Fish Hand Art

DIY - Hand Fish Art (15)

Here’s the art project the kids did at the Fish Birthday Party.  I found this project on Pinterest and love that it provides a handmade memory from this special day.

I found acrylic paint in ocean blue, turquoise & orange.  I wasn’t sure how much paint I’d need so I had extra bottles.  Turns out you’ll just need one bottle of each color if you are making 12 canvases.  It doesn’t take much paint and it goes a long way.

DIY - Hand Fish Art (5)

I cut our the names for the fish party favor bags seen here in my last post.  Looking at was left behind from the names, I got the idea to use the negative space to paint the names on the canvas and leverage my scraps.  This is worked well with this font because it’s so thick & full.  I liked being able to add the names in advance of the party so that at the party everything was ready.  

DIY - Hand Fish Art (4)

Gavin and I practiced a few times to figure out the right pressure & amount of paint.    We made his canvas before the party too as I knew I’d be busy during the party. 

DIY - Hand Fish Art (3)

Painting the names on was harder than I thought.  Paint seeped out the edges of the letters so there was some smudging and then the middle pieces the “o’s” and the “a’s” were very hard to keep in place.  Even though they are imperfect I think it adds a nice handmade touch and looks stronger than it would look if we had just written the names on with a sharpie. 

DIY - Hand Fish Art (10)

Once you glue the pebbles be sure to let them dry flat before you move the canvas.  The favor bags above were the perfect size to slide the canvas in when the kids left the party.  Once the paint has dried then add an eye and mouth on the fish for the final touch. 

DIY - Hand Fish Art (11)

DIY - Hand Fish Art (12)

This DIY art project is quick, easy and fun.  I love it because now I can remember just how cute my kids little hands were when they were 5 and almost 2. 

DIY - Hand Fish Art (13)


  • canvas – small & medium (most were small because the kids were around age 5 but I did get two medium sized canvases for two children that were 10+, they were the perfect size for the big kids)
  • acrylic paint (ocean blue, turquoise, and orange)
  • clear bubble rocks
  • letters cut via Silhouette – Font: Eras Bold ITC
  • crafters glue
  • sharpie pen for eyes and dates
  • paint brush

6 thoughts on “Fish Hand Art

  1. What a great idea! They turned out very cute and will make wonderful keepsakes. We will try it, thanks for sharing! I have a blog of straight-up kids projects and would love if you checked it out, if you have the time and interest: I’ll follow along to see what you are up to. Love paper crafts…
    Have a wonderful day, Karen

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