thanks a “latte” gift

I’ve been enjoying summer and it’s been a few weeks since my last post (too long!).  Don’t worry I am still here!   I did recently update my blog with a new theme and some cute scrapbooking clip art that I found on Etsy.  Have you ever searched for scrapbooking clip art?  We’ll there’s not ANYTHING out there and I was happy that Julie @ Clementine Digitals thought it was a great idea to make a cute set of Scrapbooking clip art for her store.  She used colors to match my new theme and now I’ve added some of my favorite scrapbooking “tools” to Laurel Lane.   Julie makes some really great digital scrapbook papers, I recommend you check out her site & Etsy store.  I picked up the digital polka dots & striped paper too because they can be used for so many different things.


Today wanted share this cute gift idea I found on Pinterest for a latte gift card holder.  Last month I made these for my little one’s teachers to thank them for being their teachers for the last year. 

latte gift card holder (16)

This cute card & idea is from Eighteen25.  It’s very easy to make and is a fun way to add a personalized touch to the thank you message. 

The first thing to do is download the card template from the link above.  Since I have a white cardstock supply I printed mine on matte cardstock with my home printer.  The blog post recommends printing it as a 5×7 print at Costco which is a great idea.  This will ensure it looks nice & is thick.

Here are the supplies I used:  

latte gift card holder (6) copy 

The Starbucks “thank you” gift cards seen here are very colorful so I choose to use red & purple twine to tie in with the colors on the gift card.  For the back of the card I used a teal Bazzil, I have a ton of this teal blue cardstock left over from Gavin’s birth announcements and it the perfect color to use for the back of the card. 

Then I followed the tip from the sisters at Eighteen25 and put the cards into pastry bags.  It was a cute way to wrap them up and make it a surprise as to what’s inside the bag. 

latte gift card holder (17)

I used purple twine on half and then red on the other half. 

Thanks for the great idea Eighteen25! (and to Annett who “pinned” this one).

latte gift card holder (22)


7 thoughts on “thanks a “latte” gift

    • Thanks Jamie! There’s so many colors of tiwine out now that it makes it easy to find so many colors that will work! I love the name of your blog and the story behind it. I’d love to do a blog with my two younger sisters but unfortunately they aren’t addicted to the crafts (yet). Haha. Ours would have to be called 36504. 🙂

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