Minnie Mouse Ribbon Wreath

Minnie Mouse Ribbon Wreath (77)

Today I’d like to share the ribbon wreath that I made for the Minnie Mouse party.  This is my first time making a wreath so I was nervous and excited.  While making this I learned a lot of things that will help me next time I make a wreath and I’ll share those tips with you below. 

I got the idea for a Minnie Mouse wreath from this adorable Mickey Mouse wreath (below) I came across when searching for party ideas.  This wreath is from Running Backwards in High Heels, made by Rachel, and is absolutely fabulous!  I love the mix of colors (white, black with both red & yellow) and the mix of patterns.  I don’t usually put photos of other peoples projects in my posts but it inspired me so much while getting ready for this party that I have to share it with you. 


After seeing this wreath, I immediately knew I had to try a pink & blue version for Gwen’s party.  Rachel didn’t go into much detail about how she made it and I was definitely curious for tips so I found a few blogs and studied up before I got started. 

8 Steps to make your DIY Ribbon Wreath-

  1. Wreath Size:  The first thing you have to determine is the size wreath you’d like to make.  I choose a 16 inch circle and have realized this is quite large, it takes a lot of ribbon to cover the surface.    Next time I am going to go for a smaller size, probably 12 inches, it will go faster and will take less supplies.  I picked up everything I needed at Michael’s Craft Store.  I’ve listed the complete supplies at the very bottom of the post.  

Minnie Mouse Ribbon Wreath (1)Minnie Mouse Ribbon Wreath (4)

2.  Select Decorations:   There’s a lot of ribbon in this wreath so I knew that I’d need to have something to balance it out.  Adding a wooden 2, got the idea from Jen’s cute Halloween wreath at Tatertos & Jello, and a plush Minnie would give it the power of three. 

Minnie Mouse Ribbon Wreath (26)Minnie Mouse Ribbon Wreath (81)

3.  Paint:  My favorite part is that Gwen could paint the two herself.  She was thrilled to do some painting.  After she painted the two I finished it up, added glue when it was dry and then sprinkled the glitter on.  The glue works great to secure all the glitter so that it won’t fall off.

  Minnie Mouse Ribbon Wreath (15)Minnie Mouse Ribbon Wreath (22)

4.  Cover foam ring:  I covered the foam ring with ribbon so that it would be more secure to hold the pins.  This ribbon is leftover from our wedding gifts from man8 years ago.  I’ve had a huge supply of ribbon that I couldn’t throw away and this was a great way to recycle the ivory ribbon that was on our wedding gifts.   I used the pins to secure the ribbon to the foam.

Minnie Mouse Ribbon Wreath (34)

5.  Cut decorative ribbon:  I cut the ribbon into 4 1/2 inch pieces.   I started with a small amount and then kept cutting more as I saw how much I’d need to cover the circle.  I used at least 20 spools of ribbon, there are 27 in the photo above at the beginning and I have 7 of them left.  I also threw in all of my random pieces of ribbon from my stash that coordinated with the colors & patterns.  I did use a portion of the ones that are remaining but there’s still some left.  Choosing such a big circle required so much ribbon.  You could probably cut this down by almost half if you do a 12 inch circle. 

  Minnie Mouse Ribbon Wreath (40)

6.  Start pinning:   There’s no right way to arrange or put the ribbon wreath together.  This is why I like this project, it doesn’t have to be perfect, is very forgiving and can be done however you choose.  I figured out the way I liked to pin the folded piece of ribbon to the foam and then worked my way around.  If there’s an empty spot you can go back and add ribbon to fill.   I didn’t sew my ribbons at the bottom.  I just put the two open ends into an overlapping circle and then pinned them down.  They’ve stayed put nicely in the foam.

Minnie Mouse Ribbon Wreath (63)

7.  Adjust ear size:  Initially I tried to use 4 inch circles for the ears but they were too small.  The proportions were off and so when I finished the wreath I realized this needed to be changed.   Chris helped me with the official sizing of the ears in proportion to the head.  We had to make them larger.  I believe we decided the ears needed to be 8 or 9 inches to be sized correctly with the 16 inch head.  I picked up a 7 7/8 inch circle and then knew the ribbon could fill in the extra height.    I traced the ear shape below and cut off the edge so that it could be added on flat.  This is also part of the official Mickey Mouse head, the ears are not full circles sitting on top of the head.  They are ellipses with the bottom taken off so it’s welded together.  

Minnie Mouse Ribbon Wreath (69)Minnie Mouse Ribbon Wreath (68)Minnie Mouse Ribbon Wreath (71)

Here’s what it looks like when the ear is added to the head with all the ribbons added. 

Minnie Mouse Ribbon Wreath (76)

8.  Add decorations and done!   What a relief to be done with this project.  I spent at least three weekends working on it but was happy to do so because I wanted to try new things for Gwen’s party.  Thank you to Wendy for coming over and helping me one night with getting it started!  I love my crafting buddies. 

Minnie Mouse Ribbon Wreath (72)

Here’s a close up of the ribbon detail.  Don’t you love the hot pinks in combo with the teal blue and then the polka dots & stripped ribbons?!  As you can see, I’ve not gone with the traditional pink & white Minnie colors for this party.  All pink would be too much for me so I’ve mixed it up by adding teal blue with the pinks.

Minnie Mouse Ribbon Wreath (84)

If you don’t want to make one there’s a great assortment of Minnie Mouse wreath’s available for purchase on Etsy.  This balloon wreath with pink, red, white & black balloons made by PicturePerfectParty is quite adorable and caught my eye.  It would be a great way to decorate a door with the cute personalized sign.  Next time I might try making a balloon wreath for a birthday party. 

Minnie Mouse Balloon Wreath idea

Here’s a link to the wreath board on Pinterest I started to keep track of wreaths that I adore.    I’d love to see your favorite wreaths, please share links below!

Minnie Mouse Ribbon Wreath (89)

Here’s a link to my other Minnie Mouse Birthday party creations.   Next up I’ll share another DIY craft from birthday party. 


  • foam circle (choose size to suit your space)
  • pins (bridal & lace pins)
  • foam circles for the ears
  • ribbon for wreath
  • ribbon to cover the foam
  • wooden letter or number
  • paint, glue & glitter to decorate wooden number
  • plush Minnie Mouse bean bag 9 1/4

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