Polka Dot Glitter Eggs

Polka Dot Giltter Easter Eggs (10)

Happy April!  This is my favorite month of the year because of the drastic season changes, lighter days, rain and beautiful flowers.  I’d like to share the eggs that we made over the weekend.  Came across this cute glitter egg idea on the Silhouette blog last month and had to try it myself.    I was intrigued to try something different this year than the dye that I normally use on Easter eggs.

Started the eggs boiling on the stove in a big pot.    Once they cooled down to the touch I got started decorating.

Polka Dot Giltter Easter Eggs

The supplies are pretty minimal for this DIY project.  Grabbed colorful glitter, zots (glue dots), a pencil and a little paintbrush and I was ready to begin.    I used the medium size zots.  I think it would be fun to try the small ones next time for a different look.

Polka Dot Giltter Easter Eggs (2)

Sick the glue dot to the egg then pour glitter on the dot.  I did 2-3 at a time but be careful because the dots are very sticky to the touch.   Use the paintbrush to remove the extra glitter. 

Once I had a good supply of glitter in my dish I started picking it up with the brush to pour on top of the dots.

Polka Dot Giltter Easter Eggs (3)

I planned to use an assortment of fun colors but as I was painting the eggs decided to just stick with 4 colors.  I love all the beautiful glitter color choices!  My set has 30 different varieties.

Polka Dot Giltter Easter Eggs (1)

As you can see they aren’t perfect.  I didn’t measure out the placement of the polka dots.  Just put them where I felt they should go and then at the end I did add more in between open spots. 

Polka Dot Giltter Easter Eggs (8)

The hot pink is my favorite color!

Polka Dot Giltter Easter Eggs (5)

Don’t they look yummy?  Hardboiled eggs are one of my favorite snacks.

Polka Dot Giltter Easter Eggs (9)

Polka Dot Giltter Easter Eggs (7)

If you celebrated, hope you had a great Easter holiday and that the kids got some sweet treats! 

My 1 1/2 year old loved getting to eat M&M’s (in the morning before breakfast!).  She was very excited kept saying “more candy, more candy” and doing the sign for “more” too all at the same time.

Easter (9)

My son liked the marshmallow peeps in his basket and hunting for eggs in the backyard best. 

Easter (45)

Shoving more chocolate into her mouth after the egg hunt!  I thought Gavin would have to show her how to find the eggs but she knew exactly what to do and went tearing off to fill her basket. 

Easter (72)

Happy Easter! 


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