Seven months old (Gwen)

Owls-Seven Months Old_Jan 2012 (6)

1/13/2012-Our little Gwen is now 7 months old. This last month has been a lot of fun with all the holidays but unfortunately she was also sick a little too (again).   She’s weighs 15 1/2 pounds.


New things:

  • First two teeth: During December she got her first tooth one day after she turned 6 months old. It was the bottom left tooth. Then on Christmas day the bottom front right one popped out. They are very sharp and she has been biting them into whatever she can get in her mouth.
  • Sitting up: she’s been working on sitting up on her own this month. She can’t hold it for very long on her own yet with out a pillow for support.
  • Rolling all over: she likes to flip from side to side and is very comfortable on her belly now.
  • Jumper & Exersaucer:   She’s loving standing up in the exersaucer and this jumper that you see in the picture below.


What’s next:

  • No Swaddle-Still being swaddled during naps/nighttime but I’d like to transition her out of this next month as she’s getting so big. I’d like for her to be able to get comfortable at night in her crib and to be able to put her binky back in her mouth.
  • Sleep: Naps are going really well, she takes three during the daytime and then goes to sleep for the night around 6-7 pm for 12 hours. She still eats 3x a night but since that she’s all better we are looking to see how she develops this over the next month.
  • Baby food-so far she’s only taken a bite or two (1-2 tablespoons total) and is not very interested in the food. I am hoping that next month we’ll be able to have more baby food.
  • Formula– In Dec we tried formula (Enfamil) but for some reason it didn’t sit well with her. Over a few weeks, she had 5 bottles at daycare when I realized she was throwing up every time after having formula.  Since she was sick and had the flu back in December we didn’t put the two together at first.   Next month I’d like to find one that she won’t throw up because a few times a week I don’t have enough breast milk for her to take to daycare. Now that her appetitive is back and she’s getting bigger I’d like to make sure she’s getting enough milk. Just to be sure we waited an entire month to try it one last time and sure enough she threw it ALL up.


  • We enjoyed Gwen’s cousin Matthew’s 1st birthday party. It was wonderful to get to see baby Matthew and the rest of the family. The party was a lot of fun and it was great that we didn’t have to miss it because we were sick.Matthew's 1st BD_Dec 2011 (295)
  • A week after her 6 month checkup she got a double ear infection and had to go on her first round of antibiotics. She would cry when we’d set her down and it didn’t seem to be for any apparent reason. I am glad I took her to the doctor though because it hadn’t been that bad and if we didn’t go I would never have known what was wrong with her.
  • Christmas holidays were great, we had family stay with us and we visited family. It was very special to see Gwen, cousin Matthew & Gavin in their matching pajamas in front of the tree. (although I didn’t get any photos of all three of them together)

Gwen & Jackson_Jan2012 (4)

  • Jackson moved to Florida to live with his other mommy.  After having him with us for 6 years it’s been so hard to say goodbye.  He’s such a sweet puppy and Gavin/Gwen really miss him.  We know he’s having a fun life in the city of Miami and getting in lots of runs/yoga with his mommy so we are happy for him.

Gingerbread Houses_Dec 2011 (4)_copy

  • Playdate with Isabelle in their matching zebra pjs


Christmas Morning_Dec 2011 (426)

  • Gwen likes her brother so much.  Smiles every time he talks to her and kicks her feet when we hear/see him approaching.

Christmas Eve_Dec 2011 (80)

Matthew's 1st BD_Dec 2011 (22)

Matthew's 1st BD_Dec 2011 (212)

Little Seahawk Gwen_Dec 2011 (62)Little Seahawk Gwen_Dec 2011 (133)

  • This Seahawks sweat suit is one of Gavin’s outfits (gift from Hayley) that has been fun to see Gwen wear.    There’s not much that I’ve saved for Gwen to wear from Gavin’s baby clothes but pjs, holiday tops and sweats are perfect.  We wore this sweat suit a lot this month!


  • Gwen loves playing with his Taggie ball that was a gift from grandma & grandpa’s best friends.




  • meeting Aunt Jill & Uncle Jill was a big highlight during December!



One thought on “Seven months old (Gwen)

  1. Adorable as always! And kudos to you for doing such an awesome job posting and updating! The kids love seeing Gwen (& Gavin). Btw, Brontë has the same cute jean dress (overall dress). Hope to see you all soon! xo

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