Meet Pinky Dog



I’d like to introduce you to the newest “celebrity” at our house.  Meet Pinky dog!!  Gavin has suddenly gone crazy over Gwen’s pink puppy dog and won’t put her down. 

Here’s the backstory….Ever since Gavin was about 8-9 months old he’s loved his Pooh & Blue the most of all his stuffed toys.  Blue dog is pictured here with Pinky.  Every night he sleeps with blue (he has 3 of them) and he loves putting his finger in the tag that hangs off the back.  He is really into puppy dogs  and last year told us to start calling him “puppy dog snoopy.”  

Fast forward to now….Gwen received this cute puppy before she was even born as a shower present from Annett (thank you).  It’s been in a basket under her bed until Gavin has suddenly re-discovered it and has told us that “it’s Blue’s baby sister.”  That was when we decided we had to name the baby sister dog.   Gavin said it should be called “pink, brown, white & black” (all the colors on the dog) since that’s so long we’ve shortened it to “Pinky.” 

Why does Gavin have 3 Blues?    I got him a second Blue dog & Pooh to take to school because I knew it would help him take his naps.  Blue stayed there for about 1 1/2 years and then had to come home one day because “Blue was talking to Pooh during naptime.”  The teachers sent him home because Blue was keeping everyone up.  Since then Gavin just has Pooh to sleep with at school.

It’s so much fun to see which animals (we call them babies) become their favorites.  Especially because they form a bond of comfort with the animal and are so happy when it’s by their side. 

I can’t wait to see what Gwen thinks about Pinky when she’s older. Do I need to get a second one just in case Pinky becomes the animal of choice for Gwen?




Blue gives Pinky a kiss




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