Six Months Old (Gwen)

12/13/11-Our little girl is now 6 months old! Six months is such an exciting milestone for us to reach. I HOPE that I’ll be getting more sleep in the next 6 months than I have in the last 6 months.  I am looking forward to being rested once again.

Owls-Six Months Old_Dec 2011 (1)

Gwen’s now 14 pounds & 3 ounces (20%) and is 27 inches tall (95%).  She’s a little (tall) lady and super light to carry around.  I am still using the removable car seat carrier because she’s not to heavy yet.

This last month has been VERY tough because Gwen has been sick. It all started thanksgiving weekend when Gwen got her first runny nose (lasting a week). Having the runny nose made her wake up a night more often and she would cry because she was uncomfortable from not being able to breathe easily. A week later just when I thought she was better it then turned into a cough/congested lungs (upper respiratory infection). Then a week later, one night she threw up for 24 hours every time after she nursed. A few days later had her first fever (100.8) when I picked her up from daycare. Luckily the fever didn’t last long. I took her to see the doctor after she had been throwing up and they said it was normal for that to happen and that more kids were having these same symptoms this year. They also said that these coughs do last a long time in kids and told me what to expect. It has been so tiring because I had to get up more during these nights and sometimes she wouldn’t fall right back asleep like she normally does. For about a week, the only way to get her back to sleep was putting her in the swing for portions of the night (never done this before). I am glad she still fits in the swing but didn’t ever think we’d need it for this purpose. Chris, Gavin & I also got sick for a day or two after she had the flu night.

We celebrated Thanksgiving by cooking a huge meal at our house for family. Gwen tried her first sweet potatoes and enjoyed them. We also celebrated Dave’s birthday with a brunch at Anthony’s during Thanksgiving weekend and we saw our first Christmas trees while out. I had my first night away from Gwen when Maryanne and I went shopping in Seattle and stayed the night. I think we might be creating a new very fun tradition.

two little santas_Dec 2011 (23)

I pulled out the Santa costumes for Gavin & Gwen to wear during December. Gavin’s is getting very small and the pants are capris now hitting his legs just below the knees. But it was so cute to see them both wearing Santa suits and I know Shawna will love the photos. Shawna told me that last year was the end of Gavin visiting Santa Claus in his Santa suit, that he was getting too old.

two little santas_Dec 2011 (46)


  • Can now sit up on her own inside the boppy without immediately falling over. If she’s rested she’ll do it for about 5 seconds before falling backward or to the side. It’s really cute seeing her sit up on her own.
  • She likes to chew on things and sticks everything into her mouth. Including trying to chew on my cheeks, nose and fingers.
  • She likes to flip from her back over to her belly and then lie on her chest. I put a few toys out in front of her fingers for her to grab onto and play with. She really got stronger in this area over the last month. I think Miss Bree at daycare has been working on this with her a lot.

Gwen had a playdate with her boyfriend Rafael, they are just a week apart. It’s amazing how much they both have grown, it’s so cute to see them both sitting up on the mat together. Rafael’s hair sticks straight up in a Mohawk fashion and it’s really adorable. I’ve included some photos in the 6 month album.

Gwen & Rafael Playdate_Dec 2011 (11)

Meeting Santa went well. Gwen didn’t mind sitting on his lap, she only got impatient when it took three tries to get the photo and then began to cry. For the first two she was smiling but Gavin was looking at her so we didn’t get those ones. I am looking forward to time with family for the holidays, vacation from work and watching Gwen experience her first Christmas. Which hopefully will involve a lot of good naps & nighttime sleeping.

Gavin & Gwen with Santa - Christmas 2011.jpeg

This month, Chris put Gwen in her first husky cheer outfit for the Apple Cup.  It’s pretty cute to see both Gavin & Gwen in their husky gear.   See how she’s kicking her legs out from a sitting position.  It would be tough to pull this move off!  Babies are so strong & limber.

Husky Girl (15)Husky Girl (17)

Here are some of my favorite photos from the last month.


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