Four Months Old (Gwen)

September 13-October 12th 


(Gwen’s knocked over Penny, the pink owl, this month wile taking her monthly photo)


This month during the days stayed home a lot more so that Gwen could get used to her crib and I could get caught up on things around the house.  One of my big goals was to sort through Gavin’s baby clothes and sell things as the children’s consignment sale.  I made a box for Julie/Claire of the baby baby boy clothes, a box for Matthew and then got the rest ready to sell.  It feels good to be moving it out of the house but it is very overwhelming because there’s a lot of it.  It pulled out a huge bin of stuff to save for baby Gwen to wear and we have already started putting her into some of Gavin’s things.  It’s really cute to see her wear stuff that he wore when here age.


  • Weighs 12 pounds 13 ounces & 25 inches tall
  • Still wearing 0-3 clothing but since it’s getting colder we are breaking into the 3-6 month old clothes since they are warmer.  I do LOVE all the new clothes, the patterns, embellishments, hats, etc.
  • Got her second shot at 3 1/2 months.  Was fussy the next day but didn’t stop nursing like last time.  I did give her Tylenol though.  I found out afterward that her pediatrician doesn’t want us to do this because it could weaken the immunity they’ll receive from the vaccine.  She got her third shot at her 4 month appointment and I was glad to see she didn’t have the reaction she had from the shots at 2 months.

Gavin Quotes:

  •  Gavin’s getting very protective of baby Gwen and says that daddy can’t talk to her.    “don’t talk to her daddy, she’s my princess!  You can’t talk to her”
  • Gavin’s use of pronouns is so cute……Gavin says “her look cute,” her crying because she’s hungry, etc.  One particular morning he said “mommy her woke up”   (I am lying in bed at 7am, it’s before Gavin’s alarm clock has turned green but he came into my room)  I ask “how do you know” and he replies, “because her eyes were looking at me.”    He had snuck into her room and woke her
    up.  🙂  I am sure she was getting ready to wake up and was very happy to see her big brother peeking into her crib.
  • This month we’ve been reading the Lorax over & over, Gavin  LOVES this book.  He’s started saying phrases out of the book.  The other day, he told daddy, “I speak for mommy, and mommy speaks for the dogs.”  One night I went in to tell
    him to stop talking and go to sleep, he told me he was busy “making thneeds” because “everybody needs” them.  He started pulling strings out of a white blanket that’s on his bed and putting them into a big pile of thneeds.  He can’t really pronounce “thneeds” correctly yet but it’s so cute.
  • He loves looking at Gwen & smiling at her and often says “mommy Gwen looks so cute.”  It warms my heart to hear him say this and to be able to share so much love with her.     We are so happy that he’s been so accepting of Gwen.  This is the same way
    we felt when Griffin fell in love with Drake.  I guess it must be normal to worry about this when you haven’t
    experienced it before.  🙂


We did a lot of fun things this last month.  With Chris being out of school and me out of work we wanted to take advantage of the time to do some fun things.  For our anniversary we got new kayaks and tried them out on the Sound in Kingston.  Grandpa Jon took care of Gwen while we were out on the water, it was very thoughtful of him to offer to do this because she’s still at a phase where it’s hard for others to watch her.  It was so much fun and next summer we are going to really enjoy using them.   Gwen got to go on her first boat ride where Gavin drove grandpa’s boat.  Gavin was thrilled to get to drive grandpa’s boat.

Gwen and I went to Sears and took her 3 month photos.  They definitely didn’t look like the ones we get from Clare, our favorite photographer, but I was trying to save money.    Hopefully we’ll be able to see Claire for some of Gwen’s future photos.

Zoe & Nyah came over and had a sleepover with Gavin.  The girls really loved holding Tali and we got some photos where Tail’s trying to do everything she can to escape being held.  🙂  Gavin had a lot of fun with his cousins and loved having them over.

A group of the best teachers I know came over for lunch, some of my former colleagues/partner teachers  (and even my former 3rd grade teacher), and we had a wonderful lunch catching up.  It was great to see Carol, Mary, Dianne and my mom.  Gwen was spoiled by more cute gifts.  Mary brought a pink seahorse that plays music and has become part of our nap/bedtime ritual.    It’s perfect for nap/bedtime because it just plays for a few minutes then shuts off.   The knit raspberry beret from Dianne is so sweet and will be perfect for Gwen’s 6 month photos where she does the “naked baby” pose on her belly.  (Gavin wore a cute red knit hat and this one is very similar but the girl version.)  Carol brought the bath time version of Barn Yard Dance, one of our favorite books, Gwen will have so much fun playing with this in a few months when she can sit up in the bath.

We went to Kingston twice this month for overnight trips.  The first one was during the week to visit grandpa/grandma and the second was  to celebrate Grandma Louise’s birthday.  Cousin Brianna came too and got to meet baby Gwen for the first time.    We also  celebrated Nyah’s birthday this month.  It was great to get to see the family so many times!!

Gwen got to meet baby Max who’s just a few weeks younger, son a friend of mommy’s from work. And Gwen also got to meet baby Isabelle Kay who is 2 1/2 months younger,  born on the last day of August and was a few pounds smaller than Gwen at birth (6 lbs 11 ounces and 19 inches long).   The girls had their first of may photo shoots together, it is pretty cute to see them wearing their matching outfits.   Right now Gwen looks HUGE compared to Isabelle but I bet she’ll catch up to Gwen pretty soon.

We visited the Pt. Defiance Zoo in Tacoma and had a wonderful time.  Gavin loved seeing the sharks, elephants, tigers & riding the camel.  Gwen slept on me in the baby Bjorn carrier pretty much the entire time.  It was a beautiful, sunny, hot September day and we were thrilled to go on a week day when it’s not too crowed.  We are planning to go back there again and visit the rest of the exhibits.


  • Gwen’s begun to string her naps together.  Up until now a nap might only last 40-60 min max but now she’s learning how to fall back asleep when waking up and taking a second one.   I am so excited about this change!
  • Car rides are getting easier, she’s no longer crying and can fall asleep on her own better.  This is making things much more pleasant for mommy and I am glad because we’ve been able to enjoy our trips more.
  • This was my last month at home with Gwen.  I’ve found a great daycare for her to go to while mommy’s back at work.  It’s not the
    same place Gavin is because you have to be 1-year-old to go there.   The teachers are very loving & caring, I really like it there and it makes it much easier to leave her at a place that I trust.  There are two teachers & 5 babies so the ratios are much lower than other places.  It’s bitter-sweet going back to work. I know I am ready to return to work but it’s SO hard leaving my little baby.  I am thankful to have spent the past 4 months together everyday.  I am surprised at how much easier it is the second time.  Last time I returned at 5 months and didn’t feel ready yet but this time I am ready to get back into work.    Now I have motivation to get things done at work so I can go get my little baby.   It’s easier returning this time too because I do get to work from home 3 days, having days where I don’t have to commute I can get so much more done and it helps me balance it all.

I can’t belive our little baby is now 1/3 of a year old already!  These first four months have gone by quickly and make me excited for what’s to come.  Here’s a link to my favorite photos from the last month.


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