Minnie Mouse Water Bottles

Minnie Mouse Vinyl Decal Water Bottle (1)

Here’s the DIY Water Bottle party favor that I made for Gwen’s Minnie Mouse Birthday party. It was my first time cutting vinyl on the Silhouette and I was excited to try it out.  To be honest, I was a little nervous because I didn’t know how it would work and didn’t want to ruin the vinyl.  I found some great vinyl tutorial videos on YouTube and learned all the tips that I needed to start my first cut. 

I first saw this cute Minnie water bottle on Etsy for $6.00 (thank you for the great idea Angela!) and was planning to order them for the party favors.  While I was shopping at Michael’s craft store for some craft supplies, I came across a bin of these water bottles for just $1.25 each.  I still had a HUGE list of things to create for the party, it was a bit ambitious but I couldn’t resist having the chance to make these myself.

Making Vinyl Decal Waterbottles with the Silhouette (1)

Before starting you’ll want to adjust the white plastic guide, brining it into the middle to hold the 9 inch piece of vinyl.    I kept the vinyl on the backing it comes on and didn’t use the cutting mat.  Inserted the vinyl right into the machine.  It was so easy and fun to cut vinyl.  I was relieved that it went well and I didn’t ruin the first piece of vinyl.

Mickey Mouse Head-Silhouette

If you’ve searched for a Minnie Mouse or Mickey Mouse shapes in the silhouette store you won’t find any.  The great news is that you can create one on your own in just a few steps.  I created the Minnie head by adding two ellipses to a circle and welding them together. 

Micke Mouse Waterbottlles

Then I placed the thick chunky letter inside the shape.  The font is Luckiest Guy, also used for the paper letters in the circle birthday banner.    I was able to create all the vinyl decals with just two pieces of vinyl.

Making Vinyl Decal Waterbottles with the Silhouette (5)

On the side of the bottle I added two smaller silhouettes. 

Minnie Mouse Vinyl Decal Water Bottle (2)

All done, this is such a quick project!   It felt good to try a new medium that I hadn’t used yet.   I can’t wait to do my next vinyl project. 

Minnie Mouse Vinyl Decal Water Bottle (3)

I did a mix of blue and pink bottles.  For siblings I did one pink and then the other blue.

Minnie Mouse Vinyl Decal Water Bottle (6)

Minnie Mouse Vinyl Decal Water Bottle (5)

The kids loved their new personalized Minnie water bottles, they are a great size for their little hands.    Warning, don’t put these in the dishwasher they are hand wash only.  The vinyl won’t survive and neither will the bottle.  You might ask how do I know?  My hubby didn’t realize their sensitivity and we lost two in the dishwasher!  Thankfully I had a few extras and could make two more for Gavin & Gwen.

Minnie Mouse Vinyl Decal Water Bottle (7)

Next I’ll show you the bag that I made to hold the water bottles. 


15 thoughts on “Minnie Mouse Water Bottles

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  3. Do you know where else I can find this bottles??? I look everywhere . I even try to buy them from etsy but they don’t sell them blank. I looked online but no luck. If anyone knows I would really appreciate the info

  4. Since you already have the templates, would you be willing to make these decals for sale? My daughter is doing Minnie mouse for her 2nd birthday but I definitely can’t afford a machine to cut myself! (Not sure why it posted my question through “mindtwodesign”?!)

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