first year photo clip garland

first year photo clips (36)

Here are some first year photo clips that I made for my daughter’s first birthday to display a photo from each month. 

Initially I ordered a set of these from Etsy, I was looking forward to having someone else create the clips and me not having to do the work.  Sounds relaxing, huh?   I found a set that had a gear looking circle background for the outer circle, which were  great because I don’t have a punch in the gear shape.   Unfortunately they didn’t get sent out as planned so at the last minute I ended up creating them myself.   This posed a good challenge for me.  I wanted to make water bottle labels so this was a good opportunity to use the same patterns on the photo clips.

first year photo clips (11)

I found some cute owl digital art files for sale on Etsy from The Digital Bake Shop.  The files are sent for download within 24 hours so you can get things made quickly.   For a super low cost I got background files, borders and some  owls.  I know many of you may be very experienced with Photoshop but I am still learning so this was HARD for me to design these completely in Photoshop.  It’s surprising how long it took for something that looks so simple!

In the end I figured it out, thankfully my sweet husband was able to help me with Photoshop when I was stuck.   

Here are the steps I completed: 

  • Printed the blue, pink & purple polka dot files for the background file you see here as the outer colored ring.  Didn’t edit them at all.   They look like a pattern paper I punched & punched but they are just printed on white cardstock.   I used my 3 inch circle scalloped punch for the background.
  • For the inside circle I used a 2.5 inch circle and added a solid border around the outside of the circle.  then the dashed circle on the inside. 
  • Added the month text to the inside of the circle and a little owl.
  • I adhered the two pieces of cardstock together and then used the hot glue gun to attach them to the clothes pin.    I love the hot glue gun!

first year photo clips

  • The fun part is selecting an assortment of photos so that you have one for each month from the first year.    It’s very hard to choose just one!

first year photo clips (28) 

When complete find a place in your home to hang for the party.  Originally I was planning to hang them on the wall but it was an odd shaped narrow wall.  Nicole came up with a great suggestion to hang the garland on the mantle, it was the perfect size to hold all photos and made a great centerpiece for the room.  We are still enjoying it this week!

first year photo clips (43)

This type of photo garland could be used for any occasion.  It’s a simple way to make a quick photo banner to hang on the fireplace, wall, or on a table.  

first year photo clips (40)

first year photo clips (49)

I like how the paper clips attach easily to the ribbon and you tape the ribbon on so there are no tacks holes or marks left.

first year photo clips (55)


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