Eleven Months Old (Gwen)

5/13- 11 Months Old

The main reason I started this blog was to update family and friends that we don’t get to see very often.  For the first year, I decided to keep notes daily/weekly about what they were doing so I could write a post to summarize the past month.  We’ll Gwen’s about to turn one next week and so I’d like to share some updates from her 10th month.   

After this post I’ll have one more post to write then I can save the 12 summaries in her baby book for when she’s older.    One thing that’s helped me keep track of things is having a first year calendar where I write something down from each day.   What we did, something she learned, how she felt, etc.  there are so many things you could jot down in the small space.   I use the calendar when I write these updates, for journaling on scrapbook pages and to remember the details of the first year.    I did it for both kids and I really recommend it if you want to show “a year in the life” view for yourself, kids or family. 

As you can see, the past few months I’ve taken a new angle on the blog with scrapbooking & crafts becoming the main topics.  I am enjoying this new way to connect & share with other crafters and plan to continue with a crafty focus.

Gwen_Ten Months Old_April 2012 (27)

Developments-She perfected her standing, pulling up and can now even sit back down after pulling up to a stand.  

She’s getting very strong standing, still holds on to objects but it’s getting less & less each day

Bronte & Gwen_apr2012 (16)

Gwen had a fun playdate with Bronte.  They enjoyed the activity table and both favored the big red spoon.

Gwen_Ten Months Old_April 2012 (68)

Food-She’s learned to eat crackers, cheese, yogurt, food with texture and not completely creamy like stage 2 foods. At first she didn’t like the food with noodles/rice in it but after a few weeks now she’s gotten used to it.   I am so glad to see her exploring new textures.  She still eats mostly baby food that’s smooth and what she’s used to. 

Gwen_Ten Months Old_May 2012 (8)

This window is the perfect height to watch the dogs in the backyard.  She stands up & down (over & over). 

Its so cute to find Gwen standing up in her crib waiting for us to come in to feed her at night or in the morning. She wears a sleep sack and just stands up and waits patiently.

My favorite thing is seeing her interact with us more.  She’s started pointing, clapping & waving her hand back and forth (like a princess wave).  It’s so cute that she can now communicate with us via her new gestures. 

Gwen_Ten Months Old_May 2012 (11)

She’s a super FAST crawler and can get around the room in the blink of an eye.Gwen_Ten Months Old_May 2012 (15)

Gavin shows Gwen his twin eagle airplane.  She likes his toys best!

Gwen_Ten Months Old_April 2012 (1)

She enjoys  interacting with Griffin, Drake & Tali the most.  Every time she sees the dogs she gets excited and puts her face in theirs so that she can get a kiss.    She likes to grab Tali’s back or tail and we have to remind her to be “gentle.”   They all like her too and the dogs are so great about letting her crawl right over them and touch their faces.  

Gwen_Ten Months Old_April 2012 (4)

Unfortunately I didn’t weight her this month so I can’t share her growth.  I don’t think she’s gained more than a pound though.  We’ll have to wait and see how much she is at her year checkup. 

BronteLynn's 1st BD_May 2012 (40)

Gwen went to a First birthday party for her girlfriend Bronte. She enjoyed watching B eat her first cupcake. B even passed Gwen a finger of frosting to share and Gwen had her first bite of vanilla ice cream and loved it!

Gwen_Ten Months Old_May 2012 (80)

These boxes kept Gavin & Gwen entertained for a while.    Who knew that a box is all they need to have fun?  Next time I’d like to see if Gavin wants to color on the box or put stickers all over it!

Olivia & Gwen_May 2012 (2) 

Gwen got to meet our sweet cousin Olivia for the first time on a sunny Sunday morning.    We had a fun walk together and Gwen rode along in the ergo on my chest.  Olivia pushed Gavin along in the stroller. 

Gwen_Ten Months Old_May 2012 (35)

Gwen was sharing her clapping with us here.    The clapping has been hard to capture on photo.

Laurel's 37th Birthday_April 2012 (71)

My favorite thing is when she shares her kisses which consist of opening her mouth and planting it on your check or lips and then making cute baby “ohhh” and “ahhhh” noises. 

Laurel's 37th Birthday_April 2012 (87)

Laurel's 37th Birthday_April 2012 (35)

Here’s the yummy angel food cake that Chris & Gavin made (from scratch) for my birthday dinner.    He’s such a great chef and makes us the most wonderful meals. 

Laurel's 37th Birthday_April 2012 (96)

Soft cake, very light, not too sweet with fresh strawberries & whipped cream.  Great job Chris!! 

Laurel's 37th Birthday_April 2012 (101)


2 thoughts on “Eleven Months Old (Gwen)

  1. Loved this! Great job once again, Laurel! I don’t know how you find the time, but it’s so nice to be able to read this and see the lovely pics! Gwen is such a cutie! Your lovely eyes and Chris’s round face!!!! See you soon, I hope!

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