happy birthday banner

birthday banner_april 2012 (13)

Today I’d like to share the colorful birthday banner I’ve made for my son’s upcoming party.  I used the same Life of the Party paper that you saw on the invites and pinwheels.

birthday banner_april 2012 (12)

I used 12 different patterns of paper across the pennants (18 total triangles).

I love that I had the opportunity to use so many of the different patterns at once.  The patterns really make quite a statement when you see them all together for one presentation.

I alternated the big patterns (lots of colors) with the smaller ones (single colors) to let each piece shine.

The pennant pattern you see here on the “G” pennant below was a big source of inspiration for this banner and made me decide to use this shape for the paper.

birthday banner_april 2012 (10)

Below is a close up of the yellow ribbon that is on the top of the banners.  It’s a beautiful elastic ribbon with a ruffle on the bottom half.  Due to the elasticity it wouldn’t stay put with the tacky tape by itself so I had to hand stitch across the top of the yellow ribbon onto each pennant.   A staple would have worked too but I didn’t have a yellow or white staple.    I did use a silver staple to attach the banner paper pieces with the navy ribbon that goes across the back, holding the entire thing together.

birthday banner_april 2012 (7)

I hand cut the triangles and made them larger than I did for Matthew’s banner.


  • 7 inches wide (across the top)
  • 6 inches in height
  • navy cardstock letters are 3 inch upper/lowercase

I put “Happy Birthday” together on one string because I like how it looks when it’s long enough to fill the entire wall.  I kept Gavin on a separate string so that we can hang this in is room after the party.

birthday banner_april 2012 (1)

Banners are so easy/fast to make, I encourage you to make one for your next celebration!  It’s a great way to get excited about an event and remember the special moment once it’s passed.


Supplies:  pattern paper-BasicGrey, navy ribbon, yellow ruffled ribbon, Terrifically Tacky Tape-Provo Craft, staples, Navy Cardstock-Bazzil, letters-three inch die cuts, glue dots


8 thoughts on “happy birthday banner

    • I decided to invovle him so that he could get excited. I went ahead and hung it on my birthday. He was so surpsrised when he saw it. At first he wasn’t sure if it was for me or for him. He’s not famaliar with the words “happy birthday” so he was thrown off. He knew it wasn’t my name because there wasn’t an “L,” then he saw the “Gavin” and was so happy.

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