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birthday party invite (8)_e

This week I’ve been figuring out design for the invites for Gavin’s birthday party in April.    After looking through a lot of options I settled on a design with a die cut shape as the main element.

I used this great card sketch (#72) from Scrapbook Steals.   Each week on Monday they post new card designs and there are some great ideas over there.

It was a lot of fun to create these cards because I have just about everything in Life of the Party (Basic Gray) line.  Normally I don’t have this many supplies to select from so it was a treat.    It really made it so much easier to have so many options for brads, buttons, stickers, etc. that could be added to each card.

I didn’t plan to do more than one design but I am excited to have three cards that compliment each other and gave me the option to use more of the supplies.

Design #1:

  • Initially I planned to put the pennant banner on this first card but after using the paper with the gifts it was too much.
  • This pattern is very busy it it didn’t look good with anything else added to the card.

birthday party invite (1)_e


  • I definitely learned that less is more with all of these patterns.  As I searched to find the right background for the banner, I realized I had to find one that’s very subtle for this design to work.
  • Hand cut out the triangles for the pennant.   Tried a few sizes to get the right fit for the card.
  • Added the brown strip to the top so they would look strung up but then I couldn’t put them at the angles.    So I added the yellow brads in order to pivot them, they really help make them look more realistic.

birthday party invite (4)_e

Design #3:

  • Used a pinwheel “pop” sticker for the embellishment.
  • I think it compliments the circles on the paper well.
  • Because the pinwheel was round an oval shape for “party” worked best.

birthday party invite (7)_e

For the inside I am using a stamp that says “let’s celebrate” in the middle, the kids holding hands at the top and then the party details at the bottom.

birthday party invite (18)

In taking these photos I practiced a few tips that I got from Lynn Ghahary’s photo tutorial posted on her blog.    Lynn thanks for the advice, I really appreciate you emailing me!    I think these photos are better than what I was getting before but I’ll continue to work on it as I take more.

Tips I’ve applied:

  • take photos during the day in natural light (my office floor works well if it’s the first half of the day)
  • use foam core for background
  • always straighten (I have a great program for this that’s super easy) and sharpen (didn’t do this before)
  • turn off my top firing flash

Inside of invitation:

Gavins Invites_2012_a (12)

Which design is your favorite?


11 thoughts on “party invitations

    • Thanks Cally! There’s no way I could wait two months to share.

      Put the date (the day before your bd) on your calendar because we hope you’ll be coming!! 🙂

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