DIY cupcake wrappers & cupcake toppers

cupcake sleeves (1)

June is one the biggest birthday months of the year around our house.  We have so many friends & family members with birthdays.  The fun part for me is that I get the opportunity to make some party items.  Today I’d like to share cupcake sleeves & cupcake toppers I made for one of the June parties.  This is the same birthday girl I mentioned earlier in the birthday card post who loves pink

cupcake toppers (2)_aa

Here’s the invite (Tiny Prints), created by her mother, that set the theme for the party.  A cute little bear holding a balloon and the party being hosted at Build a Bear. 

party invite (6)_aa

I found three paper patterns to use for both cupcake décor items and made the sleeves first.    I followed this cupcake wrapper tutorial found on  The best part was the template that worked perfectly to get the desired shape. 

After cutting the arched shape, I used this fun Martha Stewart punch to add detail to the top edge of the wrapper.   It’s one of the new around the page punches and also includes a corner piece.  I’d like try it soon on a card. 

sleeves (2) 

It was so easy to make these cupcake wrappers.  I just added a piece of tape on the seam and they are ready to go. 

sleeves (8)_aa

The best thing about making your own cupcake toppers & sleeves is that it doesn’t take many supplies.  I was able to use just three different patterns seen here from the BasicGrey Kissing Booth Collection (Better Half, Cupid, You + Me). 

Kissing Booth Paper (1)

For the cupcake toppers I used my circle scallop punch on the outside and a circle punch on the inside.    This time I went larger on the circle size with the outside being 2.50  and the inside 1.75  inches (greater offset between the tw0 shapes).    I like that more of the pattern is showing than the last set of cupcake toppers I made. 

cupcake toppers (21)

I printed on two of the toppers (adding name & age) using this great printable template that has cupcake toppers you can customize.  I only used the pink circles but it would be fun to do a party and use the entire printable. 

I don’t know Photoshop well enough yet to select the colors that I need to match my background supplies so that’s why I love finding something that was already the right color.    I added a big number 5 to this one. 

cupcake toppers (28)

Added the birthday girls name to this one. 

cupcake toppers (29)

For the third one I had to bring in the cute bear from the invite.  I used a Martha Stewart punch that punched out the shape & also embosses the paper to give it detail on the feet & belly of the bear. 

cupcake toppers (25)

Here’s the birthday card (shared earlier) that I made to go with the balloon theme from the invite & using the same cute paper for her birthday wish. 

make a wish card_June 2012 (2)

Cupcake toppers & cupcake wrappers are so easy and quick to make!  I encourage you to try it next time you are celebrating to add a nice touch to enhance the theme.  They can be used for any occasion.

Here’s how the toppers & wrappers came together on the cupcakes at the party. (It’s hard to get great photos in restaurants with dark lighting) But you can see how cute the paper items look on top of the pink frosting cupcakes! 


Here are a few other “bear things” that were made by the birthday girl’s mother. 

First she made cute little bears (table top tents) to have standing at each place to welcome the kids.   Having the bears be two pieces of paper (still joined at the top) made them stand up nicely on the tables.  For the boys she made boy colors and for the girls they had girl colored bears.  

Kira's 5th Birthday_June 2012 (108)

I love how she put the child’s name on the shorts/skirt that the bear is wearing.  They are so cute!

They are 5 tall x 4 wide and were made on with the circuit.  The circuit makes a nice bear with having it be two pieces.  

Kira's 5th Birthday_June 2012 (157)

There were also some of these cute bears decorating the walls of the restaurant.   These ones were much larger, about 8 or 9 inches tall. 

Kira's 5th Birthday_June 2012 (145)

Kira's 5th Birthday_June 2012 (162)

Kira's 5th Birthday_June 2012 (159)

The last handmade item was the same bear you saw at the table settings but this was a thank you note attached to each build a bear box.  It was tied to the window and included the child’s name.  This was a brilliant way to know who’s bear was in which box so there were no mix ups.

Kira's 5th Birthday_June 2012 (170)

It’s slightly smaller than the tabletop bears and the measurements are 4×3.    This is a great way to send a personalized thank you note home with each child. 

Kira's 5th Birthday_June 2012 (176)Kira's 5th Birthday_June 2012 (180)

Here’s the sweet soccer dog that Gavin made.  All the boys loved the bows and put them on their bears & dogs too. 

Kira's 5th Birthday_June 2012 (183)

The boys with their cute bears.   

Kira's 5th Birthday_June 2012 (70)

Cute white princess bear wearing a lovely blue gown! 

Kira's 5th Birthday_June 2012 (72)

Visit from Pauline the bunny!  She took pictures with all the kids. 

Kira's 5th Birthday_June 2012 (100)

The girls really loved the PINK bears…especially the birthday girl!!  The birthday girl also got to carry around a big gold bell. 

Kira's 5th Birthday_June 2012 (93)

The birthday girl had a wonderful time at her 5th birthday party.  I was very impressed with what a GREAT party her mom prepared (she always does wonderful events) and  Build-A-Bear did a fabulous job hosting all the kids! 

Kira's 5th Birthday_June 2012 (25)


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