making a crinkle blanket

A few months ago at Michelle’s baby shower she was given a cute little square blanket with tags that crinkles.  Now that Gwen’s at the age where she loves to hold & touch toys with crinkle I decided it would be *fun* to put my sewing machine to use and try to make one.  (until now my sewing machine has only sewed paper thus far!)  With the help of Amy, I headed to Ben Franklin and picked out some really cute flannel pattern prints and ribbons.


I’ll use one print for the top and one for the back.  My mother in law gave me some of her extra minky that she used to make both Gavin & Gwen super soft cocoon like blankets.  So here you see the green that will work with this elephant pattern.

Since I really have no idea how to sew one of these blankets, I used Bing to find a tutorial.   I was thrilled to find many posts and chose to follow this simple one.    After reading the post I called my mother, a sewing pro, who explained as simply as possible what Joy explained in her post.  I still was unclear about a few things I didn’t even knew the right words to ask the right questions so my mom could help me understand how to use my sewing machine to make this thing.


I cut my material to 8×8 squares and the ribbons are cut at 4 inches folded over in half.    Pinned the ribbons down and was a little unsure how I was going to do the sewing with the pins inside.  Mom assured me i’d be fine as long as I keep them far enough away from the edge.


Then I put the green minky on top and started sewing a seam around the edge.  Do you see the problem here?   Look close….(the camera doesn’t lie)  I sewed about three inches before realizing I had forgotten to put the crinkly material down!!  It was sitting right next to my sewing machine.


Take two, starting over this time with the crinkle material on the inside.   Can you spot my second mistake?  I didn’t realize it until I had sewn the entire side.  The crinkle was supposed to be on the top of this green piece but I had placed it in between both pieces.  Remember how it’s going to need work when I flip this inside out.  I can’t believe I made another huge mistake already!    I must be more tired than I realize and shouldn’t be doing something new when I can’t focus but I am determined and don’t want to go downstairs empty handed.


Luckily have one of those handy thread ripping tools. I am glad the fabric is pretty forgiving so I don’t think anyone will notice.

I now vowed not to make any more mistakes.   I completed the seam on the inside, which took a while because I did a decorative stich.  Then I took out the pins & turned the blanket inside out.  It actually looks pretty good.  Next step is to do a final seam all the way around the outside.  I thought I’d try this circle zig-zag stich and see how it shows up on this fabric.

The completed blanket…..


Here’s the back side, notice how the minky fabric bunched up a little on the right.  This happened while I was starting the outside seam.  I noticed it but there was nothing I could do, I think it was because the automatic feet underneath that moves the fabric across the machine.


Lessons Learned:

  • Do a simple straight stich on the inside because it’s not seen. (I realize this is extremely basic)
  • This decorative stich I did on the outside is pretty but hard to do on a fabric like the minky (it would have worked better if I had used flannel for both sides.
  • When doing a decorative stich you have to go slower so the machine has time to finish the pattern.  When speeding up the stich didn’t look as desired.
  • Go smaller, next time I’ll try 6 inch & 4 inch squares.
  • Sewing is hard & it requires patience.  Not sure if I can get enough of what’s needed here.  This is why I like scrapbooking, there are no rules and I can define everything I do to fit my style.


The real test was giving it to Gwen. She didn’t play with it the way I expected but it was late and I took too long to make this blanket. She did check out the magenta polka dot ribbon that caught her eye. But I’ll have to wait till tomorrow when she’s not ready for bed to get her real reaction.


I have a lot more fabric (in these prints) and two others. I plan to perfect my crinkle blanket and make some for Gwen’s friends! Baby Bronte, baby Emily & baby Isabelle all need to have one of these little blankets with crinkle & tags (even if it will be lopsided). I’ll share how it goes the next time we make one but rest assured to all the handmade blanket shops on Etsy, I won’t be any competition.



5 thoughts on “making a crinkle blanket

    • Wish I was a natural like you and Penny! Is so crooked but I’ve already done better on #2. I am surprised how hard it is and I am not the best student.

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  1. Laurel, it looks great! I love the color choices and the decorative stitching on the flannel. As with everything, learning to sew is a process, and you are putting your artistic talents to good use. Gwen looks like she is really exploring her new blanket, and am sure whe will enjoy it. That crinkly stuff is neat. Thanks for sending the email. Penny

    • Hi Shelly, For this post, I used the wrapper from the baby wipes. I wanted to find some that makes a more crinkly sound though so I found some at Michael’s Craft Store. It called cellophane wrap (used for wrapping baskets). I’ve got to make some more soon! Thanks for visiting.

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