baby girl pennant banner

Baby Girl Room (117)

I wanted to share a beautiful gift that was given to me a year ago for Gwen’s birth.   It’s a pennant style banner that says “Gwenyth”  and is decorating the wall in her baby room

It was a special handmade baby shower gift by my special friend Michelle.  She’s been making these for others and I was thrilled to be the recipient for one of her lovely baby banners. 

I picked paper that would match the colors I was using in her room for the wall color and accents (light green, light pink, blue, brown, etc). 

Fits just perfectly above the closet door:

Baby Girl Room (71)


  • Michelle used die cuts at Ben Franklin to cut most of the shapes:  the triangle for the pennant (7 wide at top & 9 1/2 in height), 4 inch circle scallops for the letters to sit in side (2 1/2 inches tall). 
  • All of the pattern papers used are from the BasicGrey Lemonade Collection.  I made sure to get two of the collection packs so that it could be used for both the handmade gifts being made for the baby room.   I am planning to use this paper to make some baby girl scrapbook layouts in Gwen’s baby album too.


  • Ribbon is sewed across the top to give it great stability.  It’s bunched up to create a beautiful look.  Short pieces of ribbon is also tied in between each pennant. 

banner (28)

close up of the ribbon: 


Close up detail of the full pennants:

banner (55)

banner (72)

banner (56)

banner (57)

Here’s a photo taken by Michelle at my shower after I opened the banner.  Thank you Michelle for the beautiful gift that looks so lovely in Gwen’s room!   We love it!!   

babyGwenShower_May2011 (61)v3


7 thoughts on “baby girl pennant banner

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  4. Hi laurel, I have a question about your pennant. (It’s completely beautiful, by the way!). I have cut the triangles, circles and letters. Now getting ready to put it together…it says the ribbon is sewed. I’m wondering how and what it is sewed to? Is the ribbon also glued to the top of the paper? Also, is there a backing on the scrapbook paper? Thanks so much. I’m really excited for this project 🙂

    • Hi Meg-There are two ribbons, one across the back that holds it all together and then the one on the front that’s more visual. I stapled the triangle paper to the ribbon on the back. This will hold it together. Then I sew or glue the ribbon on the front. Here’s an example where I sewed it on, because the ribbon had elastic it wouldn’t stay put w/out the stich. Sew it to the paper and through to the back side where the other ribbon is, with the sewing it will never fall apart. Here’s another one where I just used red line craft tape to adhere the red ribbon to the front. The ribbon on the front will cover up the staple. Have fun. Would love to see your banner when it’s complete!!

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