Two Months Old (Gwen)

Two Months Old – August 13th (weeks 5-8)


  • 10 lb 14 ounces (50%)  & 23 1/2 inches long (95%)
  • I call Gwen my “little lady” because she’s so small compared to her big brother at this age.  She weighs less  at two months than Gavin did at one month (11 lbs 10 ounces).  I’ve really enjoyed her “small” size and that it’s not hard to carry her in my arms or on my chest.    She has put on two pounds since birth but she still seems very thin.  She hasn’t gotten chubby but does have a cute roll on her thighs.  I love the chubby thighs. 


  • Gwen’s now getting more content with being in the world and can lie longer after eating without getting fussy.  I am enjoying this change.  She can now lie for 30-45 minutes getting close to 60 min at the end of the month.  They say that the fussy periods should be getting fewer and fewer and I am looking forward to this.    I was thrilled one day when I was able to make my lunch while she lied on her back.    Wasn’t able to eat it without picking her up but hey I made the entire thing!
  • The other big development is that she’s developed a schedule that I can follow and this is nice for me to predict what’s next.

Here’s a typical 24 hour period:

    • 7am-Wake, eat
    • 8:30-10am 1st Nap (sometimes I go back to sleep at this time to get one more hour so I can function.  This nap has started to happen in the swing so that she’ll get back to sleep sooner.
    • 10am Wake, eat, get dressed
    • 11am-12pm Go for walk, 2nd Nap in stroller
    • 1pm-Wake, eat, play on floor, tummy time
    • 2pm-3rd nap
    • 4pm-Wake, eat, pick up Gavin from School
    • 5pm-4th nap, about half the time I do this nap with her in the ergo or baby bjorn carrier.  She sleeps really well on my chest and often times it’s during dinner so I need to be with Chris & Gavin too.
    • 7pm- eat
    • 8pm-beditime
    • 12am-3am-eat (anywhere from 4 hours to 6 hours later she’ll wake up to eat again)
    • 3am-6am- 1-2 more feedings, usually 2-3 hours from the last one. 

*the wake up time can be anywhere from 6-8am and then the schedule is based on a 12 hour cycle as above. 


  • Sleeps in the yellow elevated rocker.  This rocker is great because I can rock it with my foot and still lie in bed.  It only moves an inch or two but it’s enough to help calm her back to sleep.  It also helps because she doesn’t spit up since it’s elevated.  This month she’s needed to be burped a lot to make sure the air comes out, towards the end of the month I’ve noticed she’s started to nurse better though and not take in as much air as at 5 weeks. 
  • Took first nap lying flat on back while in Coeur d’Alene, in hotel bed with Gavin next to her.  Yay!    (time to move to her crib soon)
  • Next month (2 months old) transitioning to pack in play basinette and no longer using rocker (don’t want her head to get flat because it won’t let her move her head from side to side.
  • Mommy is not getting enough sleep.  Hopefully soon this will change. 


  • This has been a very eventful month with a lot of visitors & time with family.  Gwen met her Uncle Blake, cousin Chelsea and uncle George in July.  Along with aunt Jen & cousin Matthew coming over for a visit too.  Gavin sure enjoys having people stay at our house.    His favorite part was having a “slumber party” with Chelsea where they slept on the floor of his room.   Gwen also got to spend time with cousins Zoe & Nyah too.  New people I met:  Tawny/Emersyn/Ethan, Michelle/Ryan/Lexi (2nd time), Kathy Bear, Nicole C, Jenni Z, Pat/Shelley/Elena and great-grandmother Louise. 
  • We went to Gavin’s first movie in the theatre to see “Cars 2” at the mom’s movie showing so that I could bring Gwen too.  It was great to be able to have her there too, she slept the entire time on my chest and I fed her once.  Then a few weeks later, we went back to see the new Disney Pooh movie.  Gavin liked Cars 2 a lot, but he did say that it was a bit loud in the theatre.  It was in 3d and he did a good job keeping the glasses on.  His favorite new characters are “Fin McMissile” and “Holley Shiftwell” who are two secret agents. 
  • Chris and I had our first date out without Gavin or baby Gwen.  Jessica babysat for us and we went to West Seattle to get some food and planned to picnic on the beach.  Unfortunately, traffic was really bad because it was such a nice day and we couldn’t find a parking spot at the beach.  We then went over U Village and then stopped to get Chris some new tennis shoes on the way home.  It went by way too quickly and we spent too much time in the car driving.  But it was nice getting out together for a few hours, Chris has been studying a lot and we haven’t had much time to connect.    Even though he’s busy with the MCAT class I’ve seen him more this month than last quarter with his steep class schedule.  Chris usually makes us dinner and puts Gavin to sleep so that I can feed baby Gwen and get her to sleep.
  • On Wednesdays, as a family we’ve been going to the farmers market this month.  We love getting a bag of bing cherries, kettle corn for mommy and Gavin, mango juice for Gavin, fresh-baked sweets from the pastry tent for daddy and dinner for all of us.  I love the music, the people and looking at the booths.  Most of all it’s great that it’s so close and the perfect outing on the way home from Gavin’s school. 
  • Chris installed the infant car seat adaptor back on the bob stroller and I’ve started pushing Gwen when we go out.  I like to take a walk on week days in the late morning.  It feels so great to get out in the sun and fresh air.  We usually go to the stop sign & back, 2 miles in total.  When we have enough time we’ll do the longer route through Windsor Greens which is 4 miles total.  I like this one and wish we could do it every day but it takes more time and Gwen often won’t last that long in the stroller.  On one of our walks this month I had to stop and find a private trail where I could nurse her because she was suddenly hungry.  I feed her before we got but during the morning I am finding that she’s often only nursing from one side so she gets hungry faster.  This makes it hard to plan that it will be 3 hours until her next feeding time.  Luckily we live in a place where I could just pull off and nurse her, Jackson was with us and just sat next to me in the grass. 
  • I pulled the activity mat out with the blinking star and music, she loves it just as much as Gavin.  It’s still early for her to really enjoy it but she’ll grow into it.  The other day she laid under it for three cycles through the music.  It’s really cute to see her throwing her arms & legs back and forth as she stares at the yellow blinking star. 
  • We went on Gwen’s first trip to Idaho for our family reunion at the end of her second month.  Gwenyth Elizabeth was named after, a very special person, her Great-Great Aunt Liz (Elizabeth) whom was so happy to meet her for the first time.  She got to meet a lot of new people. …Her aunt Julie, uncle Rafael, Uncle Bond, Aunt Kathie, Uncle Peter, cousin Lizzie, cousin Elizabeth, cousin Allison, cousin Peter, cousin Linda, cousin Karen, cousin Matt & Marsha and many, many others.   This trip was also our first family time staying at a hotel.  Gavin really liked it and didn’t want to leave.  He asked me “who lives in this room?”  and “how did it get the lamps and the art on the walls?”  I think the pool was his favorite part and also that we all slept in one big room.  He slept on the “couch bed.”

Here are my favorite photos from the past month.!13974&authkey=fCvd5DlPQ4A%24


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