making a paper heart lei & heart banner

This weekend Gavin and I did a few DIY craft projects.  They are both very easy and can be done at home with no special tools.

paper heart lei_Feb 2012 (1)

We made the paper heart lei that we found in a valentine DIY craft slide show that Nicole made for Glo. Thanks for sharing Nicole!!

I love doing quick & easy projects with Gavin and the nice thing is that he doesn’t need to do every step. I find the steps that would be good for him to do and then isolate them (by doing the prep before he’s there or completing the rest after we do his part). Right now he is very excited about using scissors so he was excited to be able to cut the straws. I held the straw and pointed to the places where he could place the cut.

new scrapbooking tools_Jan 2012 (9)

You can cut the hearts out by folding paper over and tracing half of the heart like we used to do in elementary school art. However, I don’t like the results of my free handing so I decided to use this new tool Chris recently got me. It’s a handy heart punch that made this project look very easy.

This EK success paper shapers punch makes a heart that’s just about 2 inches and the best thing about it is that it’s easy to punch. Gavin was able to push the button and cut his own hearts.   He was thrilled to cut out the hearts.  Most of my paper punches are so tight that he can’t push the levers/buttons on his own.

paper heart lei_Feb 2012 (6) paper heart lei_Feb 2012 (9)

Gavin models the lei and was refusing to smile for me.  Oh boy, I might be in trouble if he’s already starting this!

We are thinking of making two more for his teachers for Valentines Day and this time I’ll get some red yarn and possibly solid white straws if I can find them.

Heart Banner:   I also used the punch to make a heart banner to hang on the wall.  Got this idea from Etsy.

Valentine Banner_Feb 2012 (2)

Paper wise it was super easy, I pulled all the paper for both projects from my leftover scrap bag.  Don’t we all have a pile of extra paper somewhere that’s waiting to be used for easy small projects like these?

There are 20 hearts with small coordinating hearts on each big heart.  For the small hearts I used the creative memories heart punch that creates two sizes.

The ribbon was tied in a knot and pulled through a small hole that’s on the front top of each heart.

Valentine Banner_Feb 2012 (5)

Next time:

  • make a few more banners using different colored papers & string.  Having a darker ribbon would make it stand out more on the wall.  The one I used is white/sheer organza ribbon.
  • Use pattern papers with prints.  I used a solid color for my big hearts but it would be fun to have patterns.  I am saving my valentine heart paper for scrapbook layouts so I was afraid to use them for a banner
  • measure out the distance in between the hearts on the string and tie the knots first, I didn’t do mine exact

Future project:    I’d love to make the gumball necklace next time.  These would make  GREAT inexpensive birthday party favors!    I’d like to remember these for Gwen’s birthday party in a few years.  As I don’t think parents of 1 year olds would appreciate getting this type of gift since babies/toddlers love to insert everything into their mouths.  Small round hard balls and babies don’t go well together.


Gavin had the most fun working on maze puzzles from a little book he received as a party favor.  We were surprised that he liked them so much.

crafts_Feb 2012 (5)


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