Gummy Fish Skewers

DIY Gummy Fish Skewers (5)

Today I am going to show you how we made DIY gummy fish skewers for the fish birthday party.  These were one of the party favors that each kid took home with them. 

I found this super cute gummy candy skewer tutorial from Stephanie at Couture Parties and had to try it.  Gummy fish favors are a perfect idea for our fish birthday party.  As you have seen, I’ve been using fish die-cuts to decorate everything for the party and I have a huge stash of twine in blue, yellow and orange.

Here’s what you need:

    • gummy fish – I used Sharks, turtles and rainbow fish.
    • twine
    • wooden skewers
    • die cut fish- fish from the party invite
    • cellophane bags to wrap the completed skewer
    • scissors

DIY Gummy Fish Skewers

The Sharks were my favorite gummy because they were the softest to chew.  I got the gummies from Candy Warehouse as Stephanie recommended.  These days the only time I have for shopping is at night after the kids are in bed, online works best for me. 

DIY Gummy Fish Skewers (2)

Here’s the cute birthday boy.  Both Gavin and daddy were excited to help out with this sweet, gummy project.  I’ll have to think of more crafts that I can enlist their help because it makes things easier when there are three of us working on the project.

DIY Gummy Fish Skewers (1)

We alternated the fish colors & species to create some visual interest.

DIY Gummy Fish Skewers (7)

The boys put the fish on the sticks.  I wrapped them and tied on the fish die-cut.  This is the same die-cut you saw on the back of the party invite and the favor bag tag.  I cut a lot of fish for the fish bowls, with many extras left over it’s great to find somewhere else that I can use the leftovers.

DIY Gummy Fish Skewers (8)

The kids will love these colorful, gummy party favor treats that are a great way to tie together the party theme.  We put them inside the fish favor bags so everyone could enjoy them after the party.

DIY Gummy Fish Skewers (9)

Thank you Stephanie for the great idea and inspiration!  I love your tutorial & photos documenting your awesome preppy beach party.

Next I’ll share one more sweet treat from the fish party.  After that it will be time to show how the party came together, can’t wait to show all the details!


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