Five Months Old (Gwen)

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Gwen 5 Months Old_Nov 2011 (66)

Gwen 5 Months Old_Nov 2011 (78)

5 Months Old-11/13/2011

Our little girl has turned 5 months old today!!  I can’t believe she’s 5 months already. I remember so many things from when Gavin was 5 months old (and beyond), this is very exciting to be going into this time where I’ll be less & less sleep deprived.

This last month as been the BEST so far with our baby.   I am so happy things are getting easier for all of us, Gwen’s so interactive, the schedule has gotten regular and we are all settling into the new routines.


  • 13 1/2 pounds & 26 1/2 inches tall
  • Wearing 3-6 month clothes and even some of her 0-3 month clothes too.  Since she has an ample supply of 3-6 I am going to move her out of the 0-3 stuff to make sure we get to wear this size enough.
  • Rolls from back to side/side every time you lie her on her back. She’ll also flip over to her belly and then look around. I haven’t yet seen her roll from her belly to her back yet.
  • The first two weeks while she was at daycare, she was protesting and wouldn’t drink much from her bottle. They called me a few times to let me know and that they were continuing try everything. Chris told me that she’d eventually get used to having a bottle and not to worry(it was easier said than in my reality). While it’s so nice to have my baby only want to eat with me, it’s really wonderful for daddy or grandma to be able to feed her while I am away. We ended up getting the Como Tomo bottles and had the best luck. A big sigh of relief, ahhhhh…..she’s now mastered the bottle and drinks 2 or 3 while at daycare!! I am glad because I don’t have to worry about her being hungry anymore.


  • Her sleep patterns have matured so much this past month. She’s now taking 2-3 hour naps once or sometimes even twice a day. When she wakes up from these long naps she’s so rested & happy. It’s wonderful that she’s learned to put herself back to sleep in between sleep cycles. The morning nap is usually the longest.
  • With these longer naps she’s taking only 4 (sometimes 3) total naps a day instead of the 5 that happen if they are all short (40-60 min).
  • Night sleep- she’s waking every 3-6 hours to eat. There were two nights where she only woke once but generally there are two times. She had a stuffed up nose for a week so during that time we lost some of the progress we were making with getting a solid schedule where she has a really long stretch (6+) hours in between one feeding. We’ll continue to work on this but now that the day sleep is so great I know it won’t be much time until this is just where we need to be with one feeding.
  • Since the day she’s turned 4 months old (with the ok from the doctor) I’ve been trying sleep training. After three nights, she only woke once to eat in the night around 2 or 3 am. Since then it’s been up & down. About 1/4 of the time she’s doing the ideal schedule and then another 1/2 of the time there are two feedings.  I am going to give it a month or two longer before we cut out that second feeding and just have one during the night.

Gavin quotes:

  • “I wish that I was a baby too, I want to be Gwen’s twin brother”
  • “I wish that I was the little baby with the big brother”
  • “Hi little Gwen!”
  • “mommy, she’s so cute.”

Nanny quote:

  • Spent the day with her while her daycare was closed, “she’s the best baby I’ve ever watched! When it was time for her nap, I can’t believe I could just swaddle her up, place her in the crib and she fell asleep with out making a sound.”


  • She loves her activity mat with the blinking star with the hanging ladybug & birds.
  • We got a new pink & brown bouncy seat that looks like the one at school. She loves pulling the bird to make music sound & pulling the flowers. It’s so much fun watching her discover & enjoy all the new things.


  • The transition back to work has gone surprisingly well and forced us all to get on a new schedule. In the mornings, I drive Gwen three days and Chris takes her two days (including Gavin). I try to pick up both kids everyday so we can get home in time for Gwen’s late afternoon feeding. Then Chris can just meet us at home as we prepare for the dinner/bedtime routine.
  • There’s been such a personality change this month.  She’s always so smiley, happy. All of the fussiness is gone. If I hadn’t been there those first few months I’d never guess Gwen had been fussy. It’s really wonderful and just what I needed.
  • Daycare has really helped us get on a great schedule and helped her grow. She’ s now up for 2 hours & sleeping for 2 hours. (at the beginning of this month she could only stay up for 1 hour at a time).
  • This last month has been the best so far. I am able to fully enjoy being with Gwen because she’s getting easier to care for, I am getting more sleep and she’s doing better with baby sitters. (C and I are making a point to go on at least one date a month, we are doing a good job and have had our third date since our anniversary). Knowing that I can leave her with someone and she’s going to drink her bottle and fall asleep w/out crying makes me able to enjoy the time much more.
  • Daddy is so much more involved, he drives both kids to school twice a week and does some of the pickups too. I LOVE that he knows her routine so well and that I can leave to go do errands, meet friends for happy hour or go to the gym. It’s been really great to have some time to do the other things I love too.
  • This month we enjoyed the pumpkin patch, Remlinger Farms, Halloween photos, carving pumpkins, Halloween night, a birthday party/fall festival and weekend days playing at home together.

Here are my favorite baby Gwen/family photos from this last month.


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