Chevron Elephant Shower Decorations

Elephant Shower Welcome Sign - Laurel Lane Crafts

Day 4 of my spring break week from work…slept in and skipped boot camp so had to run on my own to make up for skipping class.  Went 1/2 mile longer on my run, it’s no substitute for the pushing that you get in class but I sure enjoyed getting to sleep till 7am. 

I’d like to share a few more of the decorations made for the Chevron Elephant Baby Shower.  Most of these are small pieces but they are fun to make and give a little touch to personalize the shower. 

Welcome signs are a great way to set theme/tone as the guests arrive to the shower or party.  Here’s the welcome sign that I made for the front door door.  I used the silhouette to design the inner white circle and to cut out all of the three circles.  The outer teal blue circle is 8 1/4 inches.  Next time I am going to experiment going bigger, if the door is large 12 inches should work.   With the silhouette software you can easily make the text wrapped to the circle shape.   I’ve used the same teal blue banner flag that you saw on the invite but this time it’s not cut out.     

Elephant Shower Welcome Door Sign_Laurel Lane Crafts (2)

I had no idea how popular door signs were until I saw how much activity my Mickey Mouse Door Sign seen here gets on Pinterest.   I’ve been surprised that the door sign gets (I lifted the design completely from Etsy) the most pins from that party.    I love the extra texture brought to the piece from the ribbon.  Here’s what it looks like inside with natural lighting (it was very hard to photograph on the black door).

  Elephant Shower Welcome Door Sign_Laurel Lane Crafts (1)

In order to save the expectant mommy some time, I made her a set of coordinating thank you cards to use for all the gifts she’ll be receiving.  Used the chevron pattern as a backdrop and then the same artisan shape from the silhouette store (rotated 180 degrees) that was the main part of the invitation.  This time I just printed the design (without cutting) for the cards.

Chevron Thank You Cards - Laurel Lane Crafts (4)

Chevron Thank You Cards - Laurel Lane Crafts (1)Chevron Thank You Cards - Laurel Lane Crafts (2)Chevron Thank You Cards - Laurel Lane Crafts (3)Chevron Thank You Cards - Laurel Lane Crafts

Made some small note cards for people to write wishes for Tara and her new baby girl.  Got the wishing card idea from the Hostess with the Mostess Blog where they have an adorable yellow & gray elephant baby shower theme.  All the yellow & gray heart elephant shower elements shared from that shower can be downloaded & personalized to recreate your own shower.  If you are doing a gender neutral shower it’s a great find!   If I hadn’t been so set on using the chevron pattern I would have picked up the cute heart elephant pattern to use for this shower.    

Chevron Elephant Baby Shower Wish Card - Laurel Lane Crafts

Used the same solid red chevron from the invite for all the signs & papers.   Also, leveraged the borders that you saw on the invite.  Once you create a pattern you can carry it through all the elements.   I didn’t use the pink/red/teal colored & white chevron patterns because I wanted these to stand out from the banner, water bottles & cupcake toppers.   These cards with wishes can be placed into an album or baby book to keep for baby to see one day. 

Chevron Elephant Baby Shower Wish Card - Laurel Lane Crafts (2)

Made food tent cards to put out in front of all the sweet treats & hot drinks.  Used the 4 scalloped circle design to create the white part of the card.  Print it and cut it out with the silhouette and then popped it up on the red chevron card to add dimension.  This is the same scalloped circle that I used here to make a birthday banner.    I love that it can be used to create an oval shape as well. 

Chevron Elephant Baby Shower Food Tent Cards - Laurel Lane Crafts

Got this baby animal game also from the baby shower on HWTM put together by Elizabeth at Bump Smitten.  I used her water bottle printable last year for Gavin’s 4th Birthday party.  Elizabeth has some great ideas & inspiration on her site.  

Baby Shower Animal Game - Laurel Lane Crafts (1)

Made one more personalized game that shared sweet memories from the expectant momma’s childhood.  

Baby Shower Animal Game - Laurel Lane Crafts (5)

Enlarged the note card to create a quick sheet to keep track of the baby shower gifts. 

Baby Shower Gift List (1) - Laurel Lane Crafts

Hope you enjoyed seeing the rest of the handmade paper pieces.  Next I’ll share the felt party favors and then the final post will share the shower! 



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