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party hats (11)

Today I’d like to share the party hats that I made for my son’s birthday party.  I used the same festive party themed paper that you saw in the invites, pinwheels, banner and cupcake toppers.  The patterns on this paper are so amazing and they are perfect to make bright & colorful party hats.  It was my first time making a party hat and I really enjoyed making them.    They are quick & easy and look so adorable on all the little kids.

party hats (15)

5 Quick Steps to make a party hat: 

  1. I used a hat from last year’s party as the template to trace the shape of the party hats.  If you don’t have a spare hat there are plenty of them online for download.  I traced on the inside so that I didn’t have to worry about the pencil marks showing when the hat was completed.

Inside of the hat:

party hat_supplies

2. Cut out the shape & then use an exacto knife to cut the slit where the paper will be inserted to close the hat.

  party hat_supplies (3)

3.  Adorn with rick rack or ribbon.   The rick rack sticks secured well with glue dots.    For variety I used both ribbon & rick rack. 

The paper ribbons were part of the Life of the Party collection called ribbon dollies.   There were three different spools.     It was nice because the back side was already sticky.  Unfortunately they didn’t work completely as I would have hoped with this shape because the hat is graduated.  The paper ribbons would work best with  with a complete circle or flat surface. 

Thank you to my dear mother who gave me her huge scrap bag of fabric rick rack to use on the hats!  She makes baby blankets for all the new babies in the family so she had a great leftover selection of colors to choose from.    I really like the pattern & texture given by adding the fabric rick rack. 

party hat_supplies (4)

4.  Add a colored pom pom to the top, using hot glue to adhere. 

party hats (23)

5. Add string-cut small holes in base to attach the string.  Thank you Cally for helping me attach all the elastic!  


Here are individual photos of some of the hats:

(listed by the paper name)


party hat_indiv


Ice Cream Headache-

party hat_indiv (1)


party hat_indiv (2)

Popcorn Poppin-

party hat_indiv (3)

Orange Whip-

party hat_indiv (4)

Confetti Cake-

party hat_indiv (5)


party hat_indiv (6)

House Party-I made this cute hat with a red pom pom for the birthday boy because red is his favorite color.   As I mentioned with the banner, this pennant banner print is my favorite from the entire collection so I thought it would make the perfect hat for him.   However, he didn’t want this one and so he selected the one he liked.   Reminded me that we can never “plan” how things are going to go when parenting.    One of his sweet friends (Roman) had his eye on this hat and loved wearing it during the party. 

party hat_indiv (7)

How You’ve Grown –  hat selected by the birthday boy.  Such a fitting name for someone who’s grown so much in 4 years! 

party hat_indiv (13)


party hat_indiv (9)

Play Fair-

party hat_indiv (10)

Block Party-

party hat_indiv (12)



  • pattern paper-Life of the Party Collection paper pack (BasicGrey)
  • paper ribbon dollies – Life of the Party (BasicGrey)
  • various fabric rick rack
  • elastic cord sting (0.03)-recommend getting this one size larger so it won’t fray
  • pom poms (assorted colors)


  • exacto knife
  • hot glue gun
  • scotch tape to reinforce the seam
  • glue dots

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