party pinwheels

I’ve been busy preparing some fun decorations for Gavin’s birthday party and wanted to share the pinwheels first.

pinwheels (72)_a

I used the same “Life of the Party” (BasicGray) paper that was used from the party invitations.  This paper is really great for pinwheels because it’s two sided, the front has a beautiful pattern and the backside is a solid bright coordinating color.  With pinwheels you see both sides and these pinwheels really show off this great collection.

This is my first time making pinwheels and I choose to do 6 inch squares.  They turned out quite large though so next time I’d like to experiment with varying the sizes with 2, 3, 4 & 5 inch squares.

pinwheels (8)_a

I’ve placed four pinwheels in each square vase and added sand so that I can vary the heights.  I am going to have two of these pinwheel vases on each table with third vase holding circular happy birthday sign.  (want to make sure the centerpieces  are in groupings of three)

pinwheels (51)_a


I haven’t made pinwheels before so I followed the instructions found on this site.

  • wooden dowels- 1/4 x 12 inches tall: soak the dowels in water first to get them soft before pushing the tack into the wood. This was a great tip from Martha Stewart’s pinwheel tutorial.
  • washers-for the backside between the paper & dowel (these help let the wheel spin)
  • spectrum thumb tacks ( from the Container Store)-these worked great because they have such a large round top.  I tried little small push pin map tacks but they didn’t do a good job with this size pinwheel.  The colors also work really great with these papers.  I have some brads that came with this collection but unfortunately I couldn’t figure out a way to get them to work since they are not sharp/pointy.

I like the pennant paper the best!

pinwheels (6)_a

pinwheels (26)_a

Stay tuned….Next up I am going to share another party decoration.


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