Eight months old (Gwen)

Owls_Eight Months Old (20)

Owls_Eight Months Old (15)

Owls_Eight Months Old (7)

2/13/12-8 months old.    This last month has been a big turning point for Gwen in many ways.  She weighs about 16 1/2 pounds and eating & sleeping more than before.  I couldn’t be happier about the changes as I can finally see the light in the end of the tunnel.  The hard parts of having a new baby are starting to fade and I am so happy to see Gwen grow into a bigger baby girl.

Gwen_7 Months Old (61)

Learning New things:

  • Sleep-cut out two feedings each night! In January went away for two nights to the scrapbook retreat and Chris was with the kids for the weekend.   He fed her from the frozen milk in the freezer and she must have drank more than she usually does because by the time I came home she was sleeping for the longest stretch ever.  She drank her first ever 6 oz bottle.  It was very impressive that all I needed to do was leave for the weekend and Chris was able to get everything on track!
  • Eating baby food-eats two jars of  of food each day. The trick was giving her a spoon that she could chew on while was feeding her.  Up until this month she wouldn’t eat more than a few bites.  At first we were doing the small size jars and now she’s eating the large size.
  • Formula-We’ve found formula (Similac Sensitive) that she can have and doesn’t throw up.  It’s such a releif to have something that works.  Thanks for the recco Shawna!

Isabelle & Gwen_Feb 2012 (33)

  • Rolling around the room. Even though she can’t crawl yet she can get everywhere on the floor by rolling back and forth and pivoting on her belly. She’s holding her chest up much higher now than she was last month. She can move all around the room now
  • Sitting up strong now on her own.  She likes to sit and chew on the numbers & shapes that are pieces of her floor mat.
  • Big Smiles– smiles all the time. Her teachers at daycare keep saying how happy & smiley she is. It’s so cute to have her grinning at us all the time!
  • New Clothes-Moved her this week into size 6-12 month clothing. I am sad to say goodbye to the 3-6 month clothes but it’s like a huge shopping spree hanging up so many new cute clothes in her closet!
  • No swing this entire month! I think we are finally done with it and no longer need it.  She’s growing into a big baby girl now.
  • Slept through the night for the first time.  Yay Gwen!  Slept 7pm to 7:30am, woke up just once at 12am for 5 minutes to drink a 6 oz bottle.  Unfortunately she came down with a cold & ear infection the next day.   Nights since then haven’t been as sound but she’s getting better every day.  Gwen_7 Months Old (45)Gwen_7 Months Old (129)Griffin is so gentle with the kids.  What a great puppy.Gwen_7 Months Old (139)

Isabelle & Gwen_Feb 2012 (14)

Gwen and Isabelle have a playdate wearing their matching “mommy and me” giraffe outfits.

Isabelle & Gwen_Feb 2012 (38)

Pam holds the sweet baby girls who are getting bigger and making it hard to hold them at the same time!

Isabelle & Gwen_Feb 2012 (39)

What a sweet smile.  She’s grown so much since the last time the girls met.


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