Three Months Old (Gwen)




  • Weighs about 12 1/2 pounds on scale at home.  While wearing clothes and diaper.  She still feels “little” to me and I LOVE carrying her in my arms and in the baby carriers on my chest.
  • Still wearing 0-3 month size clothes but I thinkwe’ll be ready to move to 3-6 pretty soon. Especially because most of her 0-3 clothes are pretty summer outfits.
  • Still has cradle cap and her hair has thinned.  But she’s starting to get a new layer of hair growing in on the top of her hair.  It seems to be lighter than her hair was when she was first born.


  • In Aug (last week), I was getting ready for trip to Grandmas house, she was happy for 60 minutes on her own.  She was on a blanket and playing on the floor mat.  I was shocked and so happy.
  • Gwen has changed so much this month.  We now have a very happy baby and all the fussy periods are gone.  I am so happy that she likes to lie on her back and be content with checking out the world around her.  She’s grown a lot this month to outgrow the baby who wanted to be held all the time.  She’s becoming quite the good sleeper, I am so happy about this.  I’ve been so worried about tackling the sleep arena.  Fussiness is gone!  Yay!  When she’s awake she’s so happy & smiley.  I LOVE THIS CHANGE!!
  • This month she’s spent the most time staring at her right fist.  She holds it up to her face off to the side and just turns it around and around.
  • She’s started pulling her feet up above her tummy and looking at them.  It won’t be long before she will start grabbing them and shoving them into her mouth.   She’s grabbed the toes a few times but doesn’t stay holding onto them for long.  Picking up feet while taking owl photo and bringing them to her chest.  It’s really cute to see her getting this tummy strength.
  • LOVES sucking on her fists.  Both the right & left one will suffice.  And sometimes she even shoves both of them in there at once.  It’s really cute!
  • She’s also laughed a few time sand it’s so cute.  While playing with daddy was the first time we both heard it.  If I make a “kkkkk” sound with my mouth she laughs, or if I tickle her neck.  I can’t wait to hear her do this more often.
  • Has really good neck and leg strength.  Likes to stand on the nursing pillow after nursing and flash me a BIG smile.  She holds her neck up when I put her on my chest.   We’ve done a little tummy time but I forget to do it every day.  She’s really started to like the activity mat and squeals, kicks her feet, moves her arms a lot.  One of my favorite things is to watch her under the mat.
  • Can sit upright on pillows now if the pillows are helping her stay up.


  • At 2 1/2 months (last two weeks) I moved her out of our room (from the black travel crib/bassinet) into her own room &
    crib.  I am so happy she’s adjusted to sleeping in her room!  The sounds she makes while sleeping seemed to get louder and more frequent.  They were waking me up and I need to make sure she can get the sleep she needs and that I can get some sleep in between the feedings.  When I put her to bed she’s swaddled tight & then takes her pacifier.  I turn on the sounds machine that plays ocean sounds.  Lie her on her back and leave the room.  I don’t have to bounce her or rock her unless she’s overtired.
  • Sleeping really well at night, we are starting to get on a schedule that’s getting repeated.  Woke up last night at 2:30, 5:30 and then at 7am.  Fed her before I went to sleep at 9:30pm ish).  I really like this schedule and it’s allowing me to get so much more sleep.  I try to get 3-4 hours in before the first feeding then  I can be good with whatever else I get during the rest of the night.    I am so happy about these changes and see that things are getting much easier.  I don’t plan to do any “sleep training” yet till she’s 4 months old, which isn’t very far away at all.
  • Naps are harder than nighttime sleep because she wakes up after one sleep cycle.  She can’t yet put herself back to sleep on her own.  So I either go in and bounce her.  Put her in the swing.   Or sometimes I get her up.  She’s supposed to sleep for 2 hours until the next eating time but some times it’s not possible.  It complicates things when she doesn’t sleep for two hours because then by the time she’s due to eat she’s very tired.  So the nursing session doesn’t go as well as it does when she’s rested.


  • Gwen still cries while in the car and doesn’t like falling asleep on her own in the car seat.   Even when I sit in the back seat next to her
    she still cries but sometimes I can stop her from crying by holding her hands.
  • I LOVE all the photos we’ve been taking and can’t wait to start doing some baby girl scrapbook layouts!  Before going back to work in two weeks I’ve got to finish Gavin’s 2 year old digital album, then make a baby Gwenyth newborn digital book and our summer family reunion digital book.  Then in October I can start getting back into my other scrapbooking pages.  I can’t go to the retreat in October but I plan to go in January.
  • We’ve been having challenges with bottles this month because we haven’t been giving them to her regularly.  She’s refused it from Chris, refused it while my mom was watching her while we went out for our anniversary.  We had to come home quick from the date so
    that I could feed her.  I can’t bear to think of my baby crying & hungry while I am gone.  Chris recommended trying a new nipple size
    and this helped.  Now she doesn’t have to work too hard.  I’ve been able to give her a few and so has Chris.  He tried to feed her one night at about 10pm and she completely refused it.  We’ve got to get this sorted out so that I can go back to work!

Here’s a gallery of my photos from this last month.


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