many smiles

Trying to get Gavin to smile for a photo has been a very hard thing to do since he turned three.  He’d rather give us the Lightening McQueen smile most of the time.  (in case you haven’t seen Disney Cars movie as many times as our household, this means sticking out your tongue just McQueen does when crossing the finish line). 


Gavin has a beautiful natural smile and as I mentioned it’s hard to get him to share it on camera.  For the first three years it was no problem to capture it(another good reason that I took so many photos of him).   This morning he was doing some drawing & cutting with his scissors and I told him some jokes to get him to give me so many different smiles.    He’s also looking cute in his blue hat so I wanted to share. 


Hmmm should I smile for mommy? 


Still the tongue but not McQueen’s smile.


Gavin laughing at himself.


He doesn’t want to give me his natural smile, trying to hold back.  But his eyes are sparkling.


We had a fun time laughing together.


Sick Day_Dec 2011 (31)

Here’s a cute shot of Gwen smiling (mouth closed) in her brown hat after a walk on a cold day. It was so chilly her cheeks were all pink! Brrr….cold winter days are perfect for cute hats.   Love those blue eyes. 


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