Minnie Mouse Banner

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (53)

Here’s the Minnie Mouse banner from Gwen’s second birthday party.  I used my Silhouette to cut all of the shapes and the background paper is digital paper printed on my printer.    For the Minnie Mouse birthday party I choose to use pink & blue colors so it was very important to find coordinating paper in these colors.   I was thrilled to find a great set of papers in the perfect pink and blue colors from Lane + May Studio on Etsy.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (37)

I wanted to use pattern papers and cut out big thick letters to put on top of the patterns.  This set of papers has 24 different designs and I used just about all of them (except the two animal prints).

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (47)

Here’s how I made this DIY banner:

  • Printed the digital paper pack onto white 12×12 cardstock.  Amy from Lane + May Studio helped adjust the colors so that when I printed the digital papers the pink came out the perfect shade.  I really appreciated her willingness to help make it perfect so that it would match the rest of the colors, like the pink in the ribbon wreath.  Printers can be difficult because they all interpret colors differently.
  • Made black heart paper (from the blue heart paper) because I needed another black print.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (5)

  • Cut scalloped circle shape on the Silhouette – 5 Scalloped circles (by Lori Whitlock)
  • Size – outside circle is 5.5 inches, inside is 5.0 inches
  • The outside of the blue & pink papers are mounted on black cardstock.  The black didn’t look right for the black/white patterns and some of the Minnie patterns so I made some solid pink and solid blue backgrounds to mount these pieces.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (9)

  • Used two pieces of organza ribbon in between the scalloped circles

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (19)

  • Popped up the letters with three pop dots on the back of the letters

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (24) Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (12)

  • The raised dots help make the letters show up nice on the paper.  Here’s a detail view showing how much it lifts the letters up off the paper.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (13)

Here are some of my favorite banner pieces.  I just love how the patterns all look together.  The hearts, polka dots, chevrons, stripes

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (63) Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (33)

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (58) Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (59)

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (39) Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (38)

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (34) Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (32)

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (56) Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (44)

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (66)

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner (64)

Here’s a photo the Mickey Mouse banner I made last year with digital paper & a triangle banner shape.   This was the first banner I made with the Silhouette and I used Mickey Mouse used digital paper for the banner flags.   See full post here.

Mickey Mouse Party_Birthday Banner (7)


  • Scalloped Circle Shape – 5 Scalloped circles (by Lori Whitlock) Design ID #20452
  • Cardstock – White Bazzil used to print all patterns and colored backgrounds, black bazzil used for letters
  • Font – Luckiest Guy (cut via the Silhouette), size 305pt – search via Bing to find it for download
  • Pink Ribbon – American Crafts
  • Organza Ribbon – white, black and blue
  • Adhesive – Pop Dots, Glue Dots
  • Minnie Mouse Digital Paper Pack – Lane + May Studio (Etsy)



Soccer Birthday Party

Matthew's 2nd Birthday Party_Dec 2012 (47)

Who likes soccer balls and yummy cake?  If you answered “I do!” then you are going to enjoy  the fun birthday décor that my sister-in-law created for her son’s second birthday party.

The thing that amazed me the most about her creations is that she didn’t use a die-cut machine.  No silhouette or circuit (I think my brother needs to get her one asap!).  She made the banner and food signs by tracing shapes, using stencils to hand cut the letters and a little support from the computer.

Matthew's 2nd Birthday Party_Dec 2012 (5)v2

I don’t have the patience or skills to hand make all my stuff, this is why I’ve fallen so hard for my cameo.  It does all the difficult work.  Today I am going to show you that you can still make your own décor even without a personal die cut machine.

The banner was the focal part of the party setting the stage for the active soccer party.   The banner is so cute with the alternating colors, pattern and soccer shapes.  I love the how much the white letters pop on the dark backgrounds.    I can’t even imagine making this banner free handed.  GREAT job girl!

Matthew's 2nd Birthday Party_Dec 2012 (0)v2

Here’s the birthday banner I made last year for the lil’ guys first monkey birthday party.

Here’s the custom photo invitation that includes two cute photos of the birthday boy playing soccer.

Soccer Party Invitation

Moving on to the food….there was so many sweet treats served.  She made cute food tent signs that tied the menu to the soccer theme.

Here’s the goalie’s popcorn.  These food tent are simple and fun.

Matthew's 2nd Birthday Party_Dec 2012 (7)

The signs are black cardstock folded with the white printed label on the front.

Referee Pretzels & MVP’s chocolates

Matthew's 2nd Birthday Party_Dec 2012 (8)Matthew's 2nd Birthday Party_Dec 2012 (10)

For the three bigger signs seen here in the pastries she used a scalloped circle hand punch to do the outer/inner circle.  I have some circle punches too and use them often.  If you like to make little signs, cupcake toppers, table décor, etc. I recommend having them in a variety of sizes/shapes.  EK Success punches are my favorite (seen here and here ).   I have a few other brands and wish they were all EK Success.

Matthew's 2nd Birthday Party_Dec 2012 (9)

Here are the Half-time Refreshments, good ol’ fashioned water.  The birthday boy had a sweet bite and is enjoying the little soccer duck toys.

The birthday boy wore a custom monogramed shirt with his name, a big 2 and a soccer ball.  Very cute to have a party shirt made!  There are some beautiful designs on Etsy.

Matthew's 2nd Birthday Party_Dec 2012 (23)Matthew's 2nd Birthday Party_Dec 2012 (12)

The Coach’s Cookies – mini and regular size mint Oreos were Gavin’s favorite.  He definitely was eyeing all over those delicious cookies!

Matthew's 2nd Birthday Party_Dec 2012 (27)Matthew's 2nd Birthday Party_Dec 2012 (2)

The birthday cake was a great big soccer ball of cupcakes with green soccer turf frosting across the top.  She made cute soccer ball cupcake toppers to place in the cupcake cake.

Matthew's 2nd Birthday Party_Dec 2012 (44)Matthew's 2nd Birthday Party_Dec 2012 (6)

Thank you Tags on all the party favors:  Cookies & popcorn for the adults with a very cute handmade thank you tags.

Matthew's 2nd Birthday Party_Dec 2012 (111)

The white & black thin ribbon used to attach the tags were the perfect colors for this party.

Matthew's 2nd Birthday Party_Dec 2012 (110)

The kids were given bath time soccer duckies and handmade fabric crayon rolls (from Etsy) in the goodie bags.

Matthew's 2nd Birthday Party_Dec 2012 (36)

Gwen & Gavin say Happy 2nd Birthday to their cute cousin.    It’s so much fun to see all the kids together, wish we lived in the same city.

Matthew's 2nd Birthday Party_Dec 2012 (123)

Great job to my sister-in-law!  I can’t wait to see what you make next.  Hope my brother picks up on the gift idea (personal die-cut machine) that you would put to great use!

Mickey Mouse Silhouette Banner

Mickey Mouse Party_Birthday Banner (31)

This is a banner that I made with my new fabulous tool the Silhouette!  It’s a big TREAT to have an electronic die cut tool like this and I am so thankful to be able to get one with my bonus from work.    It arrived about two weeks ago, just in time for me to test it out with this banner project.  I used all digital paper supplies for the banner and then the Silhouette did all the designing/cutting.    This was made for my girlfriend’s Disney themed 2nd birthday party for her son that was at the end of August.  I made a handful of other Disney themed décor items for the party and I’ll share them over the next few posts. 

Close up of the cute Mickey pattern (it came in three colors).  There are three layers to this piece (the flag, the circle and the letter) all on pieces of cardstock.

  Mickey Mouse Party_Birthday Banner (58)

I put the “Happy 2nd Birthday” portion all on one string because she wanted to hang it outside along the roofline all in one line.  Then I put “Cooper” on another string so that she could hang it in his room or save with mementos.   

Mickey Mouse Party_Birthday Banner (9)


  • Digital PaperMickey Inspired from Etsy.  Have you seen how reasonable it is to buy digital paper?   Only $3.00 for this set. 
  • Printer Ink– make sure you have have back up cartridges on hand just in case
  • Silhouette – shapes from Silhouette store (build a banner set by Lori Whitlock). Used the plain orange triangle (keeping it simple for a boy banner) that includes two holes for the ribbons.


  • Ribbon-yellow & white ribbon from Michael’s craft store (perfect colors for the paper).  From the dollar bin. 
  • Adhesives– glue stick works great for the circles and then use pop dots for the letters. 


1.  Print the pattern paper.  I printed the pattern paper on white cardstock.  Then began running it through the Silhouette to cut out the banner pieces.  I was able to get 2 banner pieces per 8.5 x 11 sheet. 

2.  Design the inner circle for the letters.  Used the Silhouette software to design and it’s so easy to use!!

3.  Print & Cut the circles with the Silhouette.  I love how crisp the circle cuts are with this machine!  It made the circles look absolutely perfect.   I couldn’t use my circle punch because these were larger than my punch.   Here’s what the sheet looked like before cutting.    I ended up making a three circles as the borders (thick black, small yellow and red dash).  This circle with the three borders was used again later on other items for the party.  Once it was created here I just had to resize for the other pieces.  

    Mickey Mouse Party_Birthday Banner (70)

4.  Cut the letters for the banner with the Disney font cartridge on the Cricut.  (I don’t have a circuit but was lucky to borrow one from a friend for this project)  The chunky Disney font on the Cricut was just perfect for the banner flags.    Also cut the two Mickey Mouse silhouettes on the Cricut.   I used the Disney script font (from my computer) on some of the other items but it wasn’t thick enough for the banner.  Cricut seems to have a hold on the “Disney” pieces because I couldn’t find them in the Silhouette store.     

Mickey Mouse Party_Birthday Banner (4)

5.  Popped up the letters with pop dots so that there would be some dimension to the flags.  One of my favorite things about making Happy Birthday banners is there are 13 flags before you even get to the name flags, which means you get to use so many patterns!  It creates quite a striking look to see a collection of paper used together for one décor piece.  With cards and layouts its not possible to use so many patterns all at once. 

I love the black, yellow & red color combo with the stripes/dots/patterns.

  Mickey Mouse Party_Birthday Banner (5)

The white circles are just over 3 inches.   I made the black letters as large as I could to fill the space. 

Mickey Mouse Party_Birthday Banner (45)

With the holes already precut (from the banner design file) for the ribbon it was so easy to string this one together.  What a great idea Lori had including the little holes in the flags.  This medium size ribbon was perfect because you could slide the banner pieces back and forth very easily.  

This shade of yellow is really soft & beautiful.

Mickey Mouse Party_Birthday Banner (25)

Mickey Mouse Party_Birthday Banner (22)

Mickey Mouse Party_Birthday Banner (52)

Mickey Mouse Party_Birthday Banner (68)

Happy 2nd Birthday Cooper! What a great birthday celebration you had it was such a great time. 

Mickey Mouse Party_Birthday Banner (7)

Next I’ll share the Thank You Tags, Water bottle Labels and Signs so that you can have ideas for your next Disney party.    I always have fun creating things for others because I get the chance to work with new themes.  Also, I’d love to share photos of how the party because Shawna did an amazing job.

Have a great Friday & weekend!

Ice Cream Party Circle Birthday Banner

Happy Birthday Banner (20)

Here’s a banner that was made for the Ice Cream First Birthday Party.  I used my awesome new Silhouette Cameo to cut the outer scalloped circles (5.25 inches) from pattern digital paper that was printed on white cardstock.    I love how fun the scalloped circle is with the ribbon between each piece.  I think this is my favorite banner so far that I’ve made.   

Happy Birthday Banner (1)

These patterns are from Erin Bradley Designs (Etsy) and were the perfect colors for this Ice Cream Party.    For the inner circle with the letters I used the Silhouette software to design a circle with the three borders.  After using Photoshop elements last time this was much easier using this new Silhouette software (I am so relieved!)   It’s the first time I alternated the color of the letters on the banner pieces and I am happy with how it turned out.   

Happy Birthday Banner (25)

If I had to make this one again I’d add another circle with the ice cream cone to both sides of the birthday girl’s name. (Why didn’t I think of this while making it!)   I designed the inner circle with three varying circles around the border in the Silhouette software.  I was able to select the exact same color from the background papers and use that for the borders & letters.    I didn’t use the silhouette to cut out the inner circle because it looked fine to freehand cut these circles out.   I did another banner over the weekend where I did the Silhouette cut the inner circles and it produces a very sharp look.   I’ll share that one soon.

The pink ribbon is a 9 yard spool that I picked up when Paper Zone was closing earlier this year. I have to say they really may some lovely ribbon and have such fabulous colors. I am glad this color worked for this project.  The spool was the perfect size for these three banners, I had about 6 inches left at the end. (I never know how much ribbon to get when planning so wanted to jot this down for next time)  The green was some leftover lemongrass 1/8 inch thick from Gavin’s birth announcements, still around from over 4 years ago!

Happy Birthday Banner (26)

I really do have fun creating handmade paper items for parties.  It’s not my business or something I’d ever do professionally.   It’s something that I enjoy because of the variety with themes and different styles you can try out.  It’s also a lot of fun to make things for friends who are so appreciative and enjoy seeing what I’ll make.  I do think it’s funny how many party posts I’ve been doing since the spring because it wasn’t what I planned.   This is my last Ice Cream Party post and next I’ll share some from a Mickey Mouse party.   Now that the parties are all over, September’s going to be about scrapbook layouts!  I need to make some progress with my “to-do” list and can’t wait to use up the great paper I’ve collected. 

Happy Birthday Banner (14)

Supplies: Digital Paper & Clip Art – Erin Bradley Designs, Scalloped Circle – die cut shape by Lori Whitlock, Ribbon-American Crafts – Orchid

This banner coordinates these items also made for the Ice Cream First Birthday Party. 

  • thank you tags seen in this post
  • first year photo clips in this post.
  • cupcake toppers and water bottle labels seen here.   

Party Favor Gift Tags    Ice Cream Party_First Year Photo Clips (1)   Ice Cream Party_Cupcake Toppers (3)   Ice Cream Party_Waterbottle Labels (3)

dots & stripes pennant banner

Adrian Banner (27)_aa

I’d like to share a banner that I made this past weekend for a birthday gift.   My girlfriend prepared an amazing “Very Hungry Caterpillar” birthday party for her two year old and this is a banner I made for the party (and to hang on his wall afterward). 

The theme was super specific and there are many colors/patterns to go with this cute children’s book.  I choose to keep the banner simple so that it could live on longer as room décor. 

Adrian's 2nd Birthday Party_August 2012 (1)

I’ve been wanting to try out the Echo Park Dots & Stripes papers for a while and they were perfect for this project.    This line has so many options and can go with many collections, I kept it to just the dots & stripes and didn’t add any other patterns. 

The triangle banner flags are 6 inches wide by 7 inches in height (same size I did for Gavin’s birthday banner).   It’s a good medium size, not too big and not too small. 

This time I wanted to try something new for the letters so I made them on my computer.   I created a circle template in word and put the letters inside a 2.65 inch circle (with a border).    I printed them on cardstock and then punched them out with a 2.75 circle punch.    The computer gives you flexibility to use whatever font you choose and freedom for the size of the letters too. 

  Adrian Banner (7)Adrian Banner (10)

I stapled the flags to the yellow ribbon and then put a thin red ribbon on the front of the flags to hide the staples.  I love how quickly this banner came together!  I did it all in one night and now that I’ve made a few of them they are so quick. 

Adrian Banner (9)Adrian Banner (11)

Here’s how it looked at the party.  I also made a “Happy Birthday” portion that they hung going aside the big flight of stairs.  It was a great place to hang this long birthday banner. 

Adrian Banner (15)

Adrian Banner (16)_aa

If I get permission from the creative party host, I’d love to share some photos of all the fun food items from the Hungry Caterpillar party.    It was well thought out and I think you’d all enjoy seeing the event.   R&A-Happy Birthday to your sweet two year old!  

Stay tuned…..later this week I am participating in my first ever blog hop with one of my favorite scrapbook blogs and I can’t wait to share the projects I’ve made! 

Supplies:  blue, red, green pattern paper-Echo Park (Metropolitan Dots and Stripes collection), yellow pattern paper- Echo Park (Candy Shoppe Dots and Stripes Collection Lemon Drop), EK Success 2.75 circle punch, Ribbon-various, Word template to make the circles with letters. 

happy birthday banner

birthday banner_april 2012 (13)

Today I’d like to share the colorful birthday banner I’ve made for my son’s upcoming party.  I used the same Life of the Party paper that you saw on the invites and pinwheels.

birthday banner_april 2012 (12)

I used 12 different patterns of paper across the pennants (18 total triangles).

I love that I had the opportunity to use so many of the different patterns at once.  The patterns really make quite a statement when you see them all together for one presentation.

I alternated the big patterns (lots of colors) with the smaller ones (single colors) to let each piece shine.

The pennant pattern you see here on the “G” pennant below was a big source of inspiration for this banner and made me decide to use this shape for the paper.

birthday banner_april 2012 (10)

Below is a close up of the yellow ribbon that is on the top of the banners.  It’s a beautiful elastic ribbon with a ruffle on the bottom half.  Due to the elasticity it wouldn’t stay put with the tacky tape by itself so I had to hand stitch across the top of the yellow ribbon onto each pennant.   A staple would have worked too but I didn’t have a yellow or white staple.    I did use a silver staple to attach the banner paper pieces with the navy ribbon that goes across the back, holding the entire thing together.

birthday banner_april 2012 (7)

I hand cut the triangles and made them larger than I did for Matthew’s banner.


  • 7 inches wide (across the top)
  • 6 inches in height
  • navy cardstock letters are 3 inch upper/lowercase

I put “Happy Birthday” together on one string because I like how it looks when it’s long enough to fill the entire wall.  I kept Gavin on a separate string so that we can hang this in is room after the party.

birthday banner_april 2012 (1)

Banners are so easy/fast to make, I encourage you to make one for your next celebration!  It’s a great way to get excited about an event and remember the special moment once it’s passed.


Supplies:  pattern paper-BasicGrey, navy ribbon, yellow ruffled ribbon, Terrifically Tacky Tape-Provo Craft, staples, Navy Cardstock-Bazzil, letters-three inch die cuts, glue dots

rectangle handmade banner

I’ve wanted to make a banner for years but never got around to doing one.  Last fall I made my first one for my husbands birthday.  Being that it was for a man I had to keep it masculine so I chose a simple rectangle shape and black letters.

Square Banner

I used this very cute doggie paper part of the “Max & Whiskers” Basic Gray Collection as the background.   Mounted the paper rectangle on an orange/red cardstock. I used the die-cuts at Ben Franklin to cut out the letters, I think they are 3 inches.    The rectangles are 5 inches tall.

Here are a few close up shots (taken on my phone while making) of the pattern & rectangle pieces.  The black letters are chipboard (not just cardstock paper) I like the thickness & dimension the chipboard gives to a flat paper banner.

square banner in progress_2

I forgot to make the “t” and an “a” so I had to go back to the store a second time to punch these two letters.    So much for trying to get a lot done in one trip to the craft store with a newborn baby along for the ride!

square banner in progress

I used a thin black organza ribbon to hang the banner.  I am pleased with how it turned out and was happy to finally finish a banner!  Now I am excited to make more for the next occasion that arises.


Got bunches of balloons in coordinating colors (yellow, blue & red) surround the banner that hung from the fire place.    They looked really pretty and framed the banner well.


happy birthdayy

Made a Happy Birthday chipbard tag card from the kids & furry four legged kids.

I planned to make table decorations/centerpieces with the pattern paper cut into circles mounted on sticks.   It would have been cute to have the dogs around as decorations.   Unfortunately I didn’t have the supplies to create circles in the right size so I abandoned this idea.

I also ran short of time, this is why I am starting so early to get the things ready for my sons party.


I plan to use some of the extra paper & embellishments leftover to do a fun scrapbook layout with my favorite photos from the birthday party.

I’d also like to do another layout with the dogs as they’ll look adorable with this doggie themed patterned paper.


A yummy chocolate cake from Costco the perfect cake for the celebration.  Highly recommend if you like chocolate!



Woof-Woof!!  Happy Birthday Daddy from your three little “Whiskers.”