Ice Cream First Year Photo Clips

Ice Cream Party_First Year Photo Clips (1)

Today I wanted to show you how easy it is to make photo clips for your next celebration.  These are great décor items for parties ranging from birthday parties, showcasing travels, to anniversary celebrations for young and old.    How special would it be to make a set of these for a 10 year, 20 year or even 40 year wedding anniversary party?  You’d then be able to showcase a memorable photo from each of the years to decorate the room. 

These are super easy and fun to make.  I hope you’ll want to try some! 


  • pattern paper
  • white cardstock for message & embellishments   
  • clothes pins
  • two different sized circle punches
  • hot glue gun

1.  Paper:  If you are going to make them from digital files like I did, print the background papers.  Or select your scrapbook patterned paper.  I like having three different patterns to vary the backgrounds.  This time I have six because there are stripes and polka dots in the same color schemes.   

Ice Cream Party_First Year Photo Clips (5)       Ice Cream Party_First Year Photo Clips (10)

2. Punch out background pieces.    You can use any shape (circle, square, flourish, scalloped circle, rectangle, etc.) to fit the theme.

Ice Cream Party_First Year Photo Clips (4)

3.  Design & print out inside circle

4.  Adhere inner & outside circles together.    Now you are ready to glue the tags to the clothes pins. 

Ice Cream Party_First Year Photo Clips (3)

5.  Hot Glue:  apply to half of the clothes pin starting with the part that opens.  This is where you’ll want the bottom of the tag to rest. 

Ice Cream Party_First Year Photo Clips (15)

6.  Add tag:  Quickly add the tag to the hot glue before it starts to dry.  Put the bottom of the tag just below the wooden end and be sure to have the tag facing so that the handles of the pin are at the top. 

Ice Cream Party_First Year Photo Clips (16)

7.  Complete for the rest of the tags.  It’s important to place the tag so that there’s not too much paper hanging over the bottom of the clip, which would cover up your photos too much.  Your photo clip tags will be ready in no time.

Ice Cream Party_First Year Photo Clips (18)

Here’s the full set all finished.  After the event these tags could also be used on a scrapbook page or in a mini album along with the photos. 

Ice Cream Party_First Year Photo Clips (21)

8.  Placement:  you can clip them to a ribbon that hangs on the wall, tape the clips directly to the mantel, hang from a ribbon on the mantel, tape to the deck if your even is outdoor, etc.  There are many possibilities for placement.  

Here’s how they look in action at the party.  Pam tapped them to the rock mantel and it was a great way to show the growth of her baby girl over the last year.  I had a hard time getting photos of this because of the glare from the sunshine. 

 Ice Cream Birthday Party (13)

Ice Cream Birthday Party (15)

See the cute photo for month 5?  It’s the same one that Gwen had for her month 6 (See the second to last photo in the post).    See month 10….Isn’t that the sweetest little swimsuit!?

Ice Cream Birthday Party (19)

Pam did a great job selecting photos to use and I love how some of the colors ended up coordinating. She didn’t see these until the day before the party when the photos had already been printed.

Ice Cream Birthday Party (20)

Happy Birthday sweet little one Isabelle! 

What about doing one of these for an 18th Birthday party?  I bet the young adult and family members would really get a kick out of seeing the changes over the 18 years.    Or a 40th wedding anniversary?  Hmmm…


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