Colorful Fish Cupcakes

Colorful Fish Cupcakes - Laurel Lane Crafts (17)

Happy three day weekend!  I hope you get to have an extra day off from work and some time to do a craft.  I’ve got a list a mile long of things to create and hope to cross off one or two of them.  Today I’d like share some fish cupcakes that we made last month for Gavin’s 5th birthday party.  These cupcakes caught my eye on pinterest here and here.  I instantly fell in love with the fish because they are so simple that even someone like me who doesn’t have the patience for making baked goods.  I showed these cute fish to Gavin and he was excited to have them for his birthday party.  Thus the theme for Gavin’s 5th birthday was decided upon as “Fish Birthday Party” and  is all centered around these fish cupcakes with orange, teal blue and dark blue bright colors. 

Simple Steps to make M&M Fish Cupcakes: 

1. Bake Cupcakes:  If you are a novice, these cupcakes are very easy to make so don’t worry.  I used a mix from a box for the cupcakes.  Make sure to fill your cupcake holes at last 3/4 full.  I made a second batch the next day where I didn’t put as much batter inside (as seen below) and they were much harder to frost.  If you have full & round cupcakes at the end then you are all set.

  Colorful Fish Cupcakes - Laurel Lane Crafts (1)

2.    M&M’s candy:  Found bags of M&M’s at the party store that were in individual colors.  Selected a yellow, orange, light blue and royal blue.  Also got a bag of red for the lips and black for the eye.  You can make these cute fish cupcakes in any colors!  My girlfriend made them for her daughter’s mermaid party and did them in bright pink pink, purple and blue (I’ll share photos of them soon).   

Colorful Fish Cupcakes - Laurel Lane Crafts (3)

3.   Colorful frosting:  The trick to get the frosting bright enough is to use the concentrated gel food coloring.    I used Wilton and found it at Michael’s (they sure have everything in that store). 

Colorful Fish Cupcakes - Laurel Lane Crafts (34)

Look how pretty & bright the frosting colors turned out.  Thank you mom for mixing these up!  She had to use almost the entire container to get the teal blue dark enough.  We used cream cheese frosting (premade Duncan Hines).  To do all these cupcakes it took more than half the can but not a full one.   

Colorful Fish Cupcakes - Laurel Lane Crafts (6)

4.  Cool the cupcakes:  After letting the cupcakes cool we were ready to get started.  I was worried at first about the top of the cupcake being too round for the M&M’s but it wasn’t a problem.  Make sure to fill your cupcake pan at least 3/4 full.  

Colorful Fish Cupcakes - Laurel Lane Crafts (9)

5. Frost & decorate with M&M’s:  I did each color all at once.  Frosted first, then added the white squirt of frosting for the eye and then last added all the M&M’s.  If you start at the edge of the cupcake and work your way to the middle they will lay nice & tight and don’t fall off. 

Colorful Fish Cupcakes - Laurel Lane Crafts (11) Colorful Fish Cupcakes - Laurel Lane Crafts (12)

I did four rows of M&M’s.  Starting at the back with a row of 3, then a row of 4, then a row of 5, and last a row of 6.  It takes a few to get the hang of how they’ll lie best.  See the orange ones below, there’s too much space.  The blue ones below look much better because the M&M’s are right up next to each other. 

Colorful Fish Cupcakes - Laurel Lane Crafts (15)

Place the black M&M in the white dot for the eye.  Then place the two red “lips” at the front edge. 

Colorful Fish Cupcakes - Laurel Lane Crafts (16)

6.   All done!   I am so happy with how these turned out!  They are exactly what I was hoping and I am proud that I was able to create them.  As you know, I do love to craft but I am not so talented in the kitchen so something like this where there’s not much patience, exactness or skill needed is perfect.    The best part about these cupcakes is they are soooo tasty!  A little bit of chocolate M&M’s with white cake is just perfect. 

Colorful Fish Cupcakes - Laurel Lane Crafts (20)Colorful Fish Cupcakes - Laurel Lane Crafts (26)

Life is Sweet has a nice recipe where she makes the fish cupcakes with mini M&M’s.  Just like Debbie I placed the M&M logo down so that you can’t see them.    The other fish cupcakes I found on Pinterest even have a big fish cake that the little cupcakes are swimming alongside.  So creative!

Colorful Fish Cupcakes - Laurel Lane Crafts (27)

Thank you mom & Nicole for helping finish off decorating the rest of the cupcakes so that I was able to get other things ready for the party!  I sure love my ladies and how helpful they are when preparing for parties. 

Next up I’ll be sharing the invitation, decorations and other paper crafts from the fish party. 

Colorful Fish Cupcakes - Laurel Lane Crafts (24)

I’d love to see your photos if you made them!  Post a link below.  Michelle will be sharing her fish cupcakes from the mermaid party soon. 


  • Candy:  Colored M&M’s (regular size):  light blue, orange, yellow, dark blue, red & black
  • Food Coloring:  Wilson’s Concentrated Gel food coloring
  • Cake:  cupcake mix (we used two boxes) & cupcake liners
  • Frosting:  four different bowls for the bright colors and then one smaller white in a bag to make the eyes. 

9 thoughts on “Colorful Fish Cupcakes

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  2. I had no idea there was special coloring to get these vivid colors…I always thought everyone just used food coloring! Not that I will make cupcakes anytime soon, but good to know :). You are amazing at this stuff!

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