Fish Birthday Invite


Fish Party Invite (1)

Today’s the second post in preparation for the fish birthday party for my son’s 5th birthday.   Last time I shared the M&M fish cupcakes and now this is the handmade invitation that kicked off making some decorations for the party.  I used the Silhouette to create an invite with die cut shapes, this is the 3 goldfish and bowl shape.   Gavin’s turning 5 so I added two more fish to the bowl.   It’s so fun designing cards with the Silhouette because you can cut the exact size you desire.  

Fish Party Invite (12)

On the inside of the card I scraplifted a cute fish party invite design from Etsy, once again thank you for the inspiration!  Luckily I had a “V” in Gavin’s birthday number so that I could recreate the the fishbowl.  “One or Two” both work really well for this invite as the water looks best in a closed letter.  To add a little more color & texture I added the blue twine to the top of the fishbowl.  The twine also looks good when you open up the card to read the details showcasing a nice splash of blue and white twine. 

Fish Party Invite (5)

I was very glad that I cut so many fish because I was able to use them on the other party decorations.  I’ll show you more of these cute fish on my next few posts. 

Fish Party Invite (7)Fish Party Invite (9)

I’m glad it worked to add the orange and white chevron fish to the group.  Since this is a boy party I wanted to keep the color palette simple with yellow, oranges and blues.  I created 5 different sizes/shapes of the little fish so that there would be variety in the fish bowl.   I am glad we are celebrating an odd number because 5 fish fit well in the bowl. 

Fish Party Invite (14)

One more fish on the backside of the invite…..”made by Laurel.”

Fish Party Invite (6)



12 thoughts on “Fish Birthday Invite

  1. this is so cute. I am getting ahold of you today because I am finally back on my blog I host with amy decorate to celebrate, I have been gone for awhile and I am trying to get ahold of everyone who one first place in our challenges. You won first on the baby challenge and I have your mini album made and ready to send all I need is your address so I can mail it. please email me at thank you

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  5. My 20 month old is obsessed with fishies and I might take some of your inspiration for her 2 year birthday… How did you come up with some of you ideas, like the craft activity?

  6. Hi Laurel, I am excited to start the invitations. What size card stock did you use for the white cards themselves? We these per folded white note cards? Also what was the sizing for the fish bowl? Or did you download the fish bowl and left as is in silhouette?

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