DIY Felt Coffee Cup Sleeves

DIY Felt Coffee Cup Sleeves (3)

Tonight I’d like to share one last piece for the Chevron Elephant Baby Shower.   The food for the shower is going to be strictly sweets (doughnuts & cupcakes) as I mentioned in the cupcake toppers post.     What goes perfectly with a sweet doughnut?  A warm cup of coffee or tea!  This is a great opportunity to make a sleeve for the coffee cups.  I planned to make some kraft colored paper coffee cup sleeves, using a pink ribbon and a circle charm hanging through the middle to slip over the paper cups.   While searching for ideas on Pinterest, I came across this felt coffee cup sleeve made by Martha Stewart.    As mentioned in the felt elephant post, I had a huge amount of felt left and was thrilled to find another way to incorporate felt into the shower.   I don’t have much experience yet sewing but this project requires a little cutting and only one stich.  I knew that this would be a fun & easy project to make. 

On Martha’s site there’s a template that can be printed on cardstock.  I used the template to trace out the shape for the sleeve.  Then used my pinking shears (first seen last year on Gwen’s fabric triangle bunting) to cut the felt.  I love having the opportunity to use these pretty scissors again. 

DIY Felt Coffee Cup Sleeves1 copy

Just a quick cut of the fabric and then the cute heart (coordinates with the heart on the felt elephant).    It took a few stiches for me to figure out how much of an edge to leave at the end of the fabric.  Once I got the hang of it the rest went quickly. 

DIY Felt Coffee Cup Sleeves (4)

I made a little cardstock heart to use as a template for all the hearts.    Stitched the hearts onto the sleeve with white embroidery floss.  You could also glue them on if you don’t want to use floss. 

DIY Felt Coffee Cup Sleeves (5)

All done! 

DIY Felt Coffee Cup Sleeves (7)

These could also be used for teacher gifts or Christmas presents.  Everyone loves a warm drink weather your favorite is chai tea, coffee or earl grey. 

DIY Felt Coffee Cup Sleeves (8)

DIY Felt Coffee Cup Sleeves (6)

I picked up some newly released reusable/recyclable cups from Starbucks so that guests could have a cup to use the sleeve with over & over.  They are 16 ounces and only cost one dollar.  Reasonable price and great way to use less paper cups! 

DIY Felt Coffee Cup Sleeves (14)

Here’s my recreation photo of Martha Stewart’s stacked cup photo (photo on right).    If you want the felt to cover more of the cup you could use 12oz cups like seen in Martha’s version.  Experiment with pinning the felt on the cup before sewing the edge.  The felt does stretch to fit the cup, it may feel too tight at first but then adjusts to fit. 

DIY Felt Coffee Cup Sleeves (15) 

I took one cup to work and then another to keep in my purse.  It’s so light weight that it’s a great cup to take with you when you are out and about picking up your coffee.  Most coffee shops will even give you a discount for brining your own cup!

DIY Felt Coffee Cup Sleeves (20)

Next up I’ll share photos from the shower so you can see how it came together on Tara’s special day to welcome Baby Hope! 

DIY Felt Coffee Cup Sleeves (13)

Supplies:  coffee cups, downloadable Martha Stewart template, felt, embroidery floss


11 thoughts on “DIY Felt Coffee Cup Sleeves

  1. I totally love this idea. I think I will do something similar for my son’s first birthday party. That theme is The Legend of Zelda so I’m thinking tri-force. (Look at me getting hip on boy stuff 🙂 )

    • Love the Zelda theme! That’s one of my all time favorite games where I completed all the levels, very geeky I know! You could add a triangle of a combo of four of them to make the larger traingle. Please share what you make!!

    • Hi Arzea, thanks for the visit! I linked up to your party. That’s a great idea. You’ve got a lot of entries. Your buffalo quinoa bites look YUMMY! Glad you found my blog too. 🙂

  2. These are much more interesting than that usual take and go coffee cups or travel mugs. I love being able to re-use them. It will be interesting to see how long they last. Then the sleeves can be used on something else afterwards:)

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