favorite hats

Gwen 3 months_Sept 11 (189)

Why are babies & kids so stinking cute when wearing hats? 

As I am thinking about getting Gwen a new nice/warm hat and one for myself I wanted to share these photos.  There are some super cute baby girl hats (and headbands) out there so I think it’s time I start my research. 

What’s your favorite fall/winter hat?  I’d love to see photos of our cutie pies in their hats.  I’ve even included one of Gavin below when he was about 7 months old.    I’ll do my research and there will be more on this topic! 

Also, Gwen’s gotta wear the red/pink hat from Dianne…I’ll be sure to share.  🙂

Nyah's 8th BD Party_Oct 2011 (51)

PumpkinPatch_Oct 2011 (213)

Gwen 3 months_Sept 11 (187)

33 weeks old (64)

33 weeks old (95)

Gwen Four Months Old_Oct 2011 (242)


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