Our Holiday Card

2012 Holiday CardToday is Day 9 of the 12 Days of Christmas posts on Laurel Lane.

I’d like to share our holiday card that I sent out earlier this week.  One of my favorite things about holiday cards is selecting which design to use. The other fun part is choosing the photos to use with the card.

This year it was hard to get photos because Gwen didn’t want to sit with Gavin.   The photo on the front where he’s holding her hand and she’s trying to pull away is the closest we get to them being together in the same photo.  



Here’s the backside.  I love that the pattern runs across the back and that you can put photos on both sides.   

2012 Holiday Card-a

Since this is digital I’ll share the other versions that I considered (all from Tiny Prints – they have a beautiful selection of cards & invites): 

  • Explored having three photos on the back.

Holiday Card #1 bHoliday Card #1 bb

  • Love having the text overlay on the photo.  The striped “merry” text is so festive.

Holiday Card #2 aHoliday Card #2 b

  • Really wish Gwen would have sat long enough to have a photo of them together but she wasn’t having any of it this year!

Holiday Card #3 aHoliday Card #3 b

  • Love the text overlay banner flag.  Unfortunately we didn’t have a photo that worked well with this overlay.

Holiday Card #4 aHoliday Card #4 b

  • Love the dots, reminds me of lipstick!

Holiday Card #5Holiday Card #5 b

  • At one point I briefly considered making two cards because I had so many great photos of each of them alone but very few of them together! 

Holiday Card #6 aHoliday Card #6 b

   Which designs do you like? 

Holiday Card #7 aHoliday Card #7 b

Merry Christmas to you!  Thank you for all the beautiful cards.  We love them. 


6 thoughts on “Our Holiday Card

    • I always wonder if we’ll choose the same one! That will be awesome if it happens one year. Yes, we were missing. Daddy had to work so it was just me there that day. Next year we’ll all be there!

  1. Your work is very creative, especially the way you integrate the two sides of the cards with the stripes or dots. Excellent!

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