Ten Months Old (Gwen)

4/13/2012-Gwen has turned ten months old today. 

Here are some of our favorite highlights & photos from the last month. 

Gwen_Nine Months (88)

She has mastered standing up, pulling herself up onto her knees & onto her feet.  It’s mostly so  far only been in our laps.   But then in the last week she figured out how to stand up in her crib and so we’ve moved the mattress down to the lower level (don’t worry grandma, we won’t let her fall out). Since this new discovery she’s standing up in the morning and giving me the biggest smile when she waits for me to come get her out of bed.

Such a happy & smiley girl.   She’s so independent and likes to explore.

In the last month she’s gained a pound and weighs 20 pounds.  She’s getting bigger but still feels pretty light to hold and she does a good job helping holding onto me when I carry her so it’s easy.   

Her teachers at daycare keep telling me how much they enjoy her and that she plays so well by herself with all the toys. She plays happily on her own and lets them know when she’s ready to eat or sleep.

Got first tooth on the top (middle right) for a total of 5. The top one on the left is close to breaking through, we’ve been seeing it for a month now looking like it was going to pop out the front of the gum at any minute.

Long Visit with Grandma & Grandpa: Spent 8 nights with grandma & grandpa while the three of us were in Florida. Where she spent a lot of time crawling up their one stair, climbing under the coffee table, stroller rides with grandpa, 4 of the nights she only got up once to eat. I was glad that she slept well for grandma too, it was hard to leave her for so long but I knew it would be best for her to not be flying to the east coast. Since she naps very frequently it’s important for her to be rested. She was sick when we left with a cold so that made it even harder to say goodbye.

Learned how to crawl up ONTO the dishwasher door. She pulls herself up to a stand, then slowly gets on the door and pulls herself all the way up. What a great helper she is already wanting to do the dishes!

Enjoys chewing & holding onto plastic Easter eggs. Gwen won a HUGE teddy bear at the Easter egg hunt at church. It was so exciting that they drew her name from all the many kids that were there.

Because she’s now crawling so fast and going everywhere, we’ve blocked off the living room so that we can secure the carpet area with the couches/outoman to keep her in this area. When she does "break free" and get out the first place she goes is Griffin/Drake’s water bowl. Of course, this is always their favorite! (even AJ still goes for it and he’s getting close to two years old)

Likes to throw her arms up in the air. Sometimes it’s both of them and others it’s just one. She does it when she’s excited and squeals at the same time. She also does it when she’s trying to wave at someone. It’s a bit too high for a wave but it’s sooo cute!

Favorite toys: chewing on Gavin’s wooden blocks, banging the small cups together that are in the bath, standing up at the activity table-grabbing things out of the bowl and looking around the room/out the windows.


Gwen_Nine Months (8)

This is one of the lovely women who has watched Gwen everyday while we are at work.  She’s been there since the day Gwen started at daycare and she is now moving away from the area.  We are sad to see her go but we are so thankful to have had such a loving, caring person taking care of our baby girl.    I’d like to thank her for helping make my transition back to work easier.  

Gwen_Nine Months (73)

Now that she’s getting older Gavin’s getting more comfortable holding her but he doesn’t do it on his own (it was very sweet he did it here to let me get a photo of the two together-right before he went searching for Easter eggs).


Easter Eggs_April 2012 (12)

Crawling from her room into big brothers room.    This is one of her favorite things to do.  She makes excited sounds when she’s off crawling so it’s easy to find her.   

Crawling to Gavin's room (17)

Wearing a sweet white/gray flower outfit from Aunt Jen & Uncle Nick. 

Gwen_Nine Months (41)

And she’s wearing Kira’s cute red jacket on top! Thank you Kira for letting us borrow your adorable coat!

Gwen_Nine Months (69)


Easter Eggs_April 2012 (2)

Thank you grandma & grandpa for taking care of Gwen for an entire week!

Miami_March 2012 (194)

Cute cousins.  I love seeing them all together and how happy Gavin his cousins.

Easter_April 2012 (146)

Gwen’s checks are red from the brief 1st time sun that we got earlier in the day.  (see photo below)

Easter_April 2012 (197)

Beautiful day for an Easter egg hunt.  We got a family photo of all 4 together!

Easter_April 2012 (99)

This is the new bear that Gwen WON at the Easter egg hunt.  The bear’s sitting in her high chair and is larger than her!  It was so cute to see her squealing & giggling when she grabbed the bear she won.    There were hundreds of people there and Gwen’s name was pulled from the bucket. 

Easter_April 2012 (233)


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