very cute printable Valentine’s Day cards

Holidays & events really inspire me to get crafty.  I just want to make paper crafts.  Penny sent me a link to this site and I LOVE it.  I just had to share….

Linking through to the Long Thread’sValentine Roundup” post for some ways to make affordable Valentines Day cards.   Just download the .pdf and print them out.    You can personalize the file with a name or just write on them when printed.

Super easy and will save $$ spent at the store to purchase cards that aren’t as adorable as these here.


There are a ton of links on these sites with so many downloads!  What a treasure trove.   I am curious to see which card Gavin picks to use for school valentines this year.  (I’ll share the finished cards)

card with a crayon heart, Gavin would love to make


I love the birds….


and the owls for Gwen when she’s older…

Owl Valentine's Day Bookmarks {Free Printable}

Thank you Long Thread for culminating & sharing!!


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