Minnie Mouse Banner

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (53)

Here’s the Minnie Mouse banner from Gwen’s second birthday party.  I used my Silhouette to cut all of the shapes and the background paper is digital paper printed on my printer.    For the Minnie Mouse birthday party I choose to use pink & blue colors so it was very important to find coordinating paper in these colors.   I was thrilled to find a great set of papers in the perfect pink and blue colors from Lane + May Studio on Etsy.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (37)

I wanted to use pattern papers and cut out big thick letters to put on top of the patterns.  This set of papers has 24 different designs and I used just about all of them (except the two animal prints).

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (47)

Here’s how I made this DIY banner:

  • Printed the digital paper pack onto white 12×12 cardstock.  Amy from Lane + May Studio helped adjust the colors so that when I printed the digital papers the pink came out the perfect shade.  I really appreciated her willingness to help make it perfect so that it would match the rest of the colors, like the pink in the ribbon wreath.  Printers can be difficult because they all interpret colors differently.
  • Made black heart paper (from the blue heart paper) because I needed another black print.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (5)

  • Cut scalloped circle shape on the Silhouette – 5 Scalloped circles (by Lori Whitlock)
  • Size – outside circle is 5.5 inches, inside is 5.0 inches
  • The outside of the blue & pink papers are mounted on black cardstock.  The black didn’t look right for the black/white patterns and some of the Minnie patterns so I made some solid pink and solid blue backgrounds to mount these pieces.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (9)

  • Used two pieces of organza ribbon in between the scalloped circles

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (19)

  • Popped up the letters with three pop dots on the back of the letters

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (24) Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (12)

  • The raised dots help make the letters show up nice on the paper.  Here’s a detail view showing how much it lifts the letters up off the paper.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (13)

Here are some of my favorite banner pieces.  I just love how the patterns all look together.  The hearts, polka dots, chevrons, stripes

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (63) Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (33)

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (58) Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (59)

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (39) Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (38)

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (34) Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (32)

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (56) Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (44)

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (66)

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (64)

Here’s a photo the Mickey Mouse banner I made last year with digital paper & a triangle banner shape.   This was the first banner I made with the Silhouette and I used Mickey Mouse used digital paper for the banner flags.   See full post here.

Mickey Mouse Party_Birthday Banner (7)


  • Scalloped Circle Shape – 5 Scalloped circles (by Lori Whitlock) Design ID #20452
  • Cardstock – White Bazzil used to print all patterns and colored backgrounds, black bazzil used for letters
  • Font – Luckiest Guy (cut via the Silhouette), size 305pt – search via Bing to find it for download
  • Pink Ribbon – American Crafts
  • Organza Ribbon – white, black and blue
  • Adhesive – Pop Dots, Glue Dots
  • Minnie Mouse Digital Paper Pack – Lane + May Studio (Etsy)



Chevron Circle Garland Banner

Chevron Circle Garland (8)

Hello, I am happy to be posting today…..I am enjoying my first day of spring break week as I create a long list of “to-do’s” for the week. 

I’d like to share a chevron striped circle garland that I made for an elephant baby shower.  This was my first time making a simple circle garland banner and it was so much fun!   My wonderful crafty partner, Michelle, helped me create these garlands for Tara’s baby shower. 

Three Quick Steps to make a garland: 

1.  Select your sizes for the circles.  Michelle choose three sizes of circles from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches.

Chevron Circle Garland (25a)

2.  Next punch out all the circles.  Vary the sizes between the chevron pattern & solid colors.  I love these circle punches and have gotten so much use out of them.  They are so quick and easy.

Chevron Circle Garland (20)

Chevron Circle Garland (14)

3.  Sew circles on the string.  Arrange the circles in piles and then get out your sewing machine.  This is the fun part!  I love sewing through paper and this goes very fast.    It helps to have all of the circles arranged in the order & quantity you want for each strand.   I used pink thread for all the garlands. 

Chevron Circle Garland (43) 

There’s about 1/2 inch in between the circles.   We made three different sizes of the garlands: small, medium & large.  At the shower, the garlands are going to hang in front of really large windows that overlook the Puget Sound.  With all the light coming into the room they will look really lovely dressing up the room for the shower.    

Chevron Circle Garland (44)

Here are the finished circle garlands on a white backdrop.      

Chevron Circle Garland (1)

I used Erin Bradley’s Chevron stripes digital files to print the chevron patterns onto white cardstock.  Digital files are perfect for basic patterns because you can print as much as you need.  As I share the rest of the party creations you’ll see the chevrons across all the party decorations.  I did a mix of the solid chevron red/pink pattern and the white/color striped version.  I was fun to have various options with the patterns.  

Chevron Circle Garland (31)

Michelle thank you for helping me create these garlands for the shower!!  I am looking forward to making another circle garland banner for my upcoming son’s fish birthday party (blue & orange). 

Chevron Circle Garland (5)

You can see the chevron elephant baby shower invite here (and the rest of the shower creations when posted). 

Supplies:    Digital Papers from Etsy (Erin Bradley Designs).  Printed on 80lb cardstock. 

  • Chevrons-I am using the pink, red & blue across all the decorations. 
  • Solid Cardstock-  aqua cardstock, red cardstock, pink cardstock (Bazzil)

Digital Paper Pack Personal and Commercial Use Colorful Chevron Stripes

Ice Cream Party Circle Birthday Banner

Happy Birthday Banner (20)

Here’s a banner that was made for the Ice Cream First Birthday Party.  I used my awesome new Silhouette Cameo to cut the outer scalloped circles (5.25 inches) from pattern digital paper that was printed on white cardstock.    I love how fun the scalloped circle is with the ribbon between each piece.  I think this is my favorite banner so far that I’ve made.   

Happy Birthday Banner (1)

These patterns are from Erin Bradley Designs (Etsy) and were the perfect colors for this Ice Cream Party.    For the inner circle with the letters I used the Silhouette software to design a circle with the three borders.  After using Photoshop elements last time this was much easier using this new Silhouette software (I am so relieved!)   It’s the first time I alternated the color of the letters on the banner pieces and I am happy with how it turned out.   

Happy Birthday Banner (25)

If I had to make this one again I’d add another circle with the ice cream cone to both sides of the birthday girl’s name. (Why didn’t I think of this while making it!)   I designed the inner circle with three varying circles around the border in the Silhouette software.  I was able to select the exact same color from the background papers and use that for the borders & letters.    I didn’t use the silhouette to cut out the inner circle because it looked fine to freehand cut these circles out.   I did another banner over the weekend where I did the Silhouette cut the inner circles and it produces a very sharp look.   I’ll share that one soon.

The pink ribbon is a 9 yard spool that I picked up when Paper Zone was closing earlier this year. I have to say they really may some lovely ribbon and have such fabulous colors. I am glad this color worked for this project.  The spool was the perfect size for these three banners, I had about 6 inches left at the end. (I never know how much ribbon to get when planning so wanted to jot this down for next time)  The green was some leftover lemongrass 1/8 inch thick from Gavin’s birth announcements, still around from over 4 years ago!

Happy Birthday Banner (26)

I really do have fun creating handmade paper items for parties.  It’s not my business or something I’d ever do professionally.   It’s something that I enjoy because of the variety with themes and different styles you can try out.  It’s also a lot of fun to make things for friends who are so appreciative and enjoy seeing what I’ll make.  I do think it’s funny how many party posts I’ve been doing since the spring because it wasn’t what I planned.   This is my last Ice Cream Party post and next I’ll share some from a Mickey Mouse party.   Now that the parties are all over, September’s going to be about scrapbook layouts!  I need to make some progress with my “to-do” list and can’t wait to use up the great paper I’ve collected. 

Happy Birthday Banner (14)

Supplies: Digital Paper & Clip Art – Erin Bradley Designs, Scalloped Circle – die cut shape by Lori Whitlock, Ribbon-American Crafts – Orchid

This banner coordinates these items also made for the Ice Cream First Birthday Party. 

  • thank you tags seen in this post
  • first year photo clips in this post.
  • cupcake toppers and water bottle labels seen here.   

Party Favor Gift Tags    Ice Cream Party_First Year Photo Clips (1)   Ice Cream Party_Cupcake Toppers (3)   Ice Cream Party_Waterbottle Labels (3)

Ice Cream First Year Photo Clips

Ice Cream Party_First Year Photo Clips (1)

Today I wanted to show you how easy it is to make photo clips for your next celebration.  These are great décor items for parties ranging from birthday parties, showcasing travels, to anniversary celebrations for young and old.    How special would it be to make a set of these for a 10 year, 20 year or even 40 year wedding anniversary party?  You’d then be able to showcase a memorable photo from each of the years to decorate the room. 

These are super easy and fun to make.  I hope you’ll want to try some! 


  • pattern paper
  • white cardstock for message & embellishments   
  • clothes pins
  • two different sized circle punches
  • hot glue gun

1.  Paper:  If you are going to make them from digital files like I did, print the background papers.  Or select your scrapbook patterned paper.  I like having three different patterns to vary the backgrounds.  This time I have six because there are stripes and polka dots in the same color schemes.   

Ice Cream Party_First Year Photo Clips (5)       Ice Cream Party_First Year Photo Clips (10)

2. Punch out background pieces.    You can use any shape (circle, square, flourish, scalloped circle, rectangle, etc.) to fit the theme.

Ice Cream Party_First Year Photo Clips (4)

3.  Design & print out inside circle

4.  Adhere inner & outside circles together.    Now you are ready to glue the tags to the clothes pins. 

Ice Cream Party_First Year Photo Clips (3)

5.  Hot Glue:  apply to half of the clothes pin starting with the part that opens.  This is where you’ll want the bottom of the tag to rest. 

Ice Cream Party_First Year Photo Clips (15)

6.  Add tag:  Quickly add the tag to the hot glue before it starts to dry.  Put the bottom of the tag just below the wooden end and be sure to have the tag facing so that the handles of the pin are at the top. 

Ice Cream Party_First Year Photo Clips (16)

7.  Complete for the rest of the tags.  It’s important to place the tag so that there’s not too much paper hanging over the bottom of the clip, which would cover up your photos too much.  Your photo clip tags will be ready in no time.

Ice Cream Party_First Year Photo Clips (18)

Here’s the full set all finished.  After the event these tags could also be used on a scrapbook page or in a mini album along with the photos. 

Ice Cream Party_First Year Photo Clips (21)

8.  Placement:  you can clip them to a ribbon that hangs on the wall, tape the clips directly to the mantel, hang from a ribbon on the mantel, tape to the deck if your even is outdoor, etc.  There are many possibilities for placement.  

Here’s how they look in action at the party.  Pam tapped them to the rock mantel and it was a great way to show the growth of her baby girl over the last year.  I had a hard time getting photos of this because of the glare from the sunshine. 

 Ice Cream Birthday Party (13)

Ice Cream Birthday Party (15)

See the cute photo for month 5?  It’s the same one that Gwen had for her month 6 (See the second to last photo in the post).    See month 10….Isn’t that the sweetest little swimsuit!?

Ice Cream Birthday Party (19)

Pam did a great job selecting photos to use and I love how some of the colors ended up coordinating. She didn’t see these until the day before the party when the photos had already been printed.

Ice Cream Birthday Party (20)

Happy Birthday sweet little one Isabelle! 

What about doing one of these for an 18th Birthday party?  I bet the young adult and family members would really get a kick out of seeing the changes over the 18 years.    Or a 40th wedding anniversary?  Hmmm…

first year photo clip garland

first year photo clips (36)

Here are some first year photo clips that I made for my daughter’s first birthday to display a photo from each month. 

Initially I ordered a set of these from Etsy, I was looking forward to having someone else create the clips and me not having to do the work.  Sounds relaxing, huh?   I found a set that had a gear looking circle background for the outer circle, which were  great because I don’t have a punch in the gear shape.   Unfortunately they didn’t get sent out as planned so at the last minute I ended up creating them myself.   This posed a good challenge for me.  I wanted to make water bottle labels so this was a good opportunity to use the same patterns on the photo clips.

first year photo clips (11)

I found some cute owl digital art files for sale on Etsy from The Digital Bake Shop.  The files are sent for download within 24 hours so you can get things made quickly.   For a super low cost I got background files, borders and some  owls.  I know many of you may be very experienced with Photoshop but I am still learning so this was HARD for me to design these completely in Photoshop.  It’s surprising how long it took for something that looks so simple!

In the end I figured it out, thankfully my sweet husband was able to help me with Photoshop when I was stuck.   

Here are the steps I completed: 

  • Printed the blue, pink & purple polka dot files for the background file you see here as the outer colored ring.  Didn’t edit them at all.   They look like a pattern paper I punched & punched but they are just printed on white cardstock.   I used my 3 inch circle scalloped punch for the background.
  • For the inside circle I used a 2.5 inch circle and added a solid border around the outside of the circle.  then the dashed circle on the inside. 
  • Added the month text to the inside of the circle and a little owl.
  • I adhered the two pieces of cardstock together and then used the hot glue gun to attach them to the clothes pin.    I love the hot glue gun!

first year photo clips

  • The fun part is selecting an assortment of photos so that you have one for each month from the first year.    It’s very hard to choose just one!

first year photo clips (28) 

When complete find a place in your home to hang for the party.  Originally I was planning to hang them on the wall but it was an odd shaped narrow wall.  Nicole came up with a great suggestion to hang the garland on the mantle, it was the perfect size to hold all photos and made a great centerpiece for the room.  We are still enjoying it this week!

first year photo clips (43)

This type of photo garland could be used for any occasion.  It’s a simple way to make a quick photo banner to hang on the fireplace, wall, or on a table.  

first year photo clips (40)

first year photo clips (49)

I like how the paper clips attach easily to the ribbon and you tape the ribbon on so there are no tacks holes or marks left.

first year photo clips (55)

making a birthday banner


My nephew’s first birthday is coming up in a few weeks and so I am making a banner for the party.   I LOVE banners and have wanted to make them for a long time so I was thrilled to have the opportunity.  However, this is only the second banner that I’ve made (Chris’ Birthday in Sept was the first one) and so I searched high and low on etsy to find the style I wanted to make.

The theme is jungle animals (monkeys, elephants & hippos) with light blue, royal blue, grass green and brown colors. The key is to find the perfect patterned paper. I searched on the internet at my favorite scrapbook stores and couldn’t find any. So I went to Joann’s and found a stack animal print (DWCV) of paper to use.

I decided to do flags for the “happy birthday” portion and then do Matthew’s name on scalloped circles so it will pop out.  I like the circles because they are matted in the royal blue card stock.  Also, this way his mom can hang the “Matthew” portion in his room after the party.    I opted out of mounting the happy birthday pennants on blue because it took away the focus from his name.   You could also just make the “happy birthday” portion of the banner if you wanted to use it multiple times.  My friend Michelle does that with a baby shower banner, she has a “baby girl” and “baby boy” version that she’s uses at showers.  Michelle’s the one who made the “Gwenyth” banner for Gwen’s room and has inspired me to want to make banners too.


I used the die cut machine at Ben Franklin to cut out the scalloped circles (they are just over 4 inches) and then also cut the circles there too.  The letters are 2 inches and all upper case.  I hand cut the flag pennant style pieces on my own to be in similar size to the circles.

To add dimension I popped up the letters with small pop dots.  I also added 2 extra pieces of ribbon between the circles to give it more texture.

I am pleased with how it turned out and can’t wait to see how it looks at the party. I did learn a few things that I’ll change for next time.

1.  Don’t use DCWV paper:  Half of the pattern paper has some sparkly glitters one it and for some reason it smells super strong in a yucky way.  I’ve never encountered scrapbook paper that smells like this.  It’s not a good thing and was stinking up my office.  I decided to hang it outside in the garage to let it air out before the party.  Originally I was going to make a coordinating album with the 12 monthly photos his mother took of him with an elephant but I wouldn’t want a scrapbook that smells like this.  I am going to find some other paper to make a little book with.  It’s too bad because this paper is pretty cute.


2. Know the space it’s going to hang:  (learned after the party) It ended up being posted on a huge wall in front of the table of food.  There was plenty of space and I could have gone larger with the happy birthday portion.  I think it would have looked better if the flags were about 2 inches bigger.    Next time I will try out sample pieces in the place it will hang to make sure that I am creating the right proportions for the area.

3.  Tools:  I’d like to get one of the Martha Stewart circle cutters so that I can do any size circle.  Also, makes me wish I still had my Cricut.  But  it was first generation so I’d probably want the bigger one anyway.  I’ll keep thinking about this one for future banners but it would be very nice to do all of this at home.

4. Strings:  Don’t’ forget to cut the strings down.  I realize that I just need to keep about 24 inches on each end.  I kept them in case I needed to wrap them around something to hang it but turned out a tack worked best for this location.

Update:  Here’s how it looked on the wall at the party!  Matthew’s mommy was very happy with the banner and thanked me for making it.


Supplies:  pattern paper- DCWV Animal Crackers, royal blue cardstock-bazzil, pop dots-under letters, ribbons-various, small hole punch, photo squares-herma