All wrapped up

7/7-3 weeks old-  Today we had a wonderful visit from Annett & AJ.  Chris had to leave early in the morning so it was my first time having to drop Gavin off at school while having Gwen with me at the same time.  I haven’t left the house this early yet with all of us being ready to go out.  Annett showed up just in time so that I could leave Gwen sleeping and I jetted out to drop Gavin off at the Heron’s classroom.   It was great to be able to leave Gwen at home and I realized it was the first time that I have been away from Gwen since she’s been born.   I came home to Annett vacuuming the house, folding the laundry, etc.  THANK YOU for the help! 

Now to my favorite part… Gwen likes to be close to me, generally being held in my arms so it’s really hard to do anything with my hands during the day.  Annett once had a little one who also liked to be held 24/7 so she brought over the Moby wrap.  After Annett’s quick instructional demo (it’s needed with this long piece of fabric) of how to wear it we were all set.  Gwen is snug as a bug and loves being carried in the Moby!    We now have three baby wraps and they all serve their purpose.    The Moby is great for wearing around the house and when I want her to be able to see outward a little.    Here are a few cute photos of AJ saying hello to baby Gwen. 


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