Chevron Circle Garland Banner

Chevron Circle Garland (8)

Hello, I am happy to be posting today…..I am enjoying my first day of spring break week as I create a long list of “to-do’s” for the week. 

I’d like to share a chevron striped circle garland that I made for an elephant baby shower.  This was my first time making a simple circle garland banner and it was so much fun!   My wonderful crafty partner, Michelle, helped me create these garlands for Tara’s baby shower. 

Three Quick Steps to make a garland: 

1.  Select your sizes for the circles.  Michelle choose three sizes of circles from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches.

Chevron Circle Garland (25a)

2.  Next punch out all the circles.  Vary the sizes between the chevron pattern & solid colors.  I love these circle punches and have gotten so much use out of them.  They are so quick and easy.

Chevron Circle Garland (20)

Chevron Circle Garland (14)

3.  Sew circles on the string.  Arrange the circles in piles and then get out your sewing machine.  This is the fun part!  I love sewing through paper and this goes very fast.    It helps to have all of the circles arranged in the order & quantity you want for each strand.   I used pink thread for all the garlands. 

Chevron Circle Garland (43) 

There’s about 1/2 inch in between the circles.   We made three different sizes of the garlands: small, medium & large.  At the shower, the garlands are going to hang in front of really large windows that overlook the Puget Sound.  With all the light coming into the room they will look really lovely dressing up the room for the shower.    

Chevron Circle Garland (44)

Here are the finished circle garlands on a white backdrop.      

Chevron Circle Garland (1)

I used Erin Bradley’s Chevron stripes digital files to print the chevron patterns onto white cardstock.  Digital files are perfect for basic patterns because you can print as much as you need.  As I share the rest of the party creations you’ll see the chevrons across all the party decorations.  I did a mix of the solid chevron red/pink pattern and the white/color striped version.  I was fun to have various options with the patterns.  

Chevron Circle Garland (31)

Michelle thank you for helping me create these garlands for the shower!!  I am looking forward to making another circle garland banner for my upcoming son’s fish birthday party (blue & orange). 

Chevron Circle Garland (5)

You can see the chevron elephant baby shower invite here (and the rest of the shower creations when posted). 

Supplies:    Digital Papers from Etsy (Erin Bradley Designs).  Printed on 80lb cardstock. 

  • Chevrons-I am using the pink, red & blue across all the decorations. 
  • Solid Cardstock-  aqua cardstock, red cardstock, pink cardstock (Bazzil)

Digital Paper Pack Personal and Commercial Use Colorful Chevron Stripes


11 thoughts on “Chevron Circle Garland Banner

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  3. Hey there! Just wondering how you sewed between the paper circles? Can you just keep sewing, creating a twist of thread (from bobbin and spool) between the paper until you sew over the next paper circle, or do you have to sew over tissue paper and rip it out between the circles? I thought I remember my home ec teacher saying that you can’t sew over nothing, that it tangles the thread.

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