my cute little duckling & giraffe

Being Gwen’s first Halloween we had to keep up the tradition and do Halloween photos with Judith.  Gavin was excited to have his little sister with him this year and I am thrilled with the great brother/sister shots.  Gavin’s had his Halloween photos with Judith every year since he was a baby and our PEPS group started this tradition.    I hoped to secure one of the adorable PBK baby Owl costumes for Gwen but they sold out too quickly on the site & stores (then they were being sold for 5x on eBay but I couldn’t support that).    I found this cute duckling (Carter’s) costume with a hood from my favorite site (  I wanted something that would be soft to the touch for her and warm for when we go outside.

I love when he’ll flash is real smile, I often only get the “Lighten McQueen smile” that consists of the tongue being stuck out.  Gavin wanted to be his white/black doggie again from last year except it no longer fit.  So I found this cute PBK giraffe costume on eBay.  It’s size 4-6T so it will still fit him next year if he wants to wear again.  Instead of bringing his trains this year, he brought a bag of his favorite Cars to show Judith.  Then, for trick-or-treating I got a brown pair of fleece sweatpants to wear so that he’d be warm for the cold evening.

This is the FIRST time they’ve stood together & held hands.  It didn’t last long since Gwen can’t yet stand on her own.   It was so sweet to experience this moment with Gavin & Gwen.  I am always nervous (will they smile, will they be awake, will they show their personality, etc) when approaching photo sessions with babies/toddlers but they always end up going so well.   We did Gwen’s first and then she fell asleep in her car seat by the time we were heading home.    Gavin was a  total ham for Judith and loved having her take his photos.  She sure knows how to get the kids excited.    Since then Gavin’s been asking every day after school, “can we go to Miss Judith’s house?”  🙂


Gavin’s lineup of favorite Cars & Cars 2 characters.   I asked Gavin their names…….. left to right: Gremlin, yellow racecar, Tex, media car, sheriff,  McQueen, Ramone, Minivan, Mater, Snot Rod, Doc Hudson, Guido, Luigi, Big Fan, The King, McQueen (Dinoco), Rusteez McQueen, Petrov Trunkov, Petrov Trunkov, The King, Race Official, Submarine Finn McMissile


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