Owl Gift Box

owl miss you gift (119)_aa

Here’s another owl I’d like to share!  I saw this owl gift box on the BasicGrey blog last month that’s made from an oatmeal box and knew it would be perfect to give my daughters first teacher.  My daughter turned one in June and with that she moves up to a one year old classroom.   I wanted to give her teacher a special gift from us because they spent precious time together during this first year of her life.

owl miss you gift (110)

This cute owl was the perfect container for a gift from Gwen because we have  an owl theme going on around our house.   I followed the tutorial pretty much step by step. 

I decided to use paper from the Lemonade collection since it’s such a great pack for girl colors and we’ve used it in on a few other Gwen projects(I can’t wait to do some baby scrapbook layouts with it in the future)

This was a really easy project to make.  If you want to do something quick, isn’t too fussy and looks nice I highly recommend this one!  These are all the pieces of paper I used and there was a ton left over of the big sheets. 

owl miss you gift (1)_aa

You can see the owl inspiration here too. It’s surprising that the oatmeal box can transform into such a different looking container.

owl miss you gift (8)_aa

Using rubber bands to hold on the paper while it dried was a great tip from Lisa who created the tutorial.   

owl miss you gift (15)_aa

The only change I made was wanting to make it a girl owl using pink and blue colors.  I was excited to find great pink fabric flowers (at Scrapbook.com by BasicGrey) so that the owl could have cute pink eyes.   Btw…there are a lot of fabulous fabric flowers out there these days. 

owl miss you gift (4)

I peeled off the top three layers from the fabric flower.  It came apart nicely and didn’t tear the fabric.  These flowers are about 3 inches in diameter and they’d be too large to use the outside piece (for this box of oats, they’d work on the larger box if you were making a bigger owl).    So I used the inside of the flower petal, keeping the beads attached and glued a white circle to the middle for the inside of the eye.  With my large hole punch I added a black pupil.  

owl miss you gift (21)_bb

Now for the fun part…..I continued on with the owl theme and got this custom wall hanging (or ornament for the tree) from Lisa Leonard for inside. 

owl miss you gift (70)_aa-edit

It’s really cute owl and a great place to write a sweet message for her teacher. 

owl miss you gift (145)_aa

I also wanted to include something personal with the gift, so I made a little photo book.    These are the same photos I used in the 8×8 first year mini album except this time I kept them as 4×6 photos. 

Back story….Each month we took photos with Gwen & her owls (Penny & Joy) in the same chair.   These were the perfect photos to share with her teacher.  I knew she’d think they were special since she watched her grow each month.  As you can see it was simple to put together, I used my large hold punch and then added a ring with some ribbon. 

owl miss you gift (167)

The stickers are also from the Lemonade collection and worked great to add the month right onto the corner of the photos. 

owl miss you gift (153)owl miss you gift (154)owl miss you gift (155)owl miss you gift (156)owl miss you gift (157)owl miss you gift (158)owl miss you gift (159)owl miss you gift (160)owl miss you gift (161)owl miss you gift (162)owl miss you gift (163)owl miss you gift (164)


Gwen says…..“Owl Miss You Ms. Ayu thanks for being a great teacher!!”

owl miss you gift (117)_aa

I couldn’t decide if I liked the message on the hot pink paper (above) or the blue (below).  What do you think?    I also changed the noose to green (above) because it stood out more than the crème version (below). 

owl miss you gift (24)_aa

Thank you Lisa & BasicGrey for this wonderful idea & inspiration!!


Supplies:  BasicGrey Lemonade Collection Papers-Pink (Pink Fizz), Plaid (Picnic Table), Floral (Flower Garden), Nose (Lime Cooler), Sign (Frosted Berry & Splash), BasicGrey Fabric Flowers, Quaker Oatmeal box 18oz, hole punch, circle punch,


13 thoughts on “Owl Gift Box

  1. Absolutely darling! So when are you going to start selling your gorgeous crafts? I am going to hound you until you open an Etsy store. 😀

  2. Your owl turned out super cute. I like how you matted on the blue one and think it would loil good that way with the bright pink. More contrast.

  3. How cute! I love this idea, and I love your pictures with a stuffed animal idea. I think I will be doing that with the next baby Marshall. I like the blue sign because I feel it pops more. I am sure the teacher loved this! You are so thoughtful.

    • Oh you should do it with the next baby!! Yeah I liked the blue first too but then when I tried the pink I wasn’t sure anymore. Thanks for commenting-I always wish I had a friend over at 11pm when I need an opinion. and yes she did love it!

  4. O thank You Lord for Laurel and Gwen who make me feel so special! I love every thing that you gave to me specialty love from baby Gwen, i miss you pretty girl…

  5. Congratulations for all the creative things you make. The´re all adorables. Thanks for sharing and giving some ideas for future celebrations.

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