thank you cards

thank you cards_a (4)

We had my son’s birthday party this past weekend and it was a lot of fun.   I’ll share some photos of the party soon but for now I’d like to share the thank you cards. I made all of these with the leftover scraps of paper from the other birthday party décor items.   (card #5 above)

card #6

thank you cards_a (17)

We opened a lot of presents after the party and Gavin was excited with all the new gifts. He played with a few but we are saving the rest until we write all of our thank you notes.  First thing Sunday morning he asked if we could “write our thank you notes today” (he wants to get the rest of the toys).   We spent the morning sitting together at the table working on our crafts. I made these 10 cards and he colored in a book with his colored pencils & new glitter sparkle pens.

My girlfriend, Jenni, was just asking me how I find the time to do crafts and this is a good example of how you can do it together with your kids.   It’s a great use of time.  They love to draw, paint, cut, do mazes, etc.   I am thrilled when Gavin and craft together!

card #7

thank you cards_a (20)

All of these cards are based on this beautiful Allison Davis card sketch #13 found at Sketch Support.    I selected this sketch for the thank you notes back when I made the party invites so I didn’t have to spend anytime this weekend figuring out the design (another reason why sketches are great).

card #8


First, I did four cards that stuck to the sketch completely (see second set of cards below #1-4) then I saw how well these large die cut pieces would work with the sketch.

Variations: cards #5-10

  • The die cuts are about an inch larger than the journal block on the sketch so I added a 7th flag so that you’d see color on both sides of the die cut.
  • The larger die cut shapes don’t lend well to have the three flowers (buttons in my case). So I left them off on the four above.
  • I added a brad to the top of two tags giving more detail to the patterns & stripes on the die cuts.

card #9

thank you cards_a (40)

card #10

thank you cards (56)


  • Life of the Party Collection paper (various patterns) –BasicGrey
  • Glazed Brads-Life of the Party– BasicGrey
  • Die Cut Pieces-Life of the Party – BasicGrey
  • Buttons-Life of the Party – BasicGrey
  • Wooden block Stamps – “thanks” and “thank you”

thank you cards (62)

When you are making cards, do you ever notice with each card you seem to like them more?      I keep saying to myself, oh this one is my favorite, then I say that about the next card, and so on.

I made the green card here first.  I quickly saw that having 6 busy patterns side by side wasn’t quite how I wanted the card to look.  The green title box helped calm things down but I knew that there were other possibilities since I had so many scraps to choose from.

card #1

thank you cards (63)

With card #2 & #3 I alternated the flags using a pattern & then a solid color to keep it simple.  These patterns still have a lot going on with the solid/pattern combo.

card #2

thank you cards (68)

Alternating solid colors & patterns helps make the patterns stand out more and the solids tie everything together.

card #3

thank you cards (73)For

card #4 I reduced the amount of colors in the card keeping it to green/brown/orange/blue  like colors (no red, yellow or pink).    This one is my favorite from this set, the orange paper at the bottom with the kids holding hands is so dear.

card #4

thank you cards (71)

Here’s to a quick colorful set of thank you cards!  I love this sketch Allison, now I am ready to do some of your layouts with the flags.

thank you cards (84)

Which one is YOUR favorite?

My favorites are #6, 7 & 8.  I love shiny patterned brads with the die cuts.


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