Happy Valentines Day

I’d like to share a few photos of our two little valentines. It’s very hard to get a photo of the two of them where they are both smiling at the same time.

MyLittleValentines_Feb2011 (23)

I enjoyed printing out the DIY Zebra heart valentine cards for Gavin to take to school.  Also printed some to send to family but they are still sitting on the counter.  Using a corner rounder for the edges makes these cards unique, I love how they turned out.  So easy! 

valentine cards_feb 2012 (25)

He’s smiling (she’s looking at him)

MyLittleValentines_Feb2011 (4)

She’s smiling (he starts to move and grab a toy)

MyLittleValentines_Feb2011 (44)

MyLittleValentines_Feb2011 (54)

MyLittleValentines_Feb2011 (61)

Last year Gavin got a cute brown monkey & a girl doll for Valentines Day.  The monkey has become his favorite (monkey monk).  I was excited to find two more similar monkeys at Target this year, a boy and a girl monkey.  They even say “I Love You” when you push their hand. 

MyLittleValentines_Feb2011 (49)

At least the monkeys will all smile at the same time for a photo!  Monkey Monk is sitting here with his new monkey friends. 

MyLittleValentines_Feb2011 (12)

Happy Valentines Day!


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