Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

Hi Laurel Lane fans!  My name is Shawna and I wanted to share with all of you the amazing work that Laurel did for my little boy’s second birthday party.  When it came time to plan the party, there was no question that I would want Laurel to help me make it perfect.  I got lots of ideas on Pinterest (link to my idea board) and Laurel helped me to make them even better!


I went for a photo invite that I found on Etsy and it came out so cute!

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Invitation copy

The colors were primary colors taken from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme (black, red, yellow, blue).  I got both solid and polka dot balloons and then some mylars to accent it all.

The front door sign was 3 circles and she used the Disney font. I loved the striped paper on the top and bottom circles.

Coopers 2nd Birthday Party_Aug 2012 (5)Coopers 2nd Birthday Party_Aug 2012 (13)

Here’s a summary of all the decorations Laurel made for the party:

  • Door Sign – (used Silhouette & Mickey shape from Cricut)
  • Favor Tags -(used circle punch & Mickey from Cricut)
  • Food Tents – (designed & printed with Silhouette)
  • Various Signs (designed & printed with Silhouette)
  • Birthday Banner (designed, printed and cut with Silhouette)
  • Water bottle Labels – (designed with Silhouette)

Note from Laurel: The door sign & food tents were inspired by items I saw on Etsy and knew it would be fun to make them myself.  For the rest of the signs I extended the same patterns I used for the handmade birthday banner.    I am pleased with how the signs turned out, it was quite fun to use the Mickey font.


They were sitting by the door for people on the way out with a little sign that uses some of the well known Mickey Mouse clubhouse sayings of “Thanks for stopping by” and “See ya real soon!”

Note from Laurel: The text portion for the signs (white sheet of paper) was designed with my Silhouette software.  I used the same 3-border frame on the white paper with the black, yellow and red dot border across all of the paper pieces.  I showed some close ups of this from creating the banner (seen here), once it was designed for the banner it was so easy to extend to these other parts.

The yellow mickey print and the red polka dot background papers are from a digital pack of paper from Etsy.  I printed all of the sheets that I needed for these pieces on 12×12 sheets and then cut them down to the right size once I had the inside portion completed.

Coopers 2nd Birthday Party_Aug 2012 (21)_v2

I have done lots of different kinds of favors for parties and this time decided to do something that cost a little more, but felt like these crayon rolls might actually get used rather than end up in the garbage a few days later. I found them on Etsy from The Laughy Giraffy and what I loved about them is that, of course, they match the theme, but also because they have a rubber band closure rather than a ribbon tie. The elastic makes it much easer to wrap them up quickly and throw them back in your purse or diaper bag after a meal.  Laurel made an adorable thank you tag and I tied them on to each with a simple red ribbon.

Coopers 2nd Birthday Party_Aug 2012 (19)

Instead of party hats, we had Mickey ears.  Playing again on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, we had a sign that used the familiar line of “We’ve got ears, say cheers.”

Note from Laurel: I used pop dots to raise the mickey heads on the sign.  The black mickey die cuts (from the Cricket) sure were great embellishments to add to these fun signs.

Coopers 2nd Birthday Party_Aug 2012 (41)

Coopers 2nd Birthday Party_Aug 2012 (43)


I made a bunch of circles & Mickey Mouse heads with the Cricut.  This includes the saying or phrase that’s in the inside, which were all from different characters in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  They were hung from the ceiling with some cute spiral strings that I got at Party City.  I hung some inside from the ceiling and then some outside from the umbrella and swing set.  They were very festive and added a nice extra touch of the theme to the party.

Coopers 2nd Birthday Party_Aug 2012 (23)

Coopers 2nd Birthday Party_Aug 2012 (32)

I made a festive matching Mickey Mouse silhouette for the ice bucket.

Coopers 2nd Birthday Party_Aug 2012 (70)

Coopers 2nd Birthday Party_Aug 2012 (59)Coopers 2nd Birthday Party_Aug 2012 (60)

Coopers 2nd Birthday Party_Aug 2012 (33)v2

Birthday Banner:

Laurel made an adorably banner that I hung from the roofline on the back deck.  She used a bunch of different papers from the Mickey digital pack, along with the block Disney font. It looked great outside, especially since it was a great warm summer day.

Here’s the post where she talks about making the triangle banner with the Silhouette.

Coopers 2nd Birthday Party_Aug 2012 (49)

Coopers 2nd Birthday Party_Aug 2012 (45)_v2 copy


I went for themed food for the party, which I have never done before, but ended up loving it!  They were all kid friendly and the names from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  These were inspired by something I found on Pinterest.

Note from Laurel: I designed the food tents with the Silhouette software.   Used the striped digital pattern as the background and then added the frame on the top of the pattern.  Then printed the sheet and cut apart the tents.  The striped pattern is on the front side and runs across the back as well.  Here’s another place I was able to use the cute Mickey Mouse font (you can download from many font sites for free). I was able to fit three tents on each 12×12 piece of paper.

Coopers 2nd Birthday Party_Aug 2012 (28)Coopers 2nd Birthday Party_Aug 2012 (34)Coopers 2nd Birthday Party_Aug 2012 (37)Coopers 2nd Birthday Party_Aug 2012 (68)

Drink Labels:

I have done water bottle labels before and thought it was so cute.  This time I had Laurel do both water bottle and juice box labels and they were so cute!  She printed them on some thicker, glossy paper that helped so the color didn’t run as easily when they were in the ice bucket.

Note from Laurel: Used the digital papers here again to create the labels.  For the Mickey head I took it off one of the digital sheets of paper and added it to the design.

Coopers 2nd Birthday Party_Aug 2012 (51)

Also added the same 3-piece border around the inside of the white circle. You can see it best in this second photo.  I thought it was so creative that Shawna wanted to do juice boxes!  They looked great and the kids loved them.    I love polka dots so these labels were fun to make.

Coopers 2nd Birthday Party_Aug 2012 (54)

Saving the best for last…the Cake:

Coopers 2nd Birthday Party_Aug 2012 (89)Coopers 2nd Birthday Party_Aug 2012 (90)

Coopers 2nd Birthday Party_Aug 2012 (102)

Happy Birthday to the Two year old Birthday Boy Cooper!    Everyone loved the delicious mint chocolate chip ice cream cake!

Overall this party was a great success and looked amazing because of Laurel’s work!

Coopers 2nd Birthday Party_Aug 2012 (122)

Coopers 2nd Birthday Party_Aug 2012 (128)     Coopers 2nd Birthday Party_Aug 2012 (121)


Coopers 2nd Birthday Party_Aug 2012 (160)

Note from Laurel:  I had so much fun making these paper items for Cooper’s party.  Shawna is a GREAT hostess and throws amazing parties.  She’s one of those people that thinks about everything the guests will need to be comfortable.  Everyone has a great time at parties where the environment is so comfortable.  I enjoyed making everything and even more love that she’s appreciates everything so much.    Shawna also hosted an Owl baby shower for me and baby Gwen a few years ago, I plan to share some photos from that day soon.

Coopers 2nd Birthday Party_Aug 2012 (8)a


26 thoughts on “Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

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    • Hi Marisol, I’m so sorry I never responded to you, I’m still new to this guest blogging :). Here is an allrecipes recipe for the hot diggity dogs, I just left out the cheese. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Pigs-in-a-Blanket/. The other item that was made was the pasta salad that my mom made and it has spiral pasta with these things chopped up: mozzarella cheese, sausage, olives, green and red peppers. Mix the cooked noodles and chopped up items in with your favorite Italian dressing. It’s especially yummy if it marinates for a day :). Let me know if there was anything else you wanted.

      • One more thing, as I just realized all the food isn’t shown here. Here is the list:
        Croissant hot dogs (Hot Diggity Dogs)
        Mickey nuggets (Donald’s Dunkers)
        Veggies (Daisy’s Garden Veggies)
        Pretzels (Pluto’s Pretzels)
        chips (Clarabelle’s Chips)
        pasta salad (Minnie’s bow tie pasta)
        Pirate’s Booty (Pluto’s Pirate’s Booty)
        Pizza (Pete’s Pizza)
        Grapes (Goofy’s Grapes)

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  3. I was wondering if you could give me some inspiration for my sons(Cooper) Mickey mouse themed 1st birthday party. I’m trying to figure out a way to make a banner with limited supply and not a lot of money. I want to do most of the crafts myself. I have most of them done already, just need to get a banner done.

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    • I am the same as Camille. I don’t have a cricket machine (although I know I should get one) and I’m looking for smaller signs of the “We’ve got ears, say cheers!” and the other food signs you have. If you have an etsy shop (you should!) or something where I can purchase them, please let me know. I can also be reached at houstonwhitfields@gmail.com

  7. I love how the birthday invitation is. I just wanted to know is their a way you can do the same for me for my son’s first birthday party coming up.

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