Monday Card Madness

I am excited to find out that I won a little prize (see bottom of post) for sharing the birthday invitations I created from the card sketch for Monday Card Madness (@ Scrapbook Steals Blog).    I was thrilled to receive an email from Kristy letting me know she enjoyed my cards and suprised (I didn’t know there were prizes)!

Here’s a screenshot from the Scrapbook Steals Blog post:


I love sharing my final products with the people who inspire me to create, thanks Kristy!  This is the best thing about having so many motivating ideas available at your fingertips digitally, it’s so easy to share.

I am almost done with making 20 invites…it’s been fun making them but has definitely gotten rid of any nostalgic feelings I’ve had about missing no longer making handmade holiday cards.  🙂   (With photo cards being so beautiful & easy I haven’t handmade holiday cards since 2005.)


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