining up or uneven triangles.  That was the best advice for me to hear and kept me moving along to finish the project.

fabric bunting (12)

I used a zig-zag stich that looks great with the scalloped edges left by the pinking shears. 

fabric bunting (18)

I then sewed the triangles inside double fold white bias tape, only leaving about an inch in between each flag.  With the final seam across the top it looks so finished & pretty. 

I ended up with four 9 feet sections of banner and 60 flags.   

If it’s your first time here’s my advice…stick with it and don’t worry about it being perfect (use the tutorials above).  You’ll get faster each time you make one (great advice from my mother-in-law).  I was really slow with the first 9 foot section and then when I came back to do the last three sections I whizzed through them so much quicker.   That was where I realized she’s right, once you figure out what you are doing it’s more fun and easier. 

fabric bunting (71)

Our kitchen has a triangle shape where two walls meet to make a great corner to hang the banners across our dining table. One of the best things about having the party at your home is that you can decorate early.   I was able to get this hung early and then it was up for our daughters mid-week actual birthday (with the party being on the following weekend).  

When you spend so much time preparing it’s fun to have decorations go up early and to leave them up after to celebrate.

fabric bunting (33)

The fun thing about fabric is you can use this decoration over & over.  It would be great to adorn a table with one of these hanging on the table cloth.  

fabric bunting (127)

I’d definitely like to make one of these again!!   We are done with parties for a while in our little family so I am going to get back to getting caught up on our scrapbook albums.  

In my next posts I’ll share more of the décor, handmade items & photos from the fun birthday party celebration we had this weekend! 


baby girl birthday party

fat quarter bundle (6)

We are getting ready to celebrate an important milestone, our baby girl is turning one in June!    It’s going to be a small celebration at home with family and a few friends.  I’d like to make a few special items to decorate for the important milestone. 

I found this lovely party invite at Tiny Prints.  I LOVE the pennant banner across the top, with the bright pinks, purple & teal blue colors.    I decided these would be the colors and I could use this look/theme to set everything else for the party.   The other thing I enjoy about the invite is getting to use 4 photos on the front of our baby girl.  These were taken when she was 7 months old and now’s a great time to share them with our friends and family.   I even have two more on the backside, I love doing double sided cards!

GwenONE-v2-FINAL copy

This time I am going to make a fabric banner/bunting to hang up at the party.  I found this lovely Robert Kaufman fabric bundle at the Fat Quarter shop. 

fat quarter bundle (8)

The colors are perfect:  teal blue, purple, pinks.  With cute birds, butterflies & flowers patterns.    This weekend I am going to make the bunting and I am excited to see how it turns out.  Updated:  here’s a link to the finished bunting banner

fat quarter bundle (14)

The other thing I am making is a first year mini album that shows a photo that I’ve taken of baby Gwen in the same chair each month.     Updated:  here’s a link to the completed mini album

I found a lovely paper collection called Sketchbook (by Amy Tangerine) that has beautiful colors for a summer party (teal blue, bright pinks, yellow  and greens).  It will be the perfect backdrop for the mini album that I’d like to display at the party.    I also picked up the coordinating embellishment items in the collection (ribbons, embellishments and some brads)  to help decorate the three ring mini book. 

There are a few other things I might create for the party but these are the two main things I’ve got to complete.  I can’t wait to get going with these two projects!