cupcake toppers

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I’d like to share some cupcake toppers that I made for my son’s birthday party.  This was my first time making these and I had so much fun!  They are so quick to make and you can do them so many different ways. 

The hardest decision I had was selecting the final size I wanted for the circle, two inches or 2 1/2.  I settled on 2 inches because I knew that they wouldn’t be too big for the cupcakes.  We were having regular size cupcakes and I didn’t want the toppers to take away from the actual cupcake. 

I used the same festive Life of the Party Collection paper that I used for the invitations, pinwheels and banner.

cupcake toppers_a

Cupcake toppers can easily be made with extra scraps of paper.  I was thrilled to have a use for the leftover stuff from the banner.   I had more than enough paper choices because I just needed 2 inch circles.

I used 7 of my favorite color schemes (9 patterns) from the patterns seen in the banner so that the designs would vary.  For the text that’s on the white paper I used Word and created a template.  I added a circle shape to the document and then defined the size of the circle, adding a border that’s slightly smaller than the punch allowed me to have the blue outline around the outside.  Having the blue line makes it super easy to know where to line it up inside the punch.

cupcake toppers_a (64)

Next up I’ll share more colorful party decorations… can see a HINT below in this picture! 

cupcake toppers_a (14)


  • 1 1/2 inch circle punch
  • 2 inch scallop circle punch
  • hot glue gun
  • mini dowels (Woodsies 2 5/8 tall)
  • text created in Word
  • white cardstock
  • pattern paper-Life of the Party Collection (BasicGrey)

5 thoughts on “cupcake toppers

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    • Hi Hoda, yes this is a fun one to do with the kids! They love using the punches. You can make garlands/banners with the punches too. Thanks for stopping by!

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